Uplatform Statistics Show that the Future is Mobile

27 june 2022
Author: James Burton
Source: focusgn.com
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The new statistics conducted by Uplatform demonstrate that mobile wagering contributed to 70 per cent of revenue throughout 2020. This means that the users of phone apps have the potential to bring a lot of profit to the industry in the future.

Mobile gambling: statistics by Uplatform

Brief Statistics

These days, people prefer to use phones for all the possible activities, since it is a convenient and simple way to do anything they like. This also includes sports betting, as recently, a considerable surge in mobile wagering app usage was spotted.

According to the research, 55 per cent of betting enthusiasts perform this activity online on their portable devices. As stated by Uplatform, the organisation that researches wagering figures and patterns, a whopping 70 per cent of profits gained by the industry in 2020 came from mobile users. This is not only limited to betting on sports, but also extends to the casino, poker, and lotto sectors.

Why Are Phones So Popular?

The access to the World Wide Web makes phones an incredibly accessible and convenient platform for betting. According to the Gambling Commission, 2020 was the year of placing predictions on sports via phones, which was mostly done by young adults who are under 35.

As for gender statistics, there are slightly more male bettors than female ones, with 56 per cent against 44. However, it is worth noting that women use their phones for predicting sports results more often, as 55 per cent of women prefer to play this way.

Other Factors

Even though convenience is the main reason why users prefer mobiles, there are also some additional ones, such as fastness and ease of use of the devices. Unlike personal computers, the user can always access their phone, no matter where they are.

It will also be an easy time-saving alternative for those who used to attend wagering stores. Shortly, the customers can use phones at any time they want and no matter where they are located, provided that they have a good internet connection.

The Benefits of Starlink

Elon Musk, who has recently developed cutting-edge Starlink technology, also plans to spread worldwide web access for an affordable price all over the world. This will likely contribute to the overall rise in the number of players, as it is already available in more than 30 countries and is still expanding.

Due to the modern satellite coverage, there is a real possibility that more people in remote areas will be able to access the internet and have an excellent connection of 80 to 120 Mbps. This will be enough for watching streams and placing predictions on how the game will end.

Where Do Players Bet from?

Even though a lot of people have a strong preference for playing from home, some users like doing it from other locations. For instance, many bettors like to perform their activities while they are at work, while others attempt to predict the results of the games from a pub or a sports venue while watching the tournament.

Betting in Different Countries

Mobile betting in different countries

A lot of the countries worldwide, especially the developing ones, have taken a liking to wagering from their phones since it is the easiest and the most enjoyable way that only requires a quick internet connection. For instance, 88 per cent of Kenyan gamblers use this way of putting game predictions.

Many Europeans also overwhelmingly use this method, as in 2019, over 44 per cent of gamers from this region used mobile apps. Two years later, in 2021, over half of all the players have switched from PC to their phones, and a prediction was made that over 60 per cent will gamble from their devices in 2026.

Wagering Apps in the Future

Not many people know that the very first mobile casinos appeared about 20 years ago on the old Nokia phones. However, it was with the rise of the Android and iOS platforms that people have truly started appreciating this way of betting, as the apps could easily be downloaded and installed from the respective stores.

A lot of things have changed since the first arrival of the casino apps. They became appreciated for their:

  • dynamic nature;
  • constant adaptations to the recent technologies;
  • player assistance in easy and convenient ways of gambling.

Many companies are releasing their native apps. Due to the way they are built, it is likely that the users will come back to them again and again.

One of the main reasons why people appreciate the apps is the increasingly shortening attention spans of many players. This is why the handy interface, which offers live streams of the games and quick wagering shortcuts, is such a discovery for those who grew tired of playing on their computers. Aside from that, it is also a major benefit for the operators, who continuously seek profits from their client base.


Without any doubt, mobile betting is the future of the industry. Right now, most people are unable to live without their phones, as they perform all the major tasks on the devices. Eventually, betting will also become one of the activities that are the easiest to perform on the phone.

Source: focusgn.com
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