The Process of Merging the iGaming and Betting Industries

18 march 2022
Online casino, Betting
Author: James Burton
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Operators wishing to reach the widest possible audience have long been working simultaneously in two niches — online gambling and betting. With the onset of the pandemic, a huge number of bookmaker projects were forced to switch to providing iGaming services due to the cancellation of many sporting events. However, the situation in today's sportsbook market has already stabilised.

Now, operators have paid attention to the betting industry again. Casino owners launch their bookmaker projects to get a greater influx of potential customers. According to many experts, over time, the gaming business and the sportsbook industry will merge into one large niche.

Online gambling and betting: the process of merging

Our specialists analysed the features and strengths of the gradual transition of gambling projects to the betting field.

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The Peculiarities of Working in Bookmaker and Gaming Industries

At first glance, it might seem that moving into the sportsbook niche can be quite difficult.

There are several reasons for this:

  • different functionality of the user interface;
  • distinct methods of attracting customers;
  • diversified audience interests.

Experienced developers have been successfully launching universal projects for a long time, aimed at both gaming enthusiasts and sports betting fans. Qualified specialists know how to skilfully combine these two profitable and promising areas.

The Benefits of Transferring into the Sportsbook Industry

Why is it profitable for casino operators to provide betting services?

Here are some arguments in support of working in the sportsbook field:

  1. Wider audience outreach. The bookmaker business is legal in many more countries than online gambling. The conditions for promoting betting projects are much loyal too. In addition, recent research data shows that an increasing number of women from all over the world are showing a high interest in sports betting.
  2. Simple and affordable project promotion. The cost of attracting and retaining potential customers in the betting business is lower than in the gambling industry. Besides, many significant events in the sports world attract millions of customers: Super Bowl, Champions League, World Cup, etc.
  3. A broad assortment of betting options. In addition to sports tournaments, clients of betting projects can wager on various events from such areas as politics, science, cultural life, etc.
  4. Innovative technologies. Working in the bookmaker industry is the best opportunity to experiment with advanced techniques. Users of modern sportsbook sites can follow matches in real-time, replenish their accounts and place bets in a matter of moments.

The launch of a sportsbook project is an excellent possibility to significantly expand the audience for casino operators, attracting more clients of different ages, genders, and interests. In turn, an increase in the number of potential consumers will substantially increase the income of entertainment portals.

How to Adapt a Gaming Project Successfully?

Online casinos: how to adapt a gaming project

Before transitioning into a new niche, an operator should study many important nuances and think over the plan for launching the betting section very well. Working on two platforms is quite expensive and inconvenient. Therefore, it is worth adapting a site to the operation in a new niche as much as possible.

The online casino owner will have to make some changes in areas such as:

  • navigation system;
  • business promotion;
  • communication with clients, etc.

To make a successful transition, it is necessary to have deep knowledge in many areas. It is essential to work in a coordinated and professional manner.

There are several variants here:

Staff training

If your company has a large team of specialists, it will be quite easy to train them in new knowledge and skills. However, keep in mind that this process can be quite lengthy

The use of outsourcing services

This option will allow you to get qualified help at a moderate cost. It is important to choose reliable partners with extensive experience

The purchase of White Label projects or franchises

In this scenario, the organisation of your new business branch will be handled by a parent company’s team. This approach has many advantages:

  • simple licensing or work under a sublicence;
  • ready-made collection of entertainment software;
  • stylish design and easy website navigation, etc.

At the same time, your opportunities may be somewhat limited. For example, in the case of buying a franchise, you will not be able to change the logo or use a separate brand name

Operators must understand that the transition to a new field will not happen overnight. This process will take at least several months. It is worth noting that a betting section will not offer users the same functionality and choice of entertainment options as a gaming vertical.

This type of activity will be secondary during the first stage of the transition. Although, over time, an entrepreneur will be able to expand the range of bookmaker services and offer customers a better user experience.

The Difficulties that Operators May Face

Moving into a new niche is a potentially beneficial idea. However, this process may bring several risks. Consider some of them:

  1. Too fast transition. Players need to be prepared for the new environment. You cannot start a new project too quickly. It can confuse users.
  2. Wrong promotion strategy. Many operators strive to attract a new audience using the usual marketing schemes focused on working with online casino customers. It is essential to consider that the interests of gaming and betting enthusiasts are different.
  3. Too high costs. The lack of knowledge and experience can lead to huge expenses. To avoid this situation, we recommend you to work on your new project with the support of professionals.

The Main Things about the Merger of the Gaming and Betting Spheres

Merger of the gaming and betting spheres

According to authoritative researchers, the embodiment of gambling and betting is inevitable. It is only a matter of time.

Casino owners launch sportsbook projects for several reasons:

  • the expansion and diversification of the audience;
  • the reduction of promotion costs;
  • the improvement of the entertainment range;
  • the availability of a backup option.

The transition into a new niche is not an easy task. It requires a carefully thought-out approach. It is necessary to adapt a gaming platform to work with a new audience. An entrepreneur should change the interface of a site, improve the advertising strategy bonus, and loyalty programs.

To transfer into the betting industry as smoothly as possible, we recommend you to enlist the support of professionals. Casino Market has extensive experience in the implementation of universal gambling projects.

We are ready to help you realise a start-up of any complexity from scratch. Our portfolio includes sportsbook, gaming, payment, security, and other types of software from outstanding providers.

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