Online Gambling in the US: The Statistics of a Booming Sphere

10 may 2022
Author: James Burton
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Web gambling in the United States has a massive audience, with the industry constantly expanding and reaching new customers. It frequently gains fans that want to place their wagers on various events regularly.

Online gambling in the US: statistics

American people tend to spend a lot on sports-related wagering, casino slots, and fascinating table games. Let us have a look at the statistical data on this activity in the country.

Customer Appeal

The more popular this industry becomes, the more users tend to see the gaming spaces as their primary means to relax and have fun. Every operator offers a huge selection of content, where people can choose games that respond to their tastes.

The excitement about trying out fresh releases never withers, as there is a constant flow of new offers. To keep the players on their toes, multiple providers tend to use such strategies as loyalty programs and lucrative bonuses.

One of the main reasons for many people turning to digital gambling is the opportunity to both get some enjoyment out of it and make cash. Due to this, the gaming market in the United States is only growing, with companies coming up with innovative ideas every year.

Casino Statistics

One of the most prominent sectors of the industry is casino slots, which have gathered a huge response from the public. Only in 2017, a whopping 75 billion USD was spent in this field, which became a huge upgrade from the previous year's earnings.

Usually, when it comes to the most popular means of gambling, slots win by a landslide due to their originality and wide appeal to the customers. However, people also enjoy table games, such as roulette, poker, or blackjack.

The young audience has also taken a liking to these activities, joining the usual older demographic in them. It is predicted that with the legalisation of gambling in all states, the audience will only increase.

Betting on Sports

Since sports are widely prominent in America, predicting the results of the games and gaining money from them is a very high-demand activity. Generally, betting is an incredibly widespread gambling form all over the world. It is estimated that the punters spend about 400 billion USD on it yearly.

There is a tendency for people to gain knowledge of the teams, sports rules and specifics before betting. It eventually helps them be more proficient in their wagering journey and earn more cash from predictions.


Another reason for people being so driven to internet gambling is its transparent nature. When punters create an account on a trusted betting website, they are guaranteed a high level of safety, as the activity of such services is always monitored and regulated by officials.

Enthusiasts are required to get familiar with the terms and conditions or other necessary information about the entertainment site before registering and placing bets.

Gaming Revenue in the United States

Gaming revenue in the United States

2021 was a highly profitable year for the American market. It was reported that the players have spent 13.6 billion USD on it, which is a record-breaking number. Due to the states that have officially made the activity legal, the country earned 22% more profits than it previously had during the COVID-19 pandemic. The business brought the US 11.1 billion USD back then.

After the outbreak of Coronavirus disease, the industry recovered very smoothly. The second quarter of 2021 officially made the numbers return to their pre-COVID statistics. The tax income numbers also increased significantly.

It became fascinating for everyone to know that the millennials are mostly bringing all of this income. In the United States, young people are the biggest demographic that contributes to the growth of the industry.


The gaming sector is an extremely promising field of business, and its development is only flourishing.

With the legalisation of the activity by multiple states, there is a high chance that the numbers will only get higher. Therefore, it is a perfect moment to consider getting into this activity and making it a source of income.

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