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Loss of Casino Players: 10 Factors That Annoy Gamblers

23 december 2019
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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The attraction of a new audience and the retention of players in the casino is the main goal of all marketing programs and strategies. Advertising campaigns and other methods of promotion should take into account many factors that could negatively affect the traffic and profitability of the gambling establishment.

Factors influencing the loss of casino players

The Casino Market team has prepared the top 10 factors that scare players away and not allow operators to make money.

A “Wrest an Eye” Design

Some operators are trying to “cram in” everything important on the first page. As a result, the website is full of all kinds of ads, pop-up ads, game logos, cumulative jackpots, and much more. Flash inserts that emerge at every step are the most annoying thing for gamblers.

And even if the casino offers only the latest gambling releases or completely exclusive solutions, players will still not be able to make their way through colourful banners, as well as a mix of fonts and colours.

Inconvenient Navigation

Too complex and poorly adapted for use platforms can be called the key factors that affect the outflow of customers. Who will like to get to their favourite game through a maze of registration forms, mandatory rules of the game, lots of ads, and active links that transfer to completely uninteresting sections of the website?

The loss of gamblers is directly related to the inability of a casino to offer such services and options as:

  • quick access to the registration window (the form should be in a visible place, preferably in the header of a site, because that is how clients do not lose interest in the game while searching for a field for entering the login and password);
  • a list of available games for money (active links to go to a solution that players are interested in);
  • information on special offers and bonuses (this section may be part of a personal account); besides, it would be great if there is the broadcasting of popular offers at the top of the main page since they will immediately attract the attention of players;
  • the record of payouts (history of transactions, a list of available financial systems, information on the limits on bets and payments ― all data should be contained in the appropriate section with the convenient navigation).

Animation That Cannot Be Skipped

The attraction of players to the casino with the help of bright and spectacular images of slots can be a good solution only once. No one likes to watch videos before the game session over and over again, and only a few people will find it a pleasant pastime, so the Skip button definitely must be on the website. Otherwise, the loss of players will become inevitable.

Absence of Personal Settings

Here is the list of personal settings that should be offered in each online casino:

  • colour parameters (a night mode);
  • limits for bets;
  • the speed of rotation of the reels;
  • adjustment of sound;
  • automatic saving of the selected parameters of the game.

The presence of the above-mentioned settings makes the game session more personalised and “comfortable”.

Absence of Rules of the Game

Retention of players can be done not only with the help of bonuses and other cash prizes. Users should have freedom of choice and the most complete picture of what kind of game they launch and what to expect from it. A detailed description of the parameters for calculating payments is also a good option, as well as the information on ways to get additional spins, the functions of special symbols, and so on.

Moreover, players must have quick and easy access to information on the rules of conduct on the platform, the terms of use of payment systems, ways to protect personal data, etc.

A Website Without a Mobile Version

The presence of a mobile version of a casino

More than 68% of users of the World Wide Web prefer to visit gambling resources and other services via mobile gadgets. By 2023, the turnover of the industry will exceed 100 billion dollars. Today, it is the most promising and rapidly growing industry, and to ignore it is a bad idea.

According to statistics, owners of tablets or smartphones use their gadgets more than 300 times a day. The presence of a mobile version of a casino is a perfect way to make gamblers play almost non-stop since they will need only the Internet speed and the battery level.

No Free Game

The loss of casino players may be connected to the inability to test the range of games and choose the best product for placing bets. And the promise that gamblers will constantly win will not work. Visitors should see for themselves the functionality of slot machines and draw up their own behaviour strategy. Also, the lack of necessity for replenishing funds on the account mandatorily makes the gameplay more comfortable and relaxing.

Old Games in the Section With New Products

The main task of gambling operators is customer retention. Moreover, the marketing strategy should offer solutions for both beginners and experienced players. The last-named category can bring a stable and high profit to the casino. Players of the “old guard” are extremely negative about the attempts to pass off old and boring slot machines as the “latest releases”. This approach is a one-way ticket to such a situation when you can instantly lose the confidence of players and they will leave your gaming site and never come back.

Incorrect Translation of the Page

Gamblers prefer to play on online services, the interface of which gives the opportunity to choose the language. To have the content and other offers in different language versions is a great way to attract audiences from different countries. Grammar and stylistic mistakes, as well as the absence of translation, discourage from any desire to stay on the website.

Inadequate Customer Support

Casino support team is always ready to help customers

An incompetent customer support member or the one who is ignoring the requests of users is one of the main reasons for causing the traffic loss. Players must feel his importance for a casino and spend time on the gaming site with maximum comfort. To ensure all customer needs, it is worth providing the following solutions and services:

  • a personal manager for VIP users;
  • round-the-clock support;
  • a large selection of options for the communication with the operator (a feedback form, chat, e-mail address, various telephony options, and communication in thematic groups in popular social networks);
  • competent specialists who can resolve any issue that may arise.

Retention of Players in the Casino: Tips from Casino Market

A constant audience and stable attraction of players to casinos are the main sources of income for a casino. Our team has gathered the main recommendations and tips that can turn your gambling location into a successful business with a record return on investment indicators.

Proven audience retention methods

Format of work


Events during the session

This may be an additional quest that is not directly related to the game, a tournament with tickets that are valid for a certain time, access to closed games, which are dedicated to holidays, and other significant events.

This approach gives users not only a unique gaming experience but also vivid impressions. Thus, the time of the main session is extended

Newsletter and notifications

Important: newsletter should not look like spam. It can be a reminder of an event, a notification about special offers, discounts, tournaments, etc.

CRM system

This is a full set of components, which allows you to build the most promising and mutually beneficial relationships in the chain “an operator-a visitor to a casino”

Special offers

As for the special offers, casino owners can use:

  • bonuses in the form of various deposit rewards, free bets, and additional spins;
  • free game on a regular basis or an additional session dedicated to a specific event;
  • cash-back that covers part of the loss;
  • loyalty points (upgrade of the status on the gaming site or in the thematic community).

For sure, these are not all available systems and ways to increase casino traffic. You can get not only detailed information on the best promotional tools but also order a comprehensive marketing campaign with a guarantee of reaching full payback in 2―6 months from Casino Market.

In Conclusion

When operators create gamins sites, they should take into account not only their own tastes but also the needs and preferences of clients. Ultimately, the aim of the gambling platform is to meet the requirements of users who are willing to spend money.

Casino Market is ready to help you to avoid gross mistake and invisible pitfalls. We are ready to offer you comprehensive solutions for projects of any format (from traditional casino websites to unique mobile applications and sweepstakes) and take on full technical and legal support of your business.

Start your path to success with Casino Market right now! Our contacts:

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