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The US Reaches New Peaks in Gaming Earnings in Q2 2022

18 august 2022
Author: James Burton
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The USA commercial gaming sphere generated $ 14.81 billion in proceeds during the 2nd trimester, according to the AGA. This is a new record for the segment.

The US new peaks in Gaming earnings in Q2 2022

Overall Situation

According to the AGA's tracker, the 2nd-trimester GGR rose by 8.8% over the same period in 2021 and by 3.3% over the previous highest results in the last Q4.

Among all states where gambling is allowed, the following jurisdictions faced an extreme growth in profits:

  • Arkansas;
  • Iowa;
  • Maryland;
  • Massachusetts, and 5 others.

Market Evolution

Terrestrial slot machines remain the biggest source of income for distributors, with proceeds for the vertical hitting $ 8.70 billion, up 0.2% from the previous year.

The AGA stated that revenue for offline board games grew 18.2% to a record of $ 2.54 billion. The agency suggested that the lasting effects of Covid-19 effects on the retail segment appear to have passed.

The debut of legal sports betting in an additional 6 states over the previous 12 months contributed to a 58.7% increase in sector profits.

The proceeds from iGaming ventures surged 34.3% to an unprecedented record of $ 1.21 billion, just surpassing the previous high established in Q1 2022. The body claimed that this was due to the introduction of 6 new controlled jurisdictions in the second trimester of last year.

Verticals' Increase for H1

According to Bill Miller, the agency spokesman, the numbers for Q2 represent a 16-month run of growth for the USA gaming sphere. Its expansion through the 1st half of 2022 demonstrates ongoing customer desire for controlled services as well as entertainment's unprecedented popularity.

The industry is on the path to completing a yearly record for the 2nd subsequent year. The overall profit for the gaming market in both Q1 and Q2 hit $ 29.16 billion, up 17.8% from 2021.

Table gaming income jumped by 28.9% to $ 4.91 billion in H1 while slots GGR jumped by 8.7% to $ 16.89 billion. In the first half, terrestrial facility proceeds totalled $ 23.67 billion, 11.7% more than in 2021. Sports bids and web gaming revenue grew to $ 3.04 billion and $ 2.42 billion respectively.

Predictions for the Future

The industry is about to set an annual profit record. However, the AGA is aware of the ongoing effects of inflation, labour issues and market concerns about a future economic slowdown.

The agency participants have demonstrated their adaptability and tenacity over 2 years. The members are prepared to handle eventual challenges as the second half of the year approaches.

The NIGC previously reported unprecedented high profits of $ 39.00 billion in 2021. The joint earnings (with $ 53 billion from gaming) in 2021 exceeded the last high mark in 2019 by 13.0%.

According to Mr Miller, tribal entertainment proved a strategic approach during the Covid-19 crisis, and these top outcomes are evidence of that dedication. Its facilities' complete restoration and continuing prosperity extend far beyond the gaming floor and help thriving communities across the nation.

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