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Alderney Gambling License

Casino licensing allows businessmen to make their work completely legal. An online casino license is issued only by those countries, in which gambling is legalized. Licensees (casinos that have received this permission) are obliged to keep within laws of the chosen jurisdiction. In this article we are going to tell you why it is a good idea to buy Alderney online gambling license.

Casino licensing in Alderney

The Alderney online gambling license is one of the most reputable, and therefore gambling establishments with such an online casino license is considered prestigious and can boast a special trust from players.

The described license is issued by an agency called AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission), which was founded in 2000. It is worth noting that if you buy Alderney casino license, it will be a reasonable solution, because it automatically makes the British white-list.

The online casino license is issued only to honest entrepreneurs who obey all requirements and standards. A special attention is paid to the consumer rights protection. In order to achieve the desired goals, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission closely cooperates with law-enforcement agencies. Together they crack down on crime and money laundering.

AGCC constantly modernizes its legal framework and fully flies under the international rules for conducting the gambling business. That's why online casinos with the Alderney online gambling license are well-regarded all over the world.

Addressing to Casino Market, you can buy Alderney casino license and be out of a lot of troubles. Experts support clients at all stages, until the moment when the online casino license will be issued. Moreover, you will be able to get close consultations on issues that exercise you at any time.

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Licensing Procedure

If operators are interested in the opportunity to buy Alderney casino license, they will have to pass a multi-level control.

In the first stage AGCC checks the candidate's business reputation, financial position, ownership structure and company, as well as characteristics of each business partner. Also, the Commission tests funding sources of a future licensee.

Then begins the second stage, during which it analyzes commercial activities, equipment and software. After that an operator will have to pass an ICS check (internal control system). The ICS certificate is a unique requirement and in fact it is some kind of a tutorial guidance. If everything is fine, you will be able to say that the casino licensing procedure is finished.

Thanks to this detailed and multi-step verification, the online casino license is considered the personification of the integrity and transparency of gambling.

The Main Types Of Gambling Licenses in Alderney

The Alderney online gambling license is presented in two categories:

  • b2c (business for customers): a license of the first category is designed for those operators, who work directly with customers, that is, with players;
  • b2b (business for business): to buy Alderney gambling license of the second-class is a good choice for those casino operators, who are set to work with software vendors.

The online casino license has also four more subspecies in each category:

  • an exclusive gambling license that allows operators to deal not only with gambling, but also with lotteries, bookmaking, etc., as well as an opportunity to buy turnkey casino with license;
  • an associate's license;
  • a license for hosting;
  • an online casino license.

To buy Alderney gambling license is highly beneficial to casino owners as it allows them to conduct their business related to all spheres of gambling legitimately. Such a pleasure costs 70 thousand pounds per year.

Specifics Of Alderney Online Casino Licensing

In order to obtain a gambling license, operators must go through a number of stages and spend a lot of time on it. But after all, online casinos with the Alderney online gambling license are considered to be the most respected in the world, and therefore all invested funds and will as a result be paid off with interest.

The casino licensing can be done successfully only in case of compliance with the following requirements:

  • the online casino license can be granted only to operators who have passed a gambling business registration on the territory of Alderney;
  • a potential licensee is needs to create and submit a business plan;
  • it is necessary to collect information about providers and software that will be used;
  • in order the gambling company registration to be successful, you need to open a bank account and pay in before filling an application;
  • you can’t buy a license without a ready-made list of games offered by online casinos with the Alderney online gambling license;
  • the casino license involves reporting of data on the management team and staff of the company.

You do not Know What to do and How to Get a Gambling License for a Casino? There is a Way Out

Casino Market is a company that provides a wide range of useful services for the gambling business. You will simplify your life in many ways if you address professionals. The company provides clients with free advice on any issues that are interesting for them.

Casino licensing is an important procedure that absolutely every honest operator must undergo. You still do not understand how to get a casino license? Together with Casino Market, you will surely be able to do it and become closer to a prosperous future.

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