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Why Should a Gambling Operator Collaborate with an Aggregator?

16 september 2022
Author: James Burton
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Casino Market explains the relevance of partnering with gaming aggregators for facilitating the success of internet wagering projects.

Gambling aggregators: cooperation nuances

Reasons for Collaboration

Every entertainment distributor is aware that to be successful, they must satisfy the customer base by:

  • adding products that users in the target market would like;
  • giving payment choices in the appropriate currencies;
  • delivering tempting jackpots, etc.

To ensure that incorporating all of these solutions into the platform is simple and seamless, the companies have to link with:

  • vendors of games and financial systems;
  • affiliate networks;
  • other market participants.

Operators can quickly access all the instruments and services they require for the business thanks to aggregators.

Cooperation Principles

iGaming assisting agencies make the life of operators easier by giving everything they require at once. These intermediaries sign agreements for entertainment distribution with several production studios. It results in dozens of contracts that enable satisfying all the customers' needs depending on the target markets.

Games from the partners are compiled in one packed module for easy integration into online casinos using a single API. The operator then pays the intermediary a fee equal to a margin of the GGR earned by the delivered entertainment content.

The same approach is utilised for affiliate networks, promotional tools, and money-transfer modules. Aggregators may compile them all together after thorough consideration and selection, and then install everything into the operator's portal in a single session.

Why Is This Cooperation Model Used?

Online casino aggregators: benefits

Integrating gaming content directly from the supplier spares the distributor from paying the intermediary a commission. However, the aggregation collaboration model offers benefits that ultimately pay off.

Efficient Use of Time

When operators engage with a helping agency, they do not have to spend energy with each provider, whose content they want to add, debating the contract conditions. Instead, the intermediary's committed staff handles this time-consuming procedure.

Distributors may add games from as many developers as they like and sign just one contract with the aid of an aggregator. By providing several vendors under one agreement, the guide company spares the casino owner time that can be better used elsewhere.

Technological Aspects

Aggregators also save the operator’s effort by guaranteeing that the content from several suppliers is integrated with a single session via the technical API solution.

The intermediaries address any software difficulties, saving operators from having to get in touch with the game creators directly.

Constant Support

Casino owners can gain ongoing assistance by collaborating with guide companies. Aggregators maintain accounts and provide technical help in addition to taking care of the platform's operational concerns.

It is more convenient to have a unified service for a group of providers rather than a different point of contact for each supplier. An aggregator ensures that no issue will be neglected or missed.

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