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22 march 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Instant games are the next step in the evolution of gambling, which promises the brightest prospects for casino operators.

Instant games in the gambling industry

A new format of the content combines all the advantages of traditional casino slots and social entertainment:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • intuitive controls;
  • exciting plots;
  • a large selection of built-in bonuses and additional features;
  • new user experience.

You can order the development of exclusive products or buy ready-made iGaming solutions at a reasonable price from Casino Market. We offer rating developments that guarantee the maximum response of the audience.

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Design Principles of Instant Games

The name of this product speaks for itself: instant games guarantee the achievement of the result immediately after a certain action was performed.

Scheme of work of gaming services with an instant outcome


If we are talking about games in the lottery format, then in order to achieve the result, players will need to buy a ticket.

In the case of instant gaming, users only need to start the selected session. In most cases, initial access to the software is provided for free, and the bets are used to buy bonuses, like in social games

Interaction with the game content

To find out the result of the lottery drawing, it is enough to erase the protective lining from the special part of the ticket.

In an instant game, any similar action is required from users: formation of several identical images in one line, construction of a wall, exactly like in Tetris, etc.


The outcome is displayed immediately after the completion of the task. After that, money, game coins, crystals or extra lives are credited to the gambler's account.

In case of a loss, the bet burns out, and users return to the previous round

It became possible to create instant games thanks to the development of such a phenomenon as streaming gaming. The cloud content is only being broadcasted on the devices of users, and all computation loads are performed by the remote equipment (servers and data centres).

The mass adoption of 4G and 5G networks became the impetus for the growth of the industry. Moreover, the following large IT corporations stand behind the market scaling:

  • Google (since 2018, the Stadia cloud service has been operating on the basis of the largest search engine);
  • Microsoft (the company presented its own Project xCloud streaming project);
  • Facebook (an interactive platform for the creation of personal user projects was developed on the basis of the famous social network);
  • Verizon (the largest telecommunication provider in the United States announced the launch of its cloud project at the beginning of the year 2019).

According to Intel forecasts, by 2028, the turnover of the industry of instant games will exceed 100 billion dollars. And if the market cooperates with AR and VR content providers, the industry's overall revenue will reach 140 billion dollars over the next 3–5 years.

Technical Nuances and Advantages of Instant Games

Instant games: technical nuances and advantages

One of the features of instant gambling is the lack of a single mathematical template. Each product is developed from scratch without using typical algorithms.

Instant games combine the following advantages:

  1. Cross-platform interface. As we have already mentioned above, this content is only broadcasted to the devices of users, and computation loads are performed by the remote services. All developments are created on the basis of HTML5 technologies and can be displayed on any gadgets without losing the quality. All you need is to have access to the Internet.
  2. The simplicity of operation. Gamblers usually want some time to get used to slots, and to play card games, it is worth learning the rules. However, in instant games, it is very easy to understand what to do. Streaming projects are controlled in such a way that everyone can play them.
  3. Variety of topics. Many gamblers associate the concept of “instant games” only with lotteries. But you can receive cash rewards and other prizes for a wide variety of actions. Content can look like Tetris, races, puzzles, etc.
  4. Free-to-play game. Many solutions are created on the principle of social casinos: gamblers do not have to place bets at the very beginning of the session. Deposits can be used to purchase additional options.
  5. Multicurrency. Instant games can be integrated with any payment system. From the Casino Market studio, you can order financial modules that support digital currencies. According to the forecasts of H2 Gambling Capital, by 2023, every second online casino in the world will accept cryptocurrency payments.

Where to Order the Development of Instant Games

You can purchase this type of content from the Casino Market studio.

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We offer a large selection of ready-made solutions from the world’s leading suppliers, complex turnkey products, and separate categories of tools for business scaling. Moreover, we are ready to develop exclusive HTML5 games based on your sketches.

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When ordering instant games from Casino Market, you get a wide range of options for content monetisation.

Our huge product range includes:

  1. Traditional casino games. Demo versions to attract new customers and entertainment for real money with fixed and saving funds.
  2. Software for the organisation of tournaments. Deposits can be used to get access to private events and increase the in-game rating.
  3. Built-in purchases. Instant games can be used as social content with the ability to buy new characters, additional features, bonuses, hints, and much more.
  4. Advertising broadcasts. You can use commercial cut-ins between levels of the game and pop-ups or offer users a paid version of content without advertising.

The Main Things about Instant Games

Instant casino games: key notions

Streaming gambling is a new feature of the industry. Games with instant results combine all the benefits of traditional casino slots and social entertainment.

The development and implementation of instant games provide casino operators with the following benefits:

  • Cross-platform interface. The content is developed using HTML5 technologies, and the computation load is performed by remote equipment. Instant games are displayed on any OS, regardless of the technical characteristics of the devices and the quality of the Internet connection.
  • Broad audience coverage. Solutions in the format of social games allow you to interact with users without any geographical or age restrictions. Such content is not subject to mandatory certification and licensing.
  • Unique project. There is no single template for instant games. Each development is unique and can have a wide variety of versions.

The growth of this industry is encouraged by such remarkable market participants as Google and Microsoft. These IT corporations offer a wide range of cloud services for the development of unique game content.

From Casino Market, you can order remote administration services, promotional materials, complex marketing cases, interactive security systems, multi-currency payment modules, and much more.

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For all questions, please contact us:

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  • via the feedback form.
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