Wynn to Introduce Gambling into the United Arab Emirates

28 january 2022
Author: James Burton
Source: www.yogonet.com
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A few major resort companies, led by Wynn, have come together to create a huge and expensive retreat place at Al Marjan Island. The announcement was made recently and speedily gained traction. The gambling industry is looking forward to the inclusion of casino spaces.

Wynn to introduce gambling into the UAE

New Resort: What is There to Know?

The luxurious resort is set to open its doors in 2026. Due to the generous investments spent on its creation, it is destined to be one of the world’s biggest establishments of this kind.

According to the representative of Wynn Resorts, Craig Billings, the piece of land where the resort will blossom is a perfect place because it is predicted to attract plenty of tourists. Casino enthusiasts will appreciate its specially designated establishments.

Gambling Amenities

This statement came after there have been a lot of gambling-related rumours about the industry making its big coming to the Emirates. Due to the religious beliefs of the country, gaming has been strictly prohibited. However, a Dubai-based facility, Caesars Palace, is a successfully operating casino.

It is known that the brand new resort facility will be sponsored by investors from overseas, and is set to become a positive influence on the economy of the Emirates. Regarding its gambling facilities, it is planned that the space will be licensed and provide high-quality services to the customers.


Abdulla Al Abdooli, the representative of Marjan which assists Wynn with creating a massive leisure centre for thousands of guests that came to the Emirates, provided his insight. He took pride in partnering with Wynn, since, in his opinion, it is one of the most experienced companies when it comes to gambling accommodation and many other aspects of building a resort.

As he has stated, the usage of Wynn’s knowledge will be of assistance in developing the new lavish spaces for gamblers, as well as the advertising work that is needed to be done to attract new customers.

The area’s governmental figures are planning to form a new department, the main purpose of which will be to make sure that the local gambling is safe for all the customers. It will also be in charge of various conventions and operations performed by the resort and oversee whether all the laws are complied with.

Source: www.yogonet.com
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