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Salsa Technology Lands a Profitable Partnership with The xCite Group

21 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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The prominent company Salsa has landed a lucrative cooperation deal with The xCite Group, according to which the enterprise will operate in the field of web3 products.

The two partners will join forces to provide an incredible experience for their associates and audiences, who can now enjoy all of the most exciting offerings.

Details of the Collaboration

Salsa Technology and The xCite Group collaborate

Due to the recent consensus, Salsa will attempt to enhance the influence of its gambling products by expanding into new niches. Customers will connect to the innovative entertainment environment through decentralised systems.

The customer of Salsa Betmotion is set to achieve some benefits from the brand-new collaboration. The group’s audience will have a chance to embark on an adventure and try out all the advantages of the newly released offerings.

Luis Traversa, the representative of the business, said that they always wished to discover new possibilities in the sector, and were primarily focused on the UX aspect. Web3 provides plenty of opportunities to the customer base and should be valued by industry leaders.

Comments from Collaborators

Max Jonnsson, who represents the web3 brand, commented on the newest deal by praising the new partner. In his words, Salsa lent them a modern platform that is well-positioned and famous in the regions where xCite operates.

The representative considers the collaborator to be a technologically advanced company that always aims for innovative developments, which is why it is a perfect enterprise for cooperation.

Eliane Nunes, the executive from Salsa, mentioned the large potential of her company. She said that it would be perfect to use the expert knowledge of web3 that the new partner has. In her opinion, it is a fitting skill set for continuing the expansion of both businesses.

About the Companies

Salsa is the gambling leader in the Latin American market which provides local players and operators with innovative solutions.

The enterprise offers a variety of products and services, among which there are:

  • platforms for casinos;
  • proprietary games;
  • professional assistance, etc.

xCite is a large company that focuses on creating a new web3 environment and connecting a variety of technologies, such as Blockchain. For this purpose, the company has a comprehensive strategy for project realisation. The organisation works closely with tokenised reward systems, NFT subscriptions, cryptocurrency draws, etc.

Casino Market offers gambling products with implemented recent technologies from Salsa and other leading providers.

Our experts can also give you advice on the development and marketing strategies of your start-up.

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