Legal Bonuses in Betting Shops in 2023: Benefits and Types

Updated 20 june 2023
Author: James Burton
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Rewards are the key mechanism of competitive struggle between the leaders of the gambling industry. With their help, operators can attract not only beginning players but also experienced high rollers, form an audience that will be loyal to their brands, and improve image indicators.

Bonuses in sportsbooks: basic info

Experts of the Casino Market company will tell you what bonuses are most often offered by sportsbooks in 2023.

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Features of Encouraging Visitors to the Bookmaker’s Office

Bonuses are an effective tool for attracting and retaining customers. Initially, they were used only in land-based betting shops (for example, in the form of additional free bids) but in recent years, they have also become popular on virtual sportsbook platforms.

Why It Is Profitable for Entrepreneurs to Grant Bonuses

The main advantages of such a decision:

The attraction of new customers

iGaming companies can achieve the following goals:

  • persuading users to open an account on the casino platform;
  • assistance to newly registered clients in adapting to the website;
  • support for beginners after they got several unsuccessful results;
  • the motivation of gamblers to increase the size of their deposits and bets

Audience retention

The main tasks of the bookmaker, which are solved with the help of bonuses:

  • support of stable interest of users to the placement of bids on the gaming site;
  • encouragement of regular and valuable customers;
  • classification of gamblers based on the sizes and types of bets, as well as their favourite sports disciplines

Formation of loyalty to the bookmaker’s office

An interesting and original bonus campaign helps operators to remain popular.

They attract not only players but also B2B partners, with whom they can launch successful collaborations and sponsorship projects that will improve the image of the betting platform

Any advertising strategy is based on bonuses. Entrepreneurs can use different types of rewards or choose only 2–3 options.

How to Assess the Benefit of Rewards

The effectiveness of marketing, as well as the reaction of the audience to various gifts, can be evaluated using KPIs:

  1. Conversion rate. The indicator reflects the ratio of customers who have completed the desired actions and the total number of visitors to the bookmaker's office. The higher the CR, the more successful the marketing campaign, especially in terms of the distribution of bonuses.
  2. Cost Per Acquisition. CPA reflects the operator’s expenditures on the attraction of one client, his registration and verification on the platforms, and the deposition of funds for the first time. When calculating the metric, it is also necessary to take into account welcome bonuses.
  3. Return on Marketing Investment. ROMI shows the return on investment in advertising. Entrepreneurs can calculate the total indicator for the reporting period (month or quarter) and the effectiveness of investments in different groups: bonuses, SEO optimisation costs, commissions to partners, etc.

The Most Popular Types of Bonuses in Legal Online Betting Shops

Popular bonuses in legal sportsbooks

Let us consider which awards are most appreciated by gamblers:

Wager Bonus

This kind of offer is extremely in-demand in bookmaker’s offices. It brings a real effect in the form of an increase in cash turnover and the number of registrations on their websites.

The reward is usually credited to the initial deposit in the amount of 50–200% of the total amount. To withdraw funds, gamblers need to wager them. Companies set different conditions for it: a special type of bid, a sports discipline, a specific event (for example, a match between top football teams), and much more.

A wager bonus is the most popular option, which is undoubtedly beneficial for bookmakers. At the same time, every year, brands tighten such a system and increase the number of spins and the requirements for the size of the coefficients.

Express of the Day

This is a reward with already selected and agreed parameters:

  • coefficient and margin set by an operator;
  • type of bets;
  • sports event;
  • multiplier;
  • wagering conditions (if any), etc.

Users agree with all aspects, place a bet, and receive their prize money.

Express of the day is most often dedicated to top sports events. These can be the finals of major commercial tournaments, competitions between popular athletes, opening matches, etc.

Combo Boost

This additional type of reward is used only in the context of express bids on unrelated events. They can be successful only when the gambler has guessed the outcomes of all matches.

The player's profit is calculated as the sum of all bets multiplied by the coefficient for each of them. The bonus provides an additional advantage in the form of several multipliers that increase the size of the final prize.

Combo Boost is one of the favourite types of bonuses among users. If the bet is successful, then the customer receives his winnings with an additional multiplier.

