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3 Stages of Building Trust with Gamblers

03 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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Gamers need to be sure they can trust operators before entering and starting to play on their platforms.

Online casino gamers' trust: 3 stages

The Casino Market team has analysed the gambling market situation and participants' needs to identify the main aspects of consumer confidence in the platform.

Why Is Trust so Important in iGaming?

This element is the basis of the whole process of interaction of players with distributors. Participants give money and enter personal data, which is a big risk for them. To carry out these processes on a particular platform with no worries, players must have confidence in the casino.

Competitors also make good and unique offers. Players see them and can switch to such platforms. Only loyalty can prevent clients from leaving in such cases. If trust is established, it leads to a user’s commitment to a particular operator.

Attracting a new client is always a lot more expensive than keeping a steady one. So, let us present 3 crucial stages for each brand to build and maintain trust with its customers:

Registration of a Licence

The first question that beginners have is about the legitimacy of gambling activities. Experienced players often check the validity before starting their practices.

The very first brick that businesses should put into their foundation of trust with customers is a work licence.

Obtaining a permit in different states has its characteristics and varies in:

  • price;
  • rigour;
  • the number of stages.

The certificate is a core step for the company to gain the trust of banks, suppliers and players.

An additional aspect of this period is the purchase of quality content. The industry is full of different offers, but the main criterion for the user is the proper functioning of the amusement.

Game products should perform correctly because participants notice any inconsistencies in the work of entertainment.

Players with technical knowledge can easily check RTP or what server the game is using. Gambling fans often leave their reviews on different platforms. With a lot of negative comments about a particular operator, its reputation plummets.

Brand Image as a Key to Success

The next step flowed smoothly from the previous since in the vastness of the Internet everything is stored forever. It is vital to keep and maintain a good reputation.

Some of the main aspects to manage the contact with customers are:

People expect a high degree of professionalism and appropriate attention. Participants always welcome high standards of business relations.

There are points that brands should remove from their work, namely:

  • non-professional qualification of employees;
  • long and complex processes.

An additional aspect for strengthening trust is a transparent bonus system. If the terms are written in fine print or are complicated, customers may feel cheated.

To avoid a bad client experience, businesses are obliged to communicate clearly and simply about bonus options. Moreover, it can be an instrument to promote projects.

Marketing tools could create a positive image. Also, it is possible through:

  • establishing a quality website and advertising;
  • finding professional allies;
  • