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The Future of the Land-Based Casino Business

Updated 30 november 2022
Online casino, Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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During the quarantine period, the online segment of the gambling industry has come to the forefront, displacing offline locations that offer entertainment for real money.

Some operators began to doubt the relevance and profitability of the land-based business. However, the head of Holland Casino, Erwin van Lambaart, is sure this niche will never cease to be in demand.

Casino business: prospects

The expert believes that visiting offline establishments and participating in online activities are two radically different experiences.

The head of a well-known Dutch company shared his forecasts regarding the development of the land-based segment in the near future.

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Interaction of Offline and Online Formats

Having created an impeccable image and earned tremendous experience in the land-based sector, the Dutch company, Holland Casino, decided to expand its sphere of influence. The head of the enterprise announced the opening of a digital project. Stationary casinos operating under this brand were opened to visitors only in mid-April. Therefore, such a step seems to be a necessary measure under the present conditions.

However, according to Erwin van Lambaart, the brand has been going to this event for about 18 years. The main reason for launching an online business is positive changes in local laws. The web gambling industry in the country is almost legalised. It remains only to pass the stage of final preparations.

The head of the company notes two main reasons for opening an online portal:

  1. Financial aspect. Today, digital projects are more popular. They bring more profit to operators. The global pandemic has negatively affected land-based establishments, so Holland Casino decided to start conquering the online market.
  2. Protection of entrepreneurs and their customers. The gambling law has existed in the Netherlands since 1963. However, it only applies to the offline sector. Besides, the document is very much outdated. The new rules will allow business owners and their clients to receive legal protection at the state level.

Will the Online Industry Replace Land-Based Gambling Establishments?

Online casinos vs. offline gambling

With many successful companies rapidly moving to a digital environment, beginning entrepreneurs who were planning to open their offline casinos have become very worried. However, the expert says that there is nothing to worry about.

He gave some interesting arguments:

Different target audiences

  • Visitors to land-based gambling establishments like to communicate with other players and perceive spending time in casinos as an integral part of their image.
  • Those who prefer the digital format think of video slots and other web activities as entertainment that allows them to take a break from everyday concerns for a while

Special vibe

  • Offline establishments attract players with their lively environment.
  • Online platforms also have their advantages in this regard. Many users associate them with the ability to launch games for money in a cosy, homely atmosphere

Complementarity of different areas

Gamblers often like to combine the two formats. Real lovers of excitement favour both offline and online casinos

The expert predicts that the influence of the web segment will continue to grow. This is a completely natural process. Almost all business areas are moving to the internet space. This does not mean that the land-based gambling niche will completely disappear. Digital establishments will not be able to fully imitate the atmosphere and interior of real casinos.

Mr Lambaart compares this situation to buying things and food. Modern people order different goods on the Internet. At the same time, they do not stop visiting supermarkets.

The specialist also cites the example of the tourism sector. Many users study information concerning different travel destinations, hotels, and air tickets on the Internet. However, most of them prefer to discuss important issues with a travel agent personally.

The head of Holland Casino assures that one should not be afraid of competition on the part of online resources. You need to learn how to properly interact with the digital environment. Simultaneous operation in both formats will help operators avoid potential risks and maintain stability even in the most unpredictable conditions.

The Main Things about the Prospects of the Offline Gambling Segment

The global land-based casino industry suffered significant financial losses in 2019 and 2020. Many of them were closed to prevent new outbreaks of COVID-19. Nevertheless, the pandemic comes to an end, and the sector is slowly getting back to its usual work rhythm.

So should you work in the offline gaming niche these days? Despite some difficulties, this business area remains relevant for several reasons:

  • getting a unique entertainment experience;
  • the habit of many customers to visit land-based casinos;
  • the availability of alternatives and the opportunity to choose.

To become successful in the offline segment, one should not deny the relevance of digital resources. It is necessary to learn how to properly interact with the internet space. It is also important to understand that visitors to land-based casinos and online users are different target groups. If you find the right approach for each audience, you will achieve financial stability.

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