Symplify and Jada Gaming Boost Marketing Tech Possibilities

02 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The versatile CRM systems creator Symplify has purchased Jada Gaming, a high-tech innovation provider.

Symplify and Jada boost marketing possibilities

The Casino Market team has analysed the impact of this collaboration on different industries.

Operation Directions of Symplify

Among the clients of the agency, representatives of various spheres could be observed, namely:

  • an operator LeoVegas;
  • a fintech company Klarna;
  • a Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, etc.

Numerous directions have been successfully combined throughout the 20 years of the CRM organisation's existence.

Robert Kimber, the chief executive of Symplify, notes that their platform collaborates and develops with the gambling industry from an early age. He says the company has been cooperating with the entertainment industry for 15 years already.

Mr Kimber adds that lately, their team has become more deeply implicated in the environment by visiting exhibitions and monitoring the market situation. Based on the 30 million euro deal with the Jada innovative developer, the platform is going to delve into gambling even more.

According to Symplify’s representative, iGaming is a critical area for the marketing business. As this sector is a constant way of attracting users, its best strategies will work for other areas. He comments that gambling projects have no boundaries, and their team always expands its horizons.

Adjustment of Initial Concepts

Jada, the developer of artificial intelligence systems, started its operation in 2021, in contrast to the long-existing marketing platform. Alberto Alfieri, a co-founder of the organisation, notes that the recent deal was not entirely part of their strategic development plan.

Following his words, the business is young and ambitious, so he, with the brand's second founder Josh Tromans-Jones, planned to form partnerships with various companies to enhance their stance. Nevertheless, the bargain with Symplify came as a surprise.

Kimber notes that what happened was due to the request of common customers who claimed possible fruitful cooperation. This delusion led to a certain outcome. There were almost no obstacles at the conclusion of the agreement.

Mr Kimber notes that the combination of artificial intelligence and marketing will lead to a new stage in the gambling industry. The expert emphasises that he has a strong desire to work and develop with the creators of Jada.

According to Alfieri, several possibilities contributed to the rapid takeover decision, such as:

  • similar business management;
  • accelerating the development plan;
  • long-term prospects and ideas;
  • benefiting from the partner’s years of experience.

New Focus

The head of Symplify says about the possible adjustment of the initial developer strategy. According to him, gambling business technologies have exalted norms and can be used in other industries. It will give the opportunity to rapidly expand the range of provided services.

Mr Kimber clarifies that the final high-tech product can be adjusted for such areas as:

  • finance;
  • e-commerce;
  • NGOs, etc.

For the expert, the prospect of expanding their technology application sector is exciting.

Based on Mr Alfieri’s statement, their company already operates in Europe and South America. However, there are a huge number of other marketplaces with which they want and can cooperate.

He says that the goal of Jada is to evolve from the gaming direction, and with a new ally, it becomes possible.

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