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Ontario Issues First Online Licences

09 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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Ontario’s gambling commission has handed the first-ever licences. They allow operators to function on this territory legally. Therefore, the local gamers can now enjoy access to the best portfolios suggested by famous content providers.

Ontario issues first online gambling licences

Comments from theScore

theScore became one of the first gaming companies that received documentation allowing them to function legally in Canada's largest province by population, Ontario. This means they can now officially launch their internet offerings, which is currently planned for April.

John Levy, the representative of theScore, commented that the company was excited to become one of the very first operators that have obtained a licence in Ontario. At this point, they are intensively getting prepared for the market launch in the Canadian jurisdiction and counting the days towards this large-scale event.

It was previously reported that theScore is determined to conduct a great move onto a different platform. Right now, it is in development and about to start its work later in the year.

PointsBet's Opinions

Another company that has recently received a legal permit to share its content with the Ontario gamblers is PointsBet. Scott Vanderwel, the high-ranking official that represents the betting group, called this approval a significant milestone in building authority in Canada.

The representative stated that their main mission has always been to appeal to Canadian gamblers and establish the company's influence in this country. He admitted that the group has been working on creating an online space directed at the Canadian market with employees who also come from this country. There is a lot of excitement around finally bringing these plans to life.

In his further words, the business he is in charge of has shown many signs of rapid development over the recent years. He predicted that the platform that is planned to be brought to Canadian customers will be known for its easy interface, amazing opportunities and a lot of partners that contribute to the smooth user experiences. Previously, the company has struck a lot of deals with multiple Canadian businesses.

More Comments

In the words of Chantal Cipriano, who also is an executive at PointsBet, the group will base its further actions on experience that was received in other countries and continents. She declared that the enterprise takes pride in being one of the first working operators on this province's territory.

The official noted that the recent events show regulators have a lot of trust in the plans of her group. Along with that, the commission is confident that the business will be able to create unforgettable products and supply them to users.

She remembered the working process her group had in the US and Australia markets, where it reached great success. The expert voiced her hopes that the same progress will eventually happen in Canada if they stick to the same strategy.


The bill that led to legalising internet gambling in Canada and popularising this activity was initially meant to repeal the prohibition of betting on a single event. For implementing this, the government of Ontario worked together with the operators.

Still, there have been some concerns regarding the consistency of Canadian gambling activities according to the country's regulations. To prevent additional questions, the commission has decided to issue updated rules. Among them, there is a requirement for every operator to join the monitoring group that will observe their actions.

Some of the other regulations that became active in Canada are an official prohibition of autoplay and a minimal speed standard for every slot that equals 2.5 seconds.

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