How to open an online casino: things you did not know

19 november 2018
Online casino, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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Despite the prohibition of gambling in many countries, online casino development has become a very popular business today, since it is all about how to start gambling business. Sure thing, it's not easy to open online casino but is still an accomplishable endeavor if you know what to start with and are prepared for the difficulties which can arise you create online casino.

Online casino development

Below we shall analyze some things, which you may not have known about gambling.

The Casino Market company, known as the provider of HTML5 game development solutions offers operators the opportunity to buy turnkey casino software. This is a reasonable offer because you won’t have to look for online gambling software, game vendors, and ways to obtain a gambling license. A team of experienced professionals will help you open online casino in accordance with all the legislation. It is important to know all the steps in the process to understand how long it will take to create online casino, and how it should be implemented without a large investment.

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Online Casino Development: What to Begin With

Let us start by enumerating things which you cannot create online casino without.

Stages of online casino development:

  1. Gambling market analysis.
  2. Development of a business plan for an online casino.
  3. Selection and purchase of online gambling software.
  4. Select and purchase for the casino software.
  5. Creation of a specialized website.
  6. Installation of the software and popular games.
  7. Connection and launch of a new casino.
  8. Promotion of a project.

Before you try to start your own online casino, you need to make sure that you really need it. Experienced casino owners who worked with their facilities before the gambling ban are well aware of the answer to this question because they have already engaged in these activities. But the newcomers have to find out how to do business, and make decisions: be or not to be. Online casino development requires efficiency of strengths, so it is better to decide beforehand and then simply stick to the plan.

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Market Analysis

Online casino development has to start with the analysis of the gambling market both regional and international. It is worth finding out how competitors work, which online casinos are popular in your area, what kind of people comes to play on these websites. Determine which target audience you want to open online casino for.

Legal entity registration

It may be an entrepreneurship or a company: OJSC, CJSC, LLC and other societies or associations. You should contact the registration authority, file an application, and complete the necessary documents. Once registered, you should register in the Tax Inspectorate, obtain TIN and open a bank account.

New casino website development

Casino website is one of the key attractions for players. It's a wrapper of your club which has to be beautifully elaborated, so it's best to find enough money for the team of professional designers. Functionality is also important. The website has to be accessible and efficient — each button and option must be configured so that a user had no doubts about its purpose.

Online casino software

Software is the driving force of any program, and online casino software powers games and all the processes on the website. Therefore, when choosing a provider and purchasing the software, you have to consider everything: it is only reasonable to buy this product (like all others, however) if it is qualitative. You should in no event contact unknown manufacturers, as this could lead to a complete replacement of all programmes on the website.

Online HTML5 casino games

When purchasing the game content, an operator chooses products, which are likely to be used. You need to decide on your target audience, particularly on the audience who likes gaming machines. Of course, the set of games includes roulette, which is favoured by all gambling enthusiasts. Don't forget board games, poker, and other card games.

Things are slightly different with slot games: experienced players like classical slots, women play glamorous ones, and men choose hardcore slot machines. HTML5 casino games are very popular these days. In short, the market needs a thorough investigation.

Then it is the turn of the software and game content integration. This procedure usually does not raise questions among operators because a casino developers offer product testing and installation. Naturally, a wise business owner will not want to take the risk and will agree to this service, so everything is done quick and easy.

Installation of payment services

Online casino development implies installation as one of the main conditions for the operation of a gaming facility. Website monetization depends on the payment systems because players' deposits and bets constitute a casino's income. This requires a quick and untroubled way of money transfers.

It is better to choose the most known payment services used by the maximum number of people. Those include Visa and MasterCard in the first place. An overwhelming number of users has WebMoney wallets. The list of services continues to rapidly extending, and new systems should also be integrated into the website.

Casino licensing

This matter requires special attention, as it is not possible to operate without a licence. Offshore jurisdictions put many demands on the casino owners (including the obligatory quality online casino software) but the acquisition of a permit and a right to work without paying the predatory taxes will compensate for all the efforts and funds spent on the process. First, the topic has to be carefully analysed to choose the most advantageous jurisdiction.

