Turbo Games: New Gambling Content for Modern Users

03 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The Casino Market team has studied the new trends in the iGaming industry. In this article, we provide material about crash games and how they can attract young audiences.

Crash (turbo) games for online casinos

What Does the Modern Generation Want?

Many companies are struggling to offer attractive content for youth, as this demographic segment is quite profitable. However, operators find it difficult to compete with the video game and mobile application industries.

Meeting the needs of young groups requires a new approach. It is a move in the right direction, when providers add aspects of video games to gambling, such as missions, but that is not what will force the player to change direction completely.

Introducing new ways for iGaming implies adding:

  • elements of mobile and video entertainments;
  • skills development options;
  • social interaction with the ability to bet.

Turbo games offer all of the above. Let us overview their characteristics.

Innovative Solution

In crash amusement, there is a multiplier that grows over time, and participants have the opportunity to choose the moment when they want to get their payouts.

When withdrawing funds in a short period, the reward will be small. If players drag the multiplier for too long, the curve can collapse, resulting in a total loss.

Crash games were created for mobile devices. With the help of a simple interface, they also provide a fascinating pastime on a PC.

This entertainment corresponds to another young auditory’s wish — fast rounds. Even though slots have a similar function, they are not comparable to «turbos» in terms of participation and interaction.

How to Introduce the Novelty?

A growing number of distributors are seeking to provide these entertainments on their sites. However, there is a problem with presenting such titles to consumers. Our experts recommend operators perceive them as casino games rather than slots.

Companies should also pay attention to the way to provide entertainment to different segments. The main target audiences for «crashes» are young players. With the increasing demand for the product, other age groups will also begin to enjoy this option.

The best way to promote modern content is free betting. This is one of the most effective methods to introduce entertainment to participants.

The crucial step in the distribution of turbo amusements is an accessible and understandable instruction that communicates the game experience that the user can get.

Crash Game Blast

Distributors who offer their young target audience crash games are on a straight line to success. Many people will learn about the possibility of gaining new experiences if businesses distribute these games through well-designed marketing strategies and good educational communication.

Complete implementation requires some time and effort, but the crash content will bypass the usual casino entertainment thanks to the high level of involvement.

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