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Gambling Industry Trends in 2023: An Analysis from Slotegrator

01 december 2022
Author: James Burton
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2023 is set to be a great year for the gaming sector, with a lot of new developments. It is expected that the industry revenue internationally will rise by 34%.

Gambling trends in 2023: Slotegrator’s opinion

Slotegrator's experts have considered the most important trends in the sector and shared predictions for the next year.

General Tendencies

The gaming field has always been driven by innovative developments, and specialists do not expect it to change in the upcoming year. Since the industry is now breaking records in terms of audience engagement, operators should be especially motivated in letting people gain fresh experience.

In the opinion of Slotegrator's representative Dmytro Kryvorchuk, 2 of the major tendencies will be:

As the professional states, there have already been hints towards projects in the metaverse, as many enterprises are prematurely renting spaces for these. Speaking of VR technologies, the expert considers them to already be a significant trend in the sector. Many companies direct attention towards virtual reality due to its major potential.

Money Transaction System

The FTX exchange has suffered a downfall recently, and some people think that there may be a decreasing enthusiasm for cryptocurrency. However, they may be wrong, since many clients are well-accustomed to this way of making payments and are not very likely to come back to regular cash transactions. Additionally, players appreciate the anonymity that comes with it.

All these points show that paying with crypto money could still retain its position in the industry. However, the most popular type of it, Bitcoin, could step back and free the room for new currencies.

Mobile Gambling

Customers find it easier to play straight from their phones at any time of the day instead of having to be tied to the laptop. Therefore, a lot of potential clients that are driven to a particular platform will most likely google whether it has a mobile version.

Telegram casinos are also a good opportunity for ambitious people who are planning to start an online business. It will be an amazing chance to expand the customer base.

Variety of Games

Online casino games: trends in 2023

Slots are widely beloved by the public, but to succeed, the platform needs to have many more offerings. It is of high importance to develop innovations and present them to players.

One such idea could be integrating NFT technologies into proprietary entertainment. For instance, Aviatrix recently launched a unique crash game, containing non-fungible tokens that can be customised.

There is also a high demand for live dealer amusement. It became popular during the times of pandemic but lifting restrictions has not made such content fade away. It is a necessary addition to every online casino since a lot of gamblers are more trusting towards dealers than the RNG system.

Land-based operators can take this as a fantastic chance to expand their presence. Additionally, it is a perfect environment for branded entertainment.

Online Casino Domination

Internet establishments beat land-based ones. Starting a digital platform has become quite easy and more beneficial due to such factors:

  • attracting an international player base;
  • guarantees of anonymity;
  • plenty of modern functions, etc.

Gamification and 3D visualisation are important factors in gaining an audience. Experts of Slotegrator have noticed a rise of 15% in the cases of establishing internet casinos. They plan to improve all aspects of it in the next year.

Another popular form of entertainment is stream betting, which professionals predict to undergo major development. Through its means, the audience's trust in the eSports department will be established, and the format is expected to gain quick popularity.

Slotegrator’s Ayvar Gabidullin considers the digital direction to be a positive change that allows for many exciting opportunities. He believes in the organic development of current market trends and predicts a successful and productive future for the sector.

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