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The BetConstruct Company Presented its Innovative Tool Called Dataspot

07 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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BetConstruct is a company that is well-known to Hi-Tech enthusiasts, as it has already provided a large selection of cutting-edge technology in the industry. Recently, the variety of possibilities presented to customers was further expanded by another work, named Dataspot.

BetConstruct presented Dataspot

What is Dataspot

Dataspot is the innovative work that BetConstruct has brought to the market. It is a tool dedicated to advanced data analysis. In this way, the BetConstruct Corporation seeks to offer a wide range of new productions and possibilities to businessmen operating in the gambling sector.

Dataspot aims to collect and organise information on players' gaming preferences. In particular, time spent playing, stakes, money invested, and much more are analysed.

Therefore, Dataspot can be used immediately as a highly comprehensive yet precise tool for analysis. In particular, it is a program that can offer mainly targeted and secure solutions and solutions specifically for the sector in question.

The data obtained through the program can further improve the offer and design of customised solutions for the user.

Using Dataspot for Business

The program provides the user with valuable statistics to better understand how many gamblers play. Its critical information helps optimise gaming activity and achieve better results.

Using Dataspot is simple, as the software has an interface that is effortless to understand and particularly intuitive to interpret. Anyone can take advantage of this program, as no special skills or knowledge are needed.

In particular, this tool can be used to see users' behavioural tendencies. Based on the information provided, further improving the user experience will be possible, doing it more profound and varied.

Funnel Data

Among the various special features of DataSpot is a section dedicated to funnelling data analysis. Thanks to this tool, it becomes possible to trace the order of action of users. This way, it becomes possible to understand what gamblers do before or during the game.

In this way, it becomes possible to optimise one's iGaming activity in such a way as to set a particular order of actions. In addition, it is a handy tool for those who would like to understand when people might be distracted and stray from their conversion from «interested» to «customer.»

These combine to make Dataspot one of the most accurate solutions on the market. Business managers who decide to take advantage of it will have one more tool than the competitors and will be able to increase their turnover.

Would you like to purchase this innovative program to adapt it to your needs and take your business to another level? If so, you can turn to the Casino Market team, whose professionals will help you buy it, adapt it to your needs, and understand how best to use it.

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