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New York Launches Mobile Sports Betting

13 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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In January 2022, a large event in the history of New York’s local betting market took place. The mobile wagering on sports events has officially got underway with the launch of four licensed operators that were given a green light on functioning in the area.

Recently, New York’s Commission on the issues of gambling gave an opportunity to receive bets on mobile to 4 prominent operators, which will be listed below along with their promising plans. The decision of the commission was based on the fact that these bookmakers have met all the demands and regulations that are needed for placing bets on sports using mobile devices.

New York launches mobile sports betting

In fact, these four sportsbooks were the lucky ones among the nine recommended operators that were supposed to obtain the licence. The others were not successfully cleared yet. However, they are currently in the process of polishing all of the rough edges to eventually meet the requirements and join their triumphant colleagues in becoming approved for a permit.

The opening of the new way of betting attracted a lot of excited customers. The statistical data findings showed that the transaction value in New York on that day was higher than in Pennsylvania, the place where mobile wagering is already legal. Meanwhile, the four legal operators have fruitful plans for the future.


The famous betting operator officially kicked off their new wagering journey in the state of New York by cooperating with a few well-known casinos. Their loyalty bonus program is expected to launch soon.

So far, it is only known that the local gamblers will be able to obtain credits for each bet of theirs. With time, they will get an opportunity to exchange those credits for various goods. For instance, these can be spent on eating, drinking, staying in a hotel, and other types of relaxation. Of course, the players can also opt for spending their rewards on more gambling experiences.

The popular company spent a lot of resources on finding the best ambassador for their New York conquest, which turned out to be the famed hockey player Henrik Lundqvist.

The representative of Caesars mentioned that the launch day of their phone device application in the Big Apple has truly gone down in history.

The expert expressed his excitement over future ventures, such as:

  • treating company’s customers with dignity;
  • expanding brand’s connections;
  • securing new cooperations for the well-being of their players.


Another newly-licensed company has opened a gambling space in New York City back in 2019. With the new development, the phone application betting is going to function along with it.

The director of operations, Johnny Avello, commented that he is incredibly excited to see a collision between New York and Las Vegas, both of which are special cities to him personally. The expert voiced his hopes that the inhabitants of the Big Apple will eventually learn that the company provides the best client service and entertaining value.


The business giant FanDuel is planning to focus on lucrative cooperation, as they partnered up with provider OpenBet to create an accessible application for mobile betting. Just like the previous company, this operator has had a casino in New York since 2019.

As an extra way to promote their enterprise in NYC, the company issued a statement about collaborating with the NFL team Buffalo Bills, who they announced as their official representatives.

Rush Street Interactive

Last but not the least, the Rush Street Interactive company has recently released their official application with unlimited functionality and opportunities to wager on various outcomes.

As this group already has a casino establishment in the Big Apple, it would be even easier to reach the city natives. Besides, some of their affiliates are also planning to open subsidiaries in the megalopolis.

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