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Vivo Gaming
Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Vivo Gaming: Live Casino Software Solutions From the Trusted Developer

When an operator of a gambling establishment wants to buy slot machines, he never faces any trouble: the choice of developers and products is enormous. However, the search for high-quality live casino software may prove an uneasy task. Not every company provide such games, and even more so, they are not always good enough. Nevertheless, there are developers who have managed to make a name for themselves on the creation of live software. One of them is Vivo Gaming.

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Why Vivo Gaming?

The company has been making software for Vivo Gaming casinos starting from 2007. Since then, the developer has acquired a unique expertise, which creates high-quality games, including ones for live dealer casino. The projects made by Vivo Gaming meet all the product and legal requirements with which such developments must comply.

Vivo Gaming's live casino software: top 5 advantages

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android-based devices

    People are increasingly using applications not only for communication or shopping but for entertainment as well. A Vivo Gaming casino offers players the opportunity to play whenever and wherever they like.

  • The use of advanced technologies

    They include HTML5 and Full HD: the first allows users to play on mobile devices; the second contributes to the maximum immersion into the game.

  • Well-equipped studios

    Vivo Gaming provides stylish gambling establishments with all the necessary furniture and equipment so that the visitors feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Personnel training

    All the live dealers who contact the players undergo specially designed training. Thus, the company keeps its title of a provider of high-quality live casino software.

  • Maintaining fair play and data security

    Without trust, it is difficult to build a successful company in a field such as gambling. Vivo Gaming takes this into account and offers proven and reliable working methods.

Live casino software from the trusted developer Vivo Gaming

What Software Does Vivo Gaming Pproduce?

  • Software for lotteries.
  • Games with a random number generator (RNG games).
  • Card games: craps, roulette, sic bo, Dragon and Tiger, poker, and baccarat.
  • The company has not avoided betting; it produces sportsbook software.

Vivo Gaming live dealer games

Also, the developer offers White Label casino software. All the games from Vivo Gaming have unique characteristics. For example, a live dealer roulette (European roulette) allows you to plunge into the usual casino environment, and a blackjack game with traditional rules involves dealers and all the people sitting at the table alike.

Other live games also have their own specifics, which distinguishes them from the products of other manufacturers. All of them are united by common characteristics for the Vivo Gaming projects.

Features of the Vivo games:

  • multi-currency and multi-lingual, so that the Vivo casino’s operation is not limited to one or several countries;
  • several gamblers can play at the same table;
  • games from Vivo Gaming allow you to communicate with players and dealers because they have integrated chat;
  • broadcasting is conducted round-the-clock, and shooting allows you to make sure that all games are fair;
  • one visitor can bet on multiple tables at the same time;
  • live games are easy to introduce into any gaming system, of which the creators took care at the development stage.

Gambling software from Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming Software From the Casino Market Provider

Selecting casino gambling software is only half the case. You still need to find a reliable supplier that will provide this licensed software. With Casino Market, you can test games (there is a demo version), buy or rent them — the choice is yours.

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What will an establishment receive from Vivo Gaming software?

  • An expansion of the casino's range.
  • Attracting new players.
  • Adherence to world trends in the world of gambling.
  • An increase in the profitability of the gambling club.

If you want to experience all the benefits of live casinos from Vivo Gaming, which is one of the leading developers, contact Casino Market specialists. You will get the perfect software and launch your establishment with live dealers in no time.

Live solutions from the Vivo Gaming provider

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