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Relax Gaming Executives Talk about Technological Successes

26 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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The representatives of popular developer Relax Gaming gave an interview, in which they spoke about the group’s recent successes in the gambling field.

Relax Gaming experts talk about technologies

The experts also commented on the latest technologies powered by the enterprise and the solutions that led to their development.

Dream Drop Launch

The first part of the interview was dedicated to Dream Drop, an innovative jackpot product by Relax. Marta Zogala, one of the executives, told the story of its advancement, saying that the team of employees has worked very hard and done a lot of research to make the invention possible.

At first, the developers took care of certain things in the jackpot sphere that included some imperfections. The next step was putting a bit of their style into the products.

The company desired to work on certain mechanics that the competitors have not yet given their full focus to:

  • must-drop features;
  • exciting quests beyond the grand prize functionality;
  • big-ticket rewards;
  • more frequent winning opportunities.

Statistics and Trends

Ms Zogala talked about the impressive statistics of the group, telling that over 900,000 people have won jackpots from the company’s titles in only four months. Among these, there were impressive Major and Mega jackpots, which could only be obtained by the luckiest gamblers.

In the executive’s words, these numbers would normally take many years to obtain with older mechanics.

Speaking of the «must-drop» feature, the representative stated that during its creation, the professionals were thinking of both regular players and newcomers. The official mentioned that there has been a shift among gamblers towards using apps on mobile phones. Customers tend to play for less time but log in frequently.

This knowledge has inspired the developers for their fresh products and core strengths. The old jackpot mechanics are now outdated, and the progressive ones have arrived on the market to change things radically.

Innovation Factors

Another executive Johan Jönsson spoke out on what he considers to be a successful innovation. As the expert stated, it is significant to meet the needs of customers and partners, which is a rule that they regularly follow at Relax.

In his words, the developers operate according to a specific strategy:

  • listen to what clients currently need;
  • come up with ideas based on it;
  • start working on the new innovative technology.

The company enjoys leading open conversations with operators and the audience. Another category whose opinions they ask is those who stream casino games. With the help of all these groups, the lacking products and services are identified, and the enterprise’s specialists can start working on these necessities.

Mr Jönsson said that executing the idea properly is also important, which is why it is vital to bring in the best professionals. He spoke highly of Relax’s technical abilities that help the group assist operators and partners in reaching their goals in the field. One of the main examples of this idea is Relax Apex, which is designed to solve compliance challenges and help the entire framework to function properly.

What Is Relax Apex?

Relax Apex: main purposes

This is a tool that assists developers with working in the territories where they have a licence. It raises the bar for the group and allows them to succeed in things that were unseen before.

Due to the advanced development of this technology, it can serve the following purposes:

  • complying with regulations in new products;
  • merging fresh features into titles that already exist.

This happened with the new jackpot system presented by the group. Ms Zogala said that due to the striking success of this invention, the company can afford to make a lot of plans for the future that will change the course of the industry.

Market Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

In the words of the executives, new areas can face a lot of difficulties at the beginning, such as compliance issues and the speed with which the business influence can be established. This is why the solution that ensures quick adaptation to the regulations is set to be a breakthrough in the market.

As the officials state, Relax Apex creates an extra layer of security for the group’s activity and their collaborators who aspire to share its content more globally. The product is an invention that helps developers to concentrate more on quality assurance and less on regulations.

The proprietary technology also saves a lot of effort for operators, as they do not have to ensure the quality of every single title and take care of all the needed requirements manually. In the opinion of Mr Jönsson, this type of solution will soon become a game changer on the market.

Future Intentions

The representatives state that the industry’s demands always go up, which is why the company sees great importance in having to go along with the trends. They predict that there will be more regulations and limitations for content creation. Therefore, it is highly significant to adapt to all the new developments and continue enhancing the business capabilities.

For this, in the opinion of the executives, it is important to be technically advanced and have a lot of inventive employees at the company. With the help of Relax Apex and similar advancements, the experts will find it easier to deal with challenging moments.

Ms Zogala admitted that looking for something compact that can solve a lot of issues in one go was how Relax Apex became a thing. The group’s professionals came up with this idea and went further by testing it. Eventually, it phased into an advanced framework that can be of great assistance to operators and everyone who collaborates with the enterprise.

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