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TV Games as an Efficient Way to Keep the Retention of the Audience on Your Website High

06 may 2020
Online casino, Betting
Author: James Burton
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The current situation with COVID-19 is making the gambling industry live through its worst period in almost a century. The betting market is suffering the most as the majority of sporting events have been postponed or even revoked.

With this in mind, numerous bookmakers’, internet-based and land-based, face a real disaster to meet their end. It forces them to assume extreme measures and make a difficult choice. They have to seize their operation or implement alternative earning methods to stay afloat.

Gambling during pandemic: online betting

Good for them, Casino Market is ready to offer one of the most efficient solutions to this situation. In this case, it will be extremely beneficial to introduce a brand-new direction on your platforms that is capable of saving the business from a disastrous end.

We are talking about TV games. The professional specialists from Casino Market are eager to present a detailed guide on utilizing our software to increase the retention and survive these complicated times.

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Diversifying Your Gaming Portfolio amid the International Pandemic

The unfortunate modern situation with a complete lockdown makes internet-based gambling companies try to develop different ways of reducing the financial losses by finding the new gaming directions to introduce to their customers. These new entertainment possibilities are meant to keep the players’ interest in the platforms and allow the companies to retain their economic security.

The current state of affairs offers us a few possible options:

  • Live Casino Games. Though being already available even before the lockdown, the closure of land-based gaming facilities escalated the popularity of this type of entertainment;
  • Virtual Games. AI-driven sporting events have already been popular, first of all, thanks to the quick resolution of cases. However, the massive cancellation of real-life sports made it even more popular;
  • TV Games. This latest innovation of the gambling industry combines betting and a live casino in a unique way, making it a great alternative to virtual games as well as an excellent way to substitute cancelled events.

TV Games as an Efficient Way of Maintaining High Attendance

The mixture of live casino games and sports betting turned out to be a pretty successful experiment. TV games are positively accepted by the sportsbook audience that has been looking for a temporary swap of real-life betting during restrictions that were imposed amid the Coronavirus. The live casino format, instead, attracts casino-lovers since such an innovative way of gambling has not been widely used before.

The popularity of TV games increased by 31% in March 2020. The adequate conversion of the sportsbook audience makes it possible to satisfy their needs as well as to keep the revenue share of the industry high. TV games can easily convert a casino and sportsbook audience, retaining the GGR from the sportsbook up to 12%. Usually, an appropriate setup of this type of content will help the operators achieve monthly growth by 30% and even more,

— underlines the proofs the head of sales in CIS and CEE at TVBET.

That is why the sportsbook owners now have a perfect possibility to keep their audience and not go bankrupt during the massive lockdown.

Strategic Marketing Improvement with TV Games

Strategic marketing improvement with TV Games

Despite the insane popularity of this newest direction, it is also of utmost importance to develop a particular marketing strategy if you want to get the most out of the offered solution.

  1. User Experience. If you are a self-respected operator, you must take care of boosting your product conversion. Today, it can be achieved by focusing on the mobile adaptation that became an integral part of any gambling campaign. The mass usage of portable devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) allowed players to enjoy their favourite activities wherever they want. With this in mind, improving the user experience is of utmost importance here. TV games can be perfectly adapted to smartphones, allowing your clients to feel a convenient gaming process.
  2. Product Experience. On average, the process of product development relies on the needs of the chosen market. TV games are effortlessly adjusted to the selected area of operation, offering exceptional gaming opportunities for users. Since your success directly depends on how quickly you can deliver your services to the client, from the point of view of the betting sphere, it is now possible to create a peculiar gaming environment for the target audience. Apart from that, you can easily increase the consumption of your services by taking events in the sports line.
  3. Marketing Experience. Efficient marketing methods boost the conversion of the audience and are able to deliver high-quality support for promotional campaigns. With this in mind, it will be adept at presenting the newest gaming product — TV games — to your clients by utilizing all possible advertising channels, thus, boosting the retention and preventing the potential expenses because of the quarantine.

It is the perfect way to achieve the best retention experience for the gambling platform owners. This ultimate strategy will let you understand the needs of your clients and what they might want you to improve for their personal convenience.

Nowadays, among the top three requests to operators are:

  1. Integration of feeds.
  2. Efficient marketing campaigns.
  3. Better user experience.

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The chief marketing officer at TVBET underlines:

TV games are a perfect solution to these issues. On top of that, in the period of total quarantine, people are thrilled to receive another opportunity to enjoy their favourite betting experience.

Receive Professional TV Games Software from Casino Market

Professional TV Games software

As we have found out, TV games are an easy substitution for sports betting and an excellent alternative to virtual sports. Apart from that, the presence of a live-casino background makes it even more entertaining.

Casino Market offers you to buy our professional TV games software as it will surely:

  • boost client retention to your internet gambling establishment;
  • attract both sports betting and live casino audience to a single entertainment activity;
  • create brand-new marketing possibilities for increasing attendance.

Not only do Casino Market experts offer you the possibility to try our latest software, but it also gives you a chance to order a turnkey business solution to set up the entire platform from scratch. Do not hesitate to resort to professionals from the Casino Market company. Just reach our support team to inquire about any further questions you might have.

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