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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Buy credits a Unique Mix of Profitable Games is an innovative live betting entertainments supplier. The company began its work in 2012 and won the hearts of players by the unusual format of service offer. The thing is that the betting platform solution combines the bookmaker office activities of bookies, online games, and lotteries in live mode.

The sports betting software is developed with a great touch of originality and massively increases the winning opportunities. All of the games are still very easy to play, and create no tension for users. live casino provider

We recommend buying the Bet Games TV sports betting software from the Casino Market company. Its managers will consult you on all the gambling issues, live dealer casino games.

Casino Market also offers to buy turnkey sports betting solutions, rent/purchase an HTML5 casino games. In short, you have the chance to learn a lot of interesting and useful information, including the development of a profitable online casino.

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Focus on the Gaming Process

All drawings are made in real time: a dealer is appears in front of a player who, showing an honest game, spins the drum, shuffles cards, throws the dice. All moves of a dealer are broadcasted in both master plan and close-up, and a player only has to watch the process, enjoy, and win. Keep on reading to learn how it all goes.

The sports betting software includes casino software as well. The main products of the company are live games, which variety in the developer portfolio is sufficient to attract the maximum number of players.

People have known and played these games for many years. But today the drawings are presented in a completely new format, i.e. featuring live dealers. Another interesting fact to note: the responsibilities of dealers are performed by benevolent beautiful model girls. Betting Platform Solution as the Way of Making Money

It has long been proven (both by analysts and statistics) that live games bring the greatest profit to a sportsbook software provider. The BetGames tv sports betting software is another proof of the effectiveness of such online casino software.

Any company, which installed the gaming software produced by the agency would note the increase in the number of players and, as a result, the growth of incomes.

Imagine a user who intends to make bets on sports, for which purpose he decided to visit the Bet Games TV website, on which a customer sees an offer to play online lotto with a pretty dealer girl anchoring the game. Of course, a player will agree, because every visitor of a betting office has a passion for excitement in the heart (and the customers are usually males). — live dealer casino games

What are other benefits of the gaming platform?

  1. The company owns TV studios equipped with the latest high technologies giving an operator a wide range of options for attracting players.
  2. All games are easily and seamlessly integrated into any platform.
  3. The gaming content is regularly updated, with professionals monitoring every working stage for a period of the sports betting software operation.

Advantages of the software for bookmaker business:

  • The gaming software combines the capabilities of sports betting software, internet casino, and online lottery, which in itself is an advantage compared to any other standard gambling software.
  • The betting platform solution features unique functions and supports Live games of different kinds and themes.
  • The bookmaker software is flexible and can be integrated into different platforms and adapted to any format.
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian operators and business people from other countries and regions have an opportunity to buy sports betting software.
  • This sportsbook software provider does not stop at the results achieved and continually improves its products so that business owners are guaranteed regular updates of the sports betting software as innovations are introduced.
  • The expanding geography of markets makes it possible to work in countries where new partners are emerging.
  • The Bet Games TV sports betting software allows a participant to actually communicate with dealers via chat who will answer questions, give advice, and remember to call a client by name. Players love it. Gaming Products

As it follows from the aforesaid, the company's gaming products are non-trivial and engaging, despite common themes and motives.

The most popular Live games include:

Rock Paper Scissors

Possible the most beloved gaming variation worldwide. adapted an easy process of the fast-paced activity to a gripping betting environment. A punter competes with a croupier by matching the dealt cards. The playing principles are the same as the common established ones: Rock crushes Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers Rock.

Key characteristics:

  • Low latency stream.
  • Highly competitive odds (0.35–2.50).
  • Frequent rounds (every 40 seconds).

Lucky7 (7 of 42)

It is possible to guess by the title that this BetGames tv game is related to the number 42.

Gaming process:

  • There are 42 balls, 7 of which roll out of the drum, and these seven numbers players are supposed to guess.
  • And for the one that does can experience even more joy since Lady luck can bring the bid amount multiplying by exactly 2000!
  • The drawings are held almost continuously, stopping only for the time when the bets are being made.

Lucky 5 (5 of 36)

Dynamic entertainment with a sweepstakes’ core. Punters are given a wide scope of betting results. Victorious wagers are able to pay off the spent funds that are several times higher than the deposit.

Key characteristics:

  • The client selects from four colours, increasing the bet chance.
  • Only three balls can win 500 times your original stake.
  • The gaming environment proposes the most combinations and a substantial bet chance.

Lucky 6 (6 of 60)

An online entertainment of ‘lucky numbers’ with 40 various results possible. The multiple wagering opportunities allow visitors to pick from 0–9, forecasting the digits and/or choose from three areas.

Key characteristics:

  • The weight of the balls may repeat.
  • The large bet chance includes balls falling on odd/equal numbers.
  • Multiple win opportunities consist of sum-total, colours, odds/evens, and digits.

Dice Duel

Craps (dices) is a wonderful traditional game that people have been passionate about for many years. It implies throwing little cubes with dots on their sides on any surface. Such sessions also take place very quickly and almost nonstop.

Dice Duel from is among the easiest and funniest opportunities to wager on live broadcast entertainment. Each roll consists of two dice thrown by a croupier.

Key characteristics:

  • Near 30 possible results to bet on.
  • Variety of odds (1.14–30).
  • Game speed and seamless gameplay.

There are many types of bets, which maximum and the minimum number is up to an operator.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune from

These are the sectors to be guessed, that is, just like in case with any game with a random number generator everything depends on your luck. Just make a bet and wait for the win to come.

Gaming process:

  • The centre of attention is a colourful wheel with 20 possible results for wagering.
  • A croupier hits the wheel, which will ultimately stop at winning or losing segments.
  • The outcomes are then shown close-up on the screen.