If the client of a bookmaker’s office has failed to guess all pairs of odds, then he simply misses his chance but does not risk his funds.

Each betting platform has its criteria according to which it grants this bonus:

  • number of bids made;
  • participation in seasonal promotions;
  • playing in online sweepstakes;
  • high position in the leaderboard, and much more.

Most often, bookmakers offer Combo Boost to their regular customers, and for beginners, there are other options provided.


This is one of the most popular types of bonuses, which can be found on almost all betting sites. Users get the right to place a free bid, which can be either successful or not.

Varieties of FreeBet rewards:

No Risk

This is a safe wager, which guarantees that gamblers will win in any case. If the pair of selected coefficients turned out to be unsuccessful, then visitors to the bookmaker’s office will lose only bonus funds but the amount of their deposit money will not change


Since people play using sums granted by the betting platform, they do not risk anything.

Bonus money and odds are displayed in the promotions tab. Gamblers make a bid and, if they win, the prize is instantly credited to their accounts. If the bet was unsuccessful, then customers do not lose anything, and the reward automatically disappears


This version works in a similar way to the previous one.

The calculation of prize money here is not the same. Not the entire amount of the winnings goes to the user account but the difference between the final reward and the funds granted by a bookmaker

Insurance Bets

This option can be found on almost all modern bidding resources. Their visitors have the right to secure the entire amount or part of the bet if they are not completely sure of the chosen combination.

Insurance is also a valuable bonus for regular customers. It may be available for all pairs of odds or only for certain bets that the bookmaker classifies as risky. Gamblers can independently choose whether to use the gift or not.

Companies rarely offer insurance for the whole sum. If we are talking about a bonus, most often, it is a small percentage (10–30%), which is guaranteed to be covered by a licensed operator.


The return of money lost in the betting shop is a tempting offer, especially for those who play a lot and at high limits. The availability of cashback guarantees that part of the funds spent will definitely be compensated.

They can be returned in the form of a real amount to the user account, free bets, or wagers. Each entrepreneur sets different rules. Beginners can count on a cashback of 10–20% and regular customers — 50% or more for certain types of bids.

Bonus-Hunting and How to Deal With It

Sportsbooks' security: bonus-hunting

Generous rewards from the bookmaker can have the opposite effect in the form of an increase in the number of bonus hunters. Such pseudo-players are registered on a variety of betting platforms with one intention — to get as many free gifts from the website as possible.

To increase their income, dishonest users often buy accounts from other previously registered gamblers or create several profiles from one PC.

Possible ways to deal with bonus-hunting:

  1. Buy security software. The professional solution instantly detects suspicious activity on the gaming site, as well as multi-accounting, incorrect distribution of bonuses, fraud, and other types of violations.
  2. Conduct an end-to-end analysis of the marketing campaign. Detailed statistics and analytics provide a clear understanding of where and why the bonuses are spent, as well as whether they bring a positive effect in the form of an increase in the entrepreneur's income.
  3. Set high wagering requirements. Gamblers must scroll through the bonuses several times and with the specified conditions (type of bids and odds) before withdrawing funds to their bank cards. Strict rules help to filter out dishonest customers who register only to collect gifts.

The Main Things about Rewarding Clients of the Bookmakers’ Offices

Bonuses are an integral part of the marketing policy of such companies.

  • The key tasks of the loyalty program are to attract a new solvent audience to the gaming site and retain it. Launching a memorable advertising campaign with different reward options is an effective method for improving image indicators.
  • Among the most popular types of gifts, we can name cashback, FreeBet, insurance bids, Combo Boost, express of the day, and a wager bonus. Each of them has its rules for awarding and betting requirements.
  • Entrepreneurs need to timely control the accrual and payment of rewards to avoid bonus-hunting. The best way to do it is to buy the security software. A certified product instantly detects and blocks multi-accounting, player collusion, atypical behaviour on the website, theft of bonuses, and other violations.

The Casino Market company offers the following high-quality solutions:

  • sportsbook programs;
  • payment systems;
  • equipment for land-based gambling locations, and much more.

From us, you can order a turnkey betting project and such services as legalisation and marketing promotion of your business.

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