Choice of specialists

In order for your establishment to function as a clock, you will need professionals to build the work: designers, programmers, savvy administrators, technical support, and a reliable security system. The matter can solved individually but there is an alternative, the services of personnel agencies. It's up to you.

Casino website promotion

Casino website promotion

Opening a gambling business today is prestigious and profitable, but only if it is profitable. It requires that you know as many people as possible who provide the income. Traffic monetization depends on advertising but it’s not always possible due to restrictions and bans in different countries.

In the opinion of the experts, website promotion on social networks is the most efficient and inexpensive way to acquire it (group registration and notifying the participants about interesting facts and events, which took place in your casino). Enter into agreements with SMM experts.

Casino Business Plan: Licensing Subtleties

  • Analysis of the information to find the best casino jurisdiction in offshore.
  • Collection and preparation of a documentation package (copies or quality scans of the personal data (passports) of all the company's managers and founders, copies of the certificate and the Statute, bank certificates and others).
  • Payment for the license application, drawing up and sending the request together with copies of the above documents.
  • Description of the entire casino scheme: game names, manufacturer, opportunity of win, specifying of the software developer, cost and revenue calculations (business plan of an Internet casino).
  • Description of the payment systems for user accounts, indicating the commissions and the duration of a transaction process.

All jurisdictions require roughly the same matters to be resolved, so we included the most common conditions in the list. But almost every commission has a list of its own requirements.

A company can hire consultants who will explain how to open online casino in a better and more intelligent way. But the research will take time which you could spend on promoting a casino.

It's easier and more advantageous to create an online turnkey casino using the professional help of expert developers and start earning.

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How Much Does it Cost to Open an Online Casino?

The cost of a gambling club may vary, depending on the software it uses, license price, expenses on the work of specialist, and many other factors. Don’t labour under a delusion that to start your own online casino is cheaper than, suppose, to buy a turnkey casino. This is not true, because there is a risk of unforeseen costs at any stage. For example, a license application is incorrect or the cheap online casino software turns out to be of a poor quality. In such cases, you will need the money to afford a consultant on the gambling licensing and the new software.

Here are a few cases when online casino development may require additional resources:

  • Internet casino business plan. There are many nuances to consider when drafting this document: how to describe software and games, how to calculate finance flows. A person possessing this kind of information has to pay, and this involves a new expenses.
  • License acquisition. It will take a long time to collect the required license package, especially if you've never done it. However, you may forget to fill in something or do it incorrectly, or an application processing has to be paid. And there you have it: you paid, the application was accepted, and the documents are not as required by the jurisdiction. As a result, the money is lost.
  • Casino software. Only experienced developers are worth buying the software from. Take this matter seriously, or you might want to redesign and even replace the software.
  • Gaming content. If you choose those games, which only you like, nothing good will come out of this. You need the popular slots favoured by users. To buy a product without having the full information about it means simply throwing the money away.
  • Internet casino promotion. To promote a casino, you need to understand how to do it. If an ignorant person does promotion on social networks, he might even hurt the project. It is possible to try SMM, of course, but there’s a risk of losing time and even reputation.

Of course, if you really try, you can always do something worthwhile. But this is not always the case. Most often the precious time is lost, so are the money, while you get stuck. If you think it all through, you'll find that it's much more profitable to buy a ready online casino than to create it yourself.

It’s difficult to specify the exact cost of a completed casino website because you need to examine each product or service in the process to evaluate them.

Casino Market, the gambling software manufacturer, is ready to help operators to create online casino and launch a new project. The agency recommends choosing the online casino software from its partner, the Slotegrator company, which has lots of interesting offers to make.

Create an Online Turnkey Casino with the Slotegrator Company

This is the kind of decision that will bring you success on the very start of your activities. You will have a casino with all of the programs and features developed just for you in a few weeks.