Considering that there are 19 sectors in the game, and there is no need to rack one’s head (the game is very simple), it is only natural that a game brings players great pleasure.


It is the very same Texas Holdem with 52 cards in the game shown by the dealer, shuffled according to the rules and dealt to players. The principles of honesty are respected in this game. For example, if a card falls on the floor or disappears from sight for a moment, the entire deck is replaced immediately.

Key characteristics:

  • 16 possible results to bet on.
  • Dynamic odds (1.01–250).
  • Fast, joyful and easy to play.

By the way, each pack of cards has a special bar code printed on it, which a dealer is required to read with the scanner. So the players can rest assured that they always have the right to see all the cards in the deck, and will not be fooled by anyone.

6+ Poker

The game is familiar to users under the name ‘Short-Deck Hold'em’. Its rules are very close to world-famous Texas ‘hold’em’. Such activity is organised between the bettor and the croupier. Each game comes down to both sides attempting to get the winning five-card hand from any of the seven available pieces (five community cards, as well as the pair, dealt with the client).

Distinctive gaming properties:

  • As a 36-card deck, 6+ Poker eliminates all numbers from twos to fives.
  • Combination adjustments include such peculiarities: a flush ranks higher than a full house; a three of a kind wins over a straight.
  • These adaptations positively impact the chance of hitting combinations and reshape the winning results.

Speedy 7

An online game of wagering with visitors forecasting the colour of the following card: black or red. Each draw includes seven consistent rounds. The peculiarity of the wagering process indicates that a user is able to receive the won money after each draw or increase the stake and go on wagering by trying to guess the following card.

Key characteristics:

  • Accumulated odds reach 100x and counting.
  • The speed and dynamic nature provide punters with an absorbing user experience.
  • Extra prizes are granted to customers that hit four and more right consecutive guesses.

War of Bets

This BetGames tv game from BET Games TV is called the betting war between a player and a dealer (if they play draw). Everything happens very quickly and easily: cards are dealt and spread open, participants show cards, and the one of a senior suit wins the game.

Main gaming properties:

  • A full-screen mode that increases player engagement.
  • Interactive, entangled, and immersive bettor–presenter interaction.
  • Widget — a cross-selling mini-game, which helps reach more players.


Baccarat is another known game offered by sportsbook software provider on their own gaming platform. This game also features cards with a special bar code that is read by a dealer during the session. In order to keep a game transparent, a new dealer comes every 20-30 minutes. The goal is to collect 9 cards, maybe more or less, but as close to this number as possible.

Key characteristics:

  • Live croupier experience replicates gambling feel in a simulated play setting.
  • The history of betting achievements is displayed on iFrame.
  • Most impressive wins appear on the main screen.

Auxiliary Software and Features

Apart from a huge variety of innovative gambling entertainment, is a demanded provider due to several additional properties.

The company appeals to many operators all over the world thanks to:

  • live-streaming services 24/7;
  • cloud-based support for internet and ground spheres;
  • quick, straightforward, and exciting entertainment to offer punters;
  • fixed-odds betting opportunities;
  • multi-player tables with a huge maximum number of users;
  • unique adaptation of the interface for each ordered platform;
  • certified gaming content in all popular gambling destinations;
  • multiple victories on prestigious international contests (i.e. SBC 2019 — “Rising Star in Casino innovation).

Apart from that, many managers opt for entertainment due to its matchless combination of sportsbook and live casino content. The graphical component and the feeling of web betting fuse ideally with the main aspects of virtual wagering. managed to elaborate a one-of-a-kind live broadcast gambling pattern.

Comparison of TV betting entertainment with other options:


Betting sites

Live casinos

Regular content 24/7



An extensive assortment of odds



Ground implementation



Attractive croupiers





Matching entertainment



It remains to be noted that the BetGames tv company offers partners to download a program allowing live broadcasts of all lottery draws, drawings, and other events for the integration and launch of games.

The program is called Instant Play. It features totally customizable parts (video, sound, screen, and more). Also, the users can enjoy favorite games on mobile devices by connecting the app to their tablets and phones.

The Main Things about live casino software casino software is unique by the mere fact of combining the options of several gambling formats that have long been appreciated by players. It seems so simple. But imagine that this idea offered by the Bet Games TV professionals, has unique ways to attract visitors to the websites.

Key facts about the leading supplier of innovative entertainment:

  • Every product including lotteries, online games and sports betting, is already known and tried. But the Bet Games TV betting platform solution is designed to provide a peculiar symbiosis in the gaming sphere: everybody can find here whatever they may need.
  • The brand is owned by Emoore N.V., which has a license for gambling activities purchased in Curacao in accordance with all the requirements of this jurisdiction.
  • The sportsbook software provider covers the markets of Russian, Estonian, Baltic, Belorussian regions and all the CIS countries. This fact guarantees honest and safe operation and also enables players from many countries to bid and gain.
  • The Bet Games TV sports betting software is also chosen because of its smooth work, its nonsusceptibility to viruses, and its inaccessibility to fraudsters. Such level of reliability is provided by secure servers, on which Bet Games TV bases are located, and a seamless security system.
  • Gaming software and live dealer casino games from the BetGames tv company are purchased by famous casinos, gaming clubs, betting houses, and all the gambling facilities that operate in sports betting and other types of bookmaking.

We advise the operators to purchase the Bet Games TV sports betting software from the Casino Market company. This way, you can be sure about its quality and originality. You will have both a betting platform solution, online lotteries and live dealer casino games. All these products will turn your web resource into a favorite resort place among the players.

The Casino Market representatives also offer a simpler version of the Bet Games TV bookmaker software. You can just buy the betting shop script and integrate it into the already installed gaming platform.

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