Online Poker & AI: How Technology Affects the Game in the Future?

05 june 2023
Author: James Burton
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Artificial Intelligence steps into the world of poker by quickly becoming one of the most advanced tools used by gambling companies. Igor Terebinov, Deputy CEO of PokerMatch International, explains the growing role of modern innovations in the classic casino game.

Revealing the AI Potential

Online poker and AI: the future

The software powered by Artificial Intelligence has become advanced enough to impact different spheres of life. It has already started transforming poker as we know it today. Now individuals can have unprecedented access to extensive data. For example, the game features a clear interface where the optimal strategy can be calculated for many moves ahead. Thanks to a special program, the machine can do some bluffing as well.

Poker is considered to be one of the most complex games in the gambling segment. Recent AI developments gave a fresh breath to the classic adventure. They can change the dynamics by enabling well-informed decisions and encouraging better tactics. However, there is still no chance to replace a real player and guarantee a winning result.

AI can strengthen the classic game in these ways:

  • analyse large data volumes to come up with the best actions and make accurate forecasts;
  • develop an effective approach based on well-thought decisions;
  • estimate the probability of various card combinations appearing on the table;
  • predict opponents' actions considering their behaviours throughout the round;
  • determine the rivals' style and level of expertise.

Social and Regulative Nuances of Using AI in Online Poker

The game heavily relies on human skills, such as reading facial expressions and catching strategic motives. Implementing AI to affect the outcome goes against ethical principles and may harm online experiences. In a matter of time, we may lose our intuitive abilities in terms of the behavioural characteristics of our opponents.

The use of AI can lead to privacy threats, as some of them can access personal data for someone’s benefit. This aspect still has not been regulated in many countries.

Can AI Damage the Future of Online Poker?

Modern technology has the potential to damage a gambling experience in its actual meaning. Poker may lose the original spirit of the game. Individuals will be after pure profit rather than pleasure from activities. There will be no need for improving the skills. The potential winner supposedly will not need to read virtual rivals and make calculations in advance but remember the major combinations and use them throughout gameplay.

But AI cannot replace human intelligence. The classic title requires computational abilities, a strong sixth sense, and the ability to manipulate others.

The Future of the Poker World: Brief Overview

AI and online poker: prospects

As casino games continue to grow, so will their connection with AI. As more brands focus on innovative solutions, we can enjoy an even larger influence on real money opportunities, including stronger safety policies and player activities. It becomes easier to provide large winnings while offering a well-secured landscape.

Let us see the future trends of leveraging AI:

  • gamification to make gambling more dynamic by boosting a level, a character, or other aspects;
  • use of blockchain technologies to store and exchange information more transparently;
  • more realistic digital rivals to be based on all possible development options;
  • interesting and engaging gameplay adjusted to the individual’s level and style.

Add modern software to your catalogue to embrace new technologies. Contact Casino Market's specialists to make your product offering adjusted to the audience’s needs and preferences.

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