We share the information on what this process consists of and how it goes:

  • The Slotegrator company offers its partners a licence from the popular and respected jurisdiction of Curacao.
  • A domain will be registered (naming experts can invent upon the customer’s request).
  • The base of your casino is located on the secure servers of the Slotegrator company.
  • Programmers and designers will develop a gaming website according to your wishes.
  • The next step is to integrate casinos, payment systems, and interesting games, which are favored by players. Slotegrator has a large assortment of slot machines from such developers as Amatic, XPG, Ezugi, Endorphina, Microgaming, Igrosoft, Golden Race, Evolution Gaming, iSoftbet, and other companies with a world name (remember that Slotegrator is an aggregator of games). As a result of the fact that HTML5 slot development became a leading trend in the marketplace, the company offers operators to install them on casino websites.
  • The system of your new website will be built so as to manage it as easily as possible.

To create an online turnkey casino is a great solution for any operator, especially that the process of developing and installing programs is very fast and frees business owners from unnecessary actions and problems.

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Another option is to make online casino development pleasant and fast is the White label casino solution from the Slotegrator company. In this case you will get an online casino without troubling over how to acquire a license because it will be provided to you by Slotegrator.

It is advantageous for operators because they will conduct a business under own name/logo and promote own brand within the partner's license.

What is a White Label Casino Solution?

Turnkey casino

  • You will be working under the license of a known brand, so you do not have to choose a jurisdiction and waste time filing documents for the license.
  • The specialists will develop a gambling website on their own and install all things necessary for the work of an establishment. This list includes: casino gaming platform, software, slot games from noble developers, payment services, and other programs.
  • You can deem the choice of game content done and you won't have to contact dealers and intermediaries because all software vendors and game providers are already the partners of Slotegrator, and all agreements and contracts have already been signed. In a word, you're ready to operate.
  • A gambling website can be created under an individual order, featuring the color patterns of your brand, as well as design solutions and style you choose.
  • The big plus is the integration of games through a single management protocol, which ensures the speed of installation and the no flaws.
  • Saved time and money you can spend on your brand promotion.
  • Besides the programs installed on your website, you have the right to add your own games, payment systems, or other services.
  • You can add new HTML5 casino games from to any developer, launch mobile slots, connect new features, and adjust all products at any time.

Telegram Casino From Slotegrator

Telegram casino from Slotegrator

Another unique product of the company is the Telegram casino app, which became a popular European brand. Using the Telegram casino, it is possible to involve users in countries where gambling is prohibited.

As you know, Telegram allows sending information anonymously and securely, which is very valuable to players.

Slotegrator offers the following services in this segment:

  • Development of game bots for Telegram casino.
  • Set-ups of payment services in safe mode.
  • Multifunction Back Office (control of all modules, content management, mailing, and other).
  • Integration of games in the Telegram casino.
  • Generation of a desktop version with the following play on your mobile device.
  • Development of a graphical design according to your personal preferences.
  • Individual design for each type of game: slots, roulette,.
  • Privacy and anonymity at all stages of the game.
  • Convenient gaming process due to the mobile format.

Bitcoin Casino

Online gambling software

Slotegrator specialists also offer its clients the development of a bitcoin casino with cryptocurrency integrated on it. You will be using a new website on a secure hosting with a high capacity.

The company’s team can implement exclusive design solutions to distinguish your resource among the competitors' resources. A financial system with integrated cryptocurrency will be installed to manage all casino transactions. The users are guaranteed anonymity as well and quick commission-free payment transactions due to the installation of the Bitcoin service.

As far as games are concerned, bitcoin casino for sale solutions are integrated with the most recent HTML5 casino games developed by the market leading providers: Endorphina, Microgaming, Gameart and many others.

Due to the bitcoin system, the users' wallets are secured and the financial transactions are fast and not subject to control and restrictions.

Partners will be given an opportunity to conduct marketing and promotional campaigns to promote the brand on the market.

You can buy Slotegrator casino gaming systems from the Casino Market agency. Marketing specialists of this company will help you start an online casino and develop an Internet casino business plan.

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