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Kambi Signs a Lucrative Agreement in Puerto Rico

15 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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The famous company Kambi has found a new long-term collaborator in Puerto Rico — the LMG Gaming group.

Kambi and LMG Gaming in Puerto Rico

The two sides have signed a contract that foresees the expansion of ApuestaPR, a sports wagering business.

Information about the Deal

According to the agreement, Kambi will supply the proprietary content to the brands of the new partner. This way, the provider can continue the global expansion of its influence in Puerto Rico, while the collaborator can share the best offerings with end customers.

The main significant points about the partnership:

  1. ApuestaPR will take advantage of advertising services. This will be ensured with the help of the TV network Teleonce. It foresees getting some celebrities to endorse the brand.
  2. The wagering company is planning to differ from its competitors in every aspect. Due to the television tools and the best solutions provided by Kambi, the executives are planning to achieve all their goals.
  3. Another one of ApuestaPR's intentions is to work on betting solutions for the retail sector. The breakthrough solutions will be spread around all of Puerto Rico.

Comments from Kambi

The high-ranking official Kristian Nylén talked about collaborating with LMG Gaming and getting together to create new products. He expressed excitement about partnering up with a company, the sole goal of which is developing a solution that would satisfy all Puerto Rican customers.

The executive voiced the importance of combining the cooperator's technologies, such as Teleonce, with the best products that Kambi could offer. He also mentioned that the partner business will soon grow immensely and attract many new clients who will stick with the group because of its amazing gambling experiences.

Response from LMG

The representative of the brand, Winter Horton, also spoke of the deal, voicing high hopes for the new business relationship and great delight in it.

In the words of the official, the company's employees did a lot of research on finding a fresh collaborator and finally settled on Kambi. It has some of the most engaging and high-quality products in the entire industry, and a lot of businesses would be honoured to work with the group.

As the executive states, the Teleonce technology will majorly help with the marketing part and exposure in the retail sector. The official also expressed confidence that with the support of the new partner, the group will soon become a leading wagering business in the jurisdiction.

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