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Marzia Turrini: “We are Very Confident That 2022 Will Be a Very Good Year for the Gaming Industry”

10 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Although the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult to deal with for the gaming establishments, especially those that relied on offline work, it was also high time for the businesses to create a new narrative. A lot of companies turned to online gaming and started cooperating with fresh markets, for instance, the Latin American one.

This process has proved to be challenging to the executives in terms of working with their customers. Since the industry is ever-changing, the testers have to pay extra attention to fulfilling the needs and requirements of the clients according to customer feedback.

2022 will be a very good year for the gaming industry

Marzia Turrini, the Executive Vice President of the BMM Testlabs company, talked about the various challenges that the pandemic unleashed upon the industry during this difficult time. She discussed the adaptation to working in the circumstances surrounded by the global widespread of COVID-19. Additionally, she voiced her opinion about the Latin American internet gaming market and how the pandemic has managed to bring it to the next level.


The executive discussed the implementation of changes in the BMM production and services in the middle of the pandemic. She mentioned that the company has expanded on certain methods that allow it to preserve the standards of quality when it comes to customer service.

Turrini strongly believes that there has not been a lot of drastic developments compared to the pre-pandemic world, and the service maintains the same quality. One big thing that she pointed out was remote verification, which they use to meet all the usual requirements.

In her words, the company is different from its competitors because it has excellent client service that is able to deal with time-sensitive matters in a quick manner. She noted that the main goal of her company is establishing trustworthy relationships with customers and receiving joy from seeing them develop.

Development of the Market

Next, Turrini commented on the recent developments in the Latin American market and the fact that the online gambling business was not as prominent there before. She stated that the impact the pandemic had on this market has led to a rise in the need for internet gambling, and some offline techniques that worked in the past are being implemented in the online industry.

The executive said that the operators that work in the area actively search for solutions that will help them carry on their business ventures. This includes adding more titles for online gaming in their casino selection and making them as accessible for online gamers as possible. Therefore, she evaluates the adaptation to the Latin American market as a success.

Availability and Reliability

One more point that Turrini has made is that the local companies and players in Latin American countries have always been sensitive in relation to financial services, including banks and banking systems. To deal with this, her company attempted to make significant progress with the availability of services provided by financial institutions, as well as convincing local partners that these services are reliable and secure.

Even though she emphasised the fact that there is still a lot of work to do in this regard, she calls current developments progress.


The executive also brought up the support that Jon Stuckey, Senior Vice President of Business Development, has provided for the gambling market in 2021. Turrini pointed out that ever since Stuckey joined the team of BMM Testlabs, he has been working on the solution that assists current and new prospects in the Latin American market.

She also made a prediction that the growth of online-based businesses continues in 2022 and a lot more customers will join in.

Future Plans

Speaking of her plans for the upcoming year, Turrini expressed confidence that the gambling industry will thrive even more. She is certain about it because of the potential that the Latin American market has shown throughout the pandemic times, and the rise of internationally operating gaming companies that are already based on this continent. The executive finds it a good sign for future ventures.

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