Niels Onkenhout – ‘KOA Playfield is Yet to Be Settled’

25 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The main executive from the National lottery of the Netherlands, Niels Onkenhout, spoke on all the struggles of the KOA Regime and stated that the path is far from being fully complete.

Niels Onkenhout – ‘KOA playfield is yet to be settled’

Statement from the CEO

The representative of the Dutch lottery stated that there have been some difficulties in the internet gaming industry of the country. It is now important to see how the market could be changed through the decisions that will be taken in the near future.

The next steps regarding the KOA Regime are not universally agreed on by the officials. The new ruling department will need to control Kamer's laws.

Onkenhout spoke about the last couple of months that have been dedicated to the aftermath of KOA's launch. He stated that regulators and political leaders are worried about the issues of advertising, as well as the course in which they are leading the new generation.

The expert admitted that there is a wide discussion on the ban of advertisements that greatly assist the business. It is taking place in the form of politicians having a chat with each one of the ministers and allowing them to voice their opinions.

New Development

The executive is keeping a close eye on any Kamer-related news. He aims to figure out the impact it would have on shareholders who have possessions on the market, like the national lottery.

Regardless of various factors that prevent the launch, such as postponements and technical issues, it is admirable to Onkenhout that the KOA Regime was presented to the public in October last year after all. He said that for this experience, the local regulators have borrowed some practices from other previously successful jurisdictions.

Due to the launch of KOA, the Dutch lottery has suddenly opened up to a lot of new perspectives. It has become a competitive part of the market. Onkenhout noted that these draws are the oldest ones in the country, with their history spanning 295 years back.

The delayed KOA process helped the lottery executives to also focus on their sportsbook, ToTo, which became a decent business in the country. Onkenhout said this enterprise will not attempt to catch up with the current industry giants.

Final Thoughts

The executive mentioned that his initiative is very integrated into the society of the Netherlands. In his words, the different behavioural patterns of shareowners are understandable, as well as their views and approach to customer interaction.

Onkenhout says that, even though there are still some challenging aspects with the operations of KOA, there will be a large field for healthy competition among new businesses. There might be a few problematic aspects when it comes to customer security and advertising strategies. However, the Dutch market still has major potential when it comes to cooperation with engaged enterprises.

He has expressed hopes for receiving 10 new official permits in the foreseeable future. This means that the Netherlands will be home to 20 officially licensed operator companies. The executive felt optimistic about the initiative, stating there was a profit in this arrangement for all of the sides.

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