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Promotion of an Online Casino With the Help of Streaming: Why this Method is Effective

16 december 2019
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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Promotion of a casino is an important part of the activity of the owner of gambling business. A project can be successful and bring a high profit only if the right marketing tools will be selected and used.

If you are constantly looking for effective ways to promote your resource, then it will be worth paying attention to the streams of casino slots. This is a relatively new but already popular phenomenon that will help you to attract customers and simplify the promotion of an online casino.

Online casino promotion via streaming

The Casino Market experts prepared a short review with the information on the streaming and how it brings money to the operators of gaming sites.

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Streaming as a Form of Presenting the Content

A stream is a data streaming on the Web, which users can monitor both in real-time and on the tape delay. The main feature of such a broadcast is the absence of a pre-prepared script. This is a kind of improvisation of a streamer, and it depends only on how things unfold. If required, you can carry out interactive data transfer with the participation of viewers.

An online casino stream shows the gameplay. The moderator simply launches the video slot, spins the reels, and comments on what is happening. If the work of a chat is customised, users will be able to take part in the process, give advice, and express their opinion.

The broadcast recording remains available on the Internet, and anyone can see it at any time.

The Best Services for Gambling Broadcasts

The most popular platforms

The name of the service

Advantages for the streams


This is a video hosting service with a huge number of visitors.

Each user can easily find the interesting content at his request, and the “Recommended” marks draw attention to new videos.

Streamers can post affiliate links in broadcast descriptions, chat in comments to the posts, organise surveys, and much more. The possibilities provided by the channel are almost infinite


The main advantage of this platform is that it specialises in the streaming of video broadcasts. Its functionality was cut out for streams of computer games.

The number of visitors on Twitch is less than on YouTube but these are already interested users who are ready to become customers of a gambling resource

What are the Benefits of Streaming for Casino Operators?

Online casino streaming as a powerful promotion tool

To understand how beneficial the broadcasts for the owner of a gambling platform are, you need to understand why they are popular with the Internet users, and how they affect the conversion in a casino.

What Attracts Players

  1. A real game. No demo versions can cause the same excitement that occurs when observing the real gameplay. Viewers watch a movie the plot of which develops in real-time. It is impossible to predict events, and this is very intriguing.
  2. Strong emotional inclusion. An online casino stream “lights up” gamblers. They not only watch the game but actually participate in it. If viewers have an opportunity to communicate with the frontman, then they will support the streamer, share their victories and defeats. Broadcasts help with the creation of a common emotional field and a sense of involvement.
  3. An ability to test slot machines. Of course, gamblers can test the slots by launching demo versions but first, you need to kindle their interest. By watching new streams in casinos, Internet users can find out all the features of the gameplay and decide for themselves whether they want to play the advertised slots.
  4. “Live” contacts and knowledge. A chat with the viewers is a platform where they share a personal experience with the host and other users. From us, you can find out about original strategies of games and new releases on the gambling market.

Advantages for the Owners of Gambling Platforms

  1. High conversion level. Streaming makes casino promotion simple and effective. The secret is that the broadcast is watched by those online users who are initially interested in gambling services. If they are interested (and this is exactly what happens most often), they will become clients of the online casino.
  2. Decent advertising of products of the website. Users deliberately avoid banners, do not click on links, and do everything to get rid of annoying offers of goods and services. This is their right to be respected. Having organised the casino promotion using streams, you will not annoy potential visitors to your gaming site and will be able to kindle their interest.
  3. Preparation of the target audience for a realistic visit to an online casino. Streams of platforms are created in a special way. Users are attracted to the design of the resource in advance, and they can observe the navigation and get used to it. Their fears and a feeling of insecurity disappear. After watching the broadcasts, viewers are mentally ready to become customers and feel comfortable on the gaming site.

Cooperation of Casinos and Streamers

Slot streams are extremely popular

The benefits of broadcasts for casino operators and gamblers are obvious. Everyone gets what they want. There is another participant in this process, and the most important one ― the streamer. His bonuses for broadcasting are fame on the Web, popularity, and money. The work of streamers is paid according to the principle of affiliates (the convenient CPA model ― deductions for the acquisition). Host post affiliate links. When users follow them, register on the advertised websites, and make deposits, streamers get a percentage of these funds.

This form of cooperation is convenient for both partners ― a host and an online casino:

  1. A streamer is financially interested in the conversion of a gaming site, so he makes efforts to kindle the interest of the audience.
  2. A casino operator gets a profit and shares with the person who became its source.


Of course, you want to maximise the profitability of your gambling project, and streaming can become one of the powerful promotional tools. This is a good way to increase the revenue from your business but not the only one. Casino Market employees are ready to provide you with more detailed information and help you to create a successful startup.

From us, you can order the development of turnkey online casinos, buy or rent software from the world’s leading providers, and get technical support and qualified advice.

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