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Merkur Gaming Withdraws from ICE London 2022

31 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Some sad news has arrived from the ICE London exhibition, as one valuable contributor dropped out of the event. Merkur Gaming, which is an experienced developer of casino equipment, has recently announced that it is not going to be involved in this year’s showcase of the industry’s best talents.

Merkur Gaming withdraws from ICE London 2022

ICE London is an annual gambling forum that includes all the leading enterprises in the industry and allows them to communicate and network. This year, it was delayed from February to April because of the COVID-19 pandemic concerns.

Why Did Merkur Withdraw?

According to the official statement, the group took a difficult decision to pull out of the big event after their widely expected participation. The company was supposed to present its products and be a large contributor to the program of this influential exhibition.

The decision was speedily communicated to the group in charge of organising the great event. A few reasons for cancelling their participation were given by the prominent business, one of them being large investments in the event that are unlikely to pay off.

Predictions from Merkur

The company that quit ICE gave a press conference, where they explained all of the main reasons for withdrawing. First of all, the dates in April were not convenient enough for them. The business is deeply worried about the health risks, particularly the likely spread of Omicron in the United Kingdom.

According to the representatives of Merkur, it may not be a responsible choice for them to put their employees at risk by making them travel to this country amid the pandemic. In addition, there are a few difficulties relating to logistics, which are connected with the Brexit situation.

As a consequence, the business states that the current circumstances will undoubtedly be a negative influence on the industry as a whole. They believe that the exhibition will be severely impacted by the lack of preventative measures against the new wave of COVID-19. So, it will be a struggle to ensure that the conference goes smoothly and without issues.

Aside from that, the enterprise predicts the possible troubles that the international participants can go through due to quarantine measures when it comes to travelling abroad. This could also bring the possible risks of the number of visitors being considerably lower than in the previous years.

More Comments

In its statement, Merkur has also referred to the sense of duty that the company experiences towards its employees, as well as the desire to put their safety first. The business has praised the ICE organisers for their past work that led to the forum being so influential.

The former participant of the conference expressed hopes that they can still work alongside the ICE event holders in the near future. However, these days, they consider the timing and circumstances to not be right for fruitful cooperation.

The group concluded by expressing regrets about their firm decision as it has always been pleasant to collaborate with the organisers. Nonetheless, they consider this choice to be the right one not only for themselves but also for the industry’s wellbeing.

Last year, Merkur voiced some issues with London being announced as a host of the ICE forum. The company stated that the prices for travelling could be incredibly high and the location is not fully convenient. The gambling giant addressed the organisers of this massive event, asking them to be open to a conversation regarding those concerns.

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