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Malta Gambling License

Over the last few years Malta has succeeded in becoming one of the finest jurisdictions in Europe. The government completely revised and consolidated the gambling legislation by creating a structure called MGA. The amount of all functioning Internet facilities that were issued Malta online gambling license is 10 per cent of the total number.

Malta online gambling license

Malta online gambling license has authority throughout the world. Maltese online casino license is issued within a period of four to six months. This is how long it usually takes to review an applicant for compliance.

Casino Market is a company that knows how to obtain casino license the right way and will help you to buy Malta casino license easily and with no trouble. The experts are familiar with the jurisdictional peculiarities and will make sure that your online casino is fully compliant with the rules.

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Casino licensing requires a responsible approach, because an online casino license is the best proof of high status, honesty, and openness. We will now study how the licensing process is going, what Malta online gambling license is, and what is it to be done to get it.

The Acquisition Of A License For Online Casinos In Malta

Malta online gambling license is issued on the basis of a well-defined procedure. Before the submission of a request, an applicant has to pass the initial test for compliance with the requirements of the jurisdiction. The competent authorities will help to develop an application and ensure that it features all major components.

Due to these measures, the gambling company registration is greatly accelerated because the licensing authority helps to collect the missing information.

The authorized body Malta Gaming Authority

The authorized body (Malta Gaming Authority) evaluates the owner of the business over several stages:

Suitability for conducting gambling business

The procedure of casino licensing in Malta obliges the applicant to undergo many checks. All information relating to managers and investors is studied. Investigations are conducted to ensure that there are no problems with jurisdiction and the law.

In-depth study of the business plan

Internet gambling clubs, which have online casino license of this country thrive for a reason. The business plans of the entrepreneurs are being scrutinized. The plan introduces the necessary operations, marketing campaigns, HR activities, and projected growth rates.

Testing of the ability to meet all the requirements provided for by the Malta online gambling license

The Committee examines the technical aspect of a casino, discusses all documents, games, internal processes, rules, software and game features. You will have some hard work collecting and structuring a large amounts of information how to get a casino license before you actually do.

These checks usually take three to four months. Even if everything is fine Malta online gambling license cannot be issued at this stage yet. The audit brings a licensee to the next two important steps. If it goes as expected, consider the online casino license yours.

Technical capabilities check before launch

This is the stage when you have to start the technical environment and prepare to begin the work. The launch should be realized within 60 days. Malta online gambling license is issued afterwards.

Testing by an independent party

So, Malta online gambling license is obtained. The MGA now gets the third party involved, which checks the licensee for compliance with the list of requirements once again.

Legal Aspects Of Licensing Process In Malta

Gambling business licensing process

How are Malta online gambling licenses classified?

  • Class 1: online casino license;
  • Class 2: bookmaker business license;
  • Class 3: license to open a casino in which members can play against each other, and the operator's income is a percentage for organization and promotion (poker room, etc.);
  • Class 4: license for hosting and software development.

Malta online gambling license requires the licensee to comply with certain rules:

  • The amount of the minimum equity capital is 40 000 dollars.
  • Provision of the detailed data on all founders and authorized persons.
  • Creation of operational and gaming funds.
  • Malta online gambling license requires the authorities to provide access to information on the work of the establishment.

The Main Taxation Features in Malta

You will have to pay 2330 Euros for an application to buy Malta casino license. The audit procedure is estimated at €1770. The licensees of class 1-3 the annual fee of € 8500.

  • Class 1. An operator pays 4600 Euros each month for the first half of the year, and 7000 afterwards. Additionally, a class 4 license has to be paid for, which adds another €1200 monthly.
  • Class 2. Bookmakers pay half a percent from every bet. As with the previous license, you have to pay another 1200 Euros.
  • Class 3. A net income tax of 5%.
  • Class 4. This one is free for the first six months as from receipt. The licensee pays €2330 for the next six months, and 4660 Euros after.

Being the expert in matters of how to get a gambling license for casino, the Casino Market company will help its customers to buy Malta casino license. You can also buy turnkey casino with license, thus purchasing a ready-made business and releasing oneself from any cares.

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