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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Golden Race and Its Products: Key Benefits

Bookmaking offices like Golden Race gather a large number of sports fans and get large incomes, while the developers of the gambling industry offer new sports betting software to operators more often. The Golden Race company, which has been on the market for over 10 years, is recognized by the specialists as the leading sportsbook software provider.

Golden Race bookmaker software

Besides the software for bookmaker business the Golden Race agency also develops online casino software that successfully runs on all platforms, which allows any gambling operator integrate it to websites. But the main income of the company comes from the betting business software development.

Experts recommend customers to buy sports betting software from the Casino Market company, which provides them not just the sports betting software, but also the consulting services. The clients will be advised on how to start and promote the betting business, how to literately organize bookmaking procedures. Casino Market offers turnkey sports betting solutions. At an early stage, it is useful to test software by installing the betting shop script on the platform.

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The Advantages of Golden Race

The company's main product remains to be the sports betting software. The GoldenRace bookmaker office owns 6000 betting clubs operating on the territory of many states. The successful long-term experience and professionalism of the company's employees have become the main driving force in achieving excellent results: the incomes of the GoldenRace agency are steadily multiplying and the number of partners is progressively growing.

Golden Race Sports Betting Software

A bookie office can substantially increase its incomes by using the Golden Race products, which include not only software for bookmaker business, but also betting terminals and other bookmaker programs. Every product the company offers is featured by the highest quality.

GoldenRace develops the sports betting software that can be easily and quickly integrated regardless of the platform. What makes it even more valuable is that not every program has a traditional set of functions since in the process of the bookie software development specialists are guided by new ideas focused on the realization of innovative projects.

The GoldenRace sports betting software is reliable, its installation and operation in a betting office is safe. The partners who purchase the bookie software of this developer are also granted the betting club maintenance throughout its activity.

The Golden-Box service is worth special mention. It presupposes turnkey sports betting solutions: sports betting software, online games, other gambling equipment, and the management of a betting office via personal account (back-office).

With all those benefits the sports betting software is quite democratic in price and yields quick returns on investments.

The Golden Race electronic system is reliable and secure, provides the opportunity to manage the betting business with maximum efficiency and leads to an early increase in profits. At the same time, the software is being constantly improved and each bookmaker office gets free upgrades.

GoldenRace offers its partners:

  • to buy sports betting software that can easily be integrated, work steadily and smoothly;
  • software for bookmaker offices, which operate 24/7 online and are controlled by the manufacturer;
  • to get an individual back office to customize the broadcasting of sports events in different formats (for one client or for the entire network);
  • sports betting software purchased from a company can be branded at the customer's discretion;
  • additional sportsbook software, that is, when embedded in the existing betting shop, adjusted to any bookmaker point;
  • bookie software that supports different languages and accepts many currencies;
  • convenient administrative panel that adapts to any screen;
  • quick payback of the GoldenRace sports betting software.

GoldenRace offers players:

  • lots of sporting events, sports for bets, and online casino games;
  • broad selection of sports betting;
  • bets on nonsporting events (show business, politics and others);
  • convenient customizable administrative panel;
  • great and correct website with understandable sections and features;
  • mobile versions that allow customers to make bets wherever there is access to the Internet.

Online Games and Virtual Sports From Golden Race

Besides sports betting software this sportsbook software provider offers massive opportunities to online casinos. The company continually develops and implements new projects, based on the latest advances in high technology. Its key objective is to match the wishes of the gambling enthusiast and continually develop the business.

Thus, statistics shows that betting business is the new craze today, and therefore the specialists are guided by this particular sphere in betting business software development.

The virtual sport in bookmaker software presupposes many types of bets: ordinary, total, systems, and expresses. Other benefits include an intuitive interface, high coefficients, bonuses, and prizes. This way, a betting business built on the GoldenRace betting shop script can retain the clients’ interest and also attract new customers with the above qualities. And business owners are constantly increasing their incomes.

In other words, when choosing a provider, you should consider whether to buy sports betting software from an unknown manufacturer or give preference to experienced specialists of the Golden Race company.

The company professionals will quickly install a betting platform solution on your resource, taking into account the corporate features as well as develop the logo and keep all the color and design features, image feed style, graphics and text, administrative panel view, form for sending means, and withdrawal of winnings.

Special attention should be paid to GoldenBox function, which allows managing an entire game in the back office: bets control, setting up a sporting event schedule, and getting statistics on all important indicators. The office can be maintained both from a single betting point and throughout the bookmaker system.

The virtual games offered by Golden Race to players and partners have excellent features.

Merits of Golden Race virtual games:

  1. All types of bets that exist in this kind of sport.
  2. Profitable and stable coefficients.
  3. The bookie software allows watching online competitions.
  4. Quick matches (from 60 seconds) and instant win payments.
  5. Quality broadcasts on plasma screens.
  6. Sports betting software gives the opportunity to make the bets 24 hours a day without interruption, and withdraw winnings in that same mode.

What does a bookie office get from Golden Race?

  • High level of service in betting business software development and promotion.
  • Crossplatform offline and online sports betting software.
  • White Label: opportunity to create a full-fledged bookmaker office by a ready-made template, or integrate a betting shop script into the existing software.
  • A chance to buy a bookmaker franchise from the Golden Race company and earn additional business benefits.
  • Increasing opportunities of profit markup for business people.

Other Golden Race Products

The Golden Race company develops in all directions including the production of non-staff betting devices. Bookmaker terminals, which are the analogs of bookmaker offices allowing a player to act independently are categorized as such machines. A customer chooses a sport (league, competition), a bet option, the necessary broadcast, makes a bet, and all of this is by using a terminal. You can also switch to any other match (period, set, and so on), perform several types of bets at the same time, connect or turn off the jackpot features, and more.

In short, the bookie terminals contain many functions and perform a large number of actions without human assistance, which is very useful for a business owner, who won’t have to hire a cashier (consultant, etc.) and pay salary.

Varieties of virtual games

  • Spin2Win. The game presupposes betting on certain positions: for example, a particular, even/odd or several numbers, and so on. It is based on random number generator so you just have to make bets, rather than to think much about it. This kind of entertainment is very beneficial to owners of bookmaker offices, similar to the risk game in slots and attracts the gamblers. Also, Spin2Win has a bright design and graphics.

Bookmaker software Golden Race — Spin2Win

  • ММА. Real fights without rules that cause a thrill in men. In this format, they are the wrestle of known fighters, the brutal matches in struggles "to the death". The high-performance sports betting software and HD image, more than 4000 fights, and a huge number of bets (on result, on one-round win, on total and others) guarantee the mass of fans and effective betting. The developers are ready to make your logo and corporate color the background for these fights.
  • Football. This kind of virtual sport is no worse than the real one, and even surpasses it by certain parameters. For example, a match can last only one minute, and the game participants are identical to the real sportsmen known to fans, which means they can bet confidently. The game is very dynamic, individual motions are seen in close-up, and sounds complement the atmosphere on the stadium. The league consists of 20 teams, each of which plays 10 football games 60 seconds long. This type of sports betting software is designed on the basis of special developments.

Bookmaker software Golden Race — Football

  • Dog races. The greyhound gods compete in this game, run fast demonstrating the strength and grace of their bodies. All of those is displayed by a special video system that has been licensed for virtual games. The bets are made on a winner in a separate race, the absolute prize-winner, the best participant, the champion, and others.
  • Horse racing. Just like with dog races, this kind of competition involves six race horses. Whoever bets on these events already knows the worth of any horse and what can be expected of it. The status, rating, age, and strength of animals are considered here. One can win progressive jackpot in racing (as well as dog races).
  • Speedway. Four bikers compete in this game. The races are held 24 hours a day with a large number of bets being carried out. The game is fast and fun and attracts clients like a magnet. The bets are made on the main prize-takers, the winner of the competition, certain places in the race. There is a chance of winning the jackpot.
  • Motorcycle races. Sports betting software offers competitions of motorcycle racers. Six people race at high speed, eventually winning or losing. Motorcycle races, like all virtual games, take place in a 24-hour format without interruption, seven days a week. There are many types of bets, and the customers of each betting office can personalize the game on their own, taken the simplicity and accessibility of the interface.
  • Kart racing. The competition features eight racers. Betting in such fast competition with so many sportsmen is to the taste of the most venturesome players who can watch each new race change the behavior and professionalism of the participants. Virtual racing in carting is based on the following factors: someone gets tired and drops out of a race, while someone, on the contrary, gets stronger. Software for virtual events is configured to meet the requirements of the brand, with the appropriate logo and in the original stylistic performance of the company.
  • Online poker. This is a unique virtual poker game with betting on the winner. That is, a client who came to the office watches a poker tournament at three tables and bets on the winner.
  • Live Lotto. The game resembles a TV show with Lotto. Live-format provides for the real-time play: the balls are rotated in drums, and fall into the basket in a random order. The dealer's duties include showing the numbers of the dropped balls on the screen.
  • Wheel 1 of 12. This is the simplest format of several types of roulette combined. It is very easy to win here because there are few numbers: instead of 36 the wheel offers 12 of them. When a roulette is spinning, a ball falls out on a sector. There is a variety of betting positions: the ball color and number, sector, odd-even number and other familiar game features.
  • Keno. In this game, you need to guess the ball numbers: twenty out of eighty. As the RNG game starts the numbered balls roll out. If a bet matches the number of a ball, "the hit" is activated. The longer the win does not come, the bigger the prize gets.

Bookmaker software Golden Race — Keno

What Does Golden Race Offer to Partners?

It would be advantageous for operators to cooperate with GoldenRace because what they get is a number of excellent offers including a full-fledged betting platform solution, bookmaker terminals, high-end sports betting software.

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If entrepreneurs are not yet sufficiently prepared to open and promote own business, they are offered to buy a bookmaker franchise, which the experts name to be the optimal solution. In this case, Golden Race provides a package of unique services. Your company will be listed in the gambling license, and you will be advised appropriately on how to start the betting business, and assisted with the working space (if the betting office is ground-based).

The software for bookmaker offices and other betting programs for successful business will be provided to you. And most importantly, it is so much easier to promote your business this way because the brand is already known, and requires no extra effort or tools for advertising. Imagine that you have been offered a choice: to buy a car from a small brand that is not experienced enough, or, to buy, for example, a Toyota car. Of course, you would choose the second one!

Casino Market company can help to buy sports betting software. Its staff possess both the proper knowledge background and the rich experience in betting business. It offers its customers the best solutions of product purchases.

The purchase of sportsbook software from a trusted developer is a good choice for those who intend to run the gaming business in the global marketplace.

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