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Kristian Nylén from Kambi: About the Sportsbook Industry Evolution

24 january 2023
Author: James Burton
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Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi, spoke about the influence of his company as it advances strategic plans and brings the sports betting sector to an entirely new level.

Key Notions of the Company

Kristian Nylén from Kambi about sportsbooks

The expert spoke about the recent Capital Markets Day, where the group made its long-term plans public. The main point was about the expansion of the brand’s portfolio by adding individual solutions, as well as the reveal of the proprietary platform.

This is a part of Kambi’s more extensive improvement strategy that is set to:

  • enhance the group's market presence;
  • improve the sportsbook content.

Mr Nylén is sure the majority of distributors in regulated territories need turnkey business solutions with top-notch performance. The company is focused on going beyond its limits with these options.

At the same time, the group concentrates on supplying separate components for increasing the performance of operating betting sites. This incorporates the best offerings from the provider, such as Bet Builder or individual services.

The company is thoroughly preparing for the ICE exhibition. The firm anticipates displaying its solutions to a wider audience and presenting products from recently acquired groups:

  • Abios;
  • Shape Games.

These enterprises are providers of flagship content and technological frontrunners in the traditional and eSports betting industry.

Algorithmic Trading

The executive has clarified this term as the pricing and coefficients configuring without human mediation.

The new services of the group were influenced by:

  • the improvement of computing power;
  • the extensiveness and profundity of accessible information;
  • the power of Kambi's tools and approaches.

Algorithmic trading is a step towards automated technologies. It empowers the company to majorly extend the number and breadth of accessible betting offers. The method also inspires the development of new solutions.

A lot of wagering operations are directed by separate trading divisions of operators. They are responsible for pricing and evaluating risks on specific offers. But the complete computerisation of the process eliminates the manual part.

Bettors more often prefer solutions that can be delivered solely by complicated machine calculations and artificial intelligence. So, high-tech automated operations will become the norm in the following years.

Mr Nylén also voiced hope for his group's productive collaboration with the designer team of Shape Games who are experts when it comes to user experience.

Selling Modular Services

Kambi sportsbook: modular services

In over a decade since the company was established, the proprietary betting platform has developed massively. Adaptability is the foundation of products that the group offers to cooperators for their growth.

Kambi allows its partners to improve and broaden such aspects:

  • front-end;
  • pricing;
  • client experience.

The interest in the company's turnkey services is still an area of strength, with over 10 new alliances formed by Kambi in the past year. Yet, as the market develops, the offerings should continuously do the same.

The transition to modular services was a natural process in the brand’s mission of empowering operators. This enables the group to strengthen operators' sportsbooks with independent products. The company supplies partners with adaptable solutions and does not want to limit its offerings to turnkey services only. This broadens the studio’s possibilities in assisting operators.

The company is making its platform more accessible, empowering partners to install other programs. The approach significantly upgrades distributors' business and operational possibilities. For instance, they can fully control trading processes regarding a specific sport to use current expert knowledge.

Business Approach: Long-Term Influence

Mr Nylén noted the proprietary turnkey sportsbook system will keep on being their primary solution as many operators in legalised jurisdictions need a complete platform. Guaranteeing that the group's product drives the market is essential to Kambi’s values and the broader growth plan.

The development of modular solutions helps the brand create fresh and intriguing solutions at a better speed and effectiveness.

Fulfilling the requirements of distributors, who want to improve their betting projects, will strengthen Kambi’s offerings in terms of such factors:

  • scalability;
  • relevance;
  • innovation.

The expansion of the accessible market and the bigger income potential will empower the studio to invest more in maximising the effectiveness of the solutions produced.

Uniqueness of the Modules

In Mr Nylén's words, the firm’s modules stand out from the competition because they can be components of the proprietary sportsbook platform.

The separate programs comply with the norms of:

The representative is certain this gives his group an upper hand over other sports wagering providers, which generally lack a completely organised platform. Kambi’s modules function more effectively as they satisfy a wider range of needs and comply with other program elements.

Operators benefit from launching projects with the company since they can use the studio's rich experience and huge amounts of data obtained and analysed. The incorporation of the modules along with the core platform enhances these programs. It also allows partners to configure all operations and components on their site and convey solutions customers want.

In-House vs. Outsourcing: Kristian Nylén's View

The discussion concerning which approach is better is quite old. The interest in it was re-established as the sports betting industry started flourishing in the US.

Mr Nylén states that the choice is not straightforward. It is not about either developing the necessary programs or requesting them only. There are no current distributors that can handle all sportsbook activities inside the company. They all somewhat utilise outsourced solutions. It could be anything from pricing services to using bet builders from outer creators.

The most important inquiry is to what extent operators should outsource the operations, including:

  • platform maintenance;
  • coefficients compiling;
  • risk management;
  • front-end development;
  • customer account administering.

The amount of outsourcing depends on the work peculiarities of every studio. However, there are no enterprises which work with a 100% dependence on in-house developments.

In the official's words, in a short while, there will be a change towards more outsourcing as the business sector develops. Most influential tech enterprises see delegating huge parts of their work, and the sports wagering niche is no different. This shift may even advance during the ongoing financial crisis as operators search for efficient yet affordable outside options.

Moving Forward: M&A Deals

Kambi business strategy: M&A deals

Kristian Nylén believes that acquiring some excellent partner groups embodies Kambi's way to deal with mergers and acquisitions. The studio's definitive purpose is to guarantee the operators can use the most thorough and superior products in the wagering sector. If a specific group can assist Kambi with this aim, then acquiring it would become a viable option.

Recently added Abios and Shape Games bring more diversity to the provider's approach. The eSports sphere shows extensive development potential, and cyber betting platforms include amazing technologies. Due to the acquisitions, Kambi has opened new opportunities in this field and amassed a great alliance to work towards its goals.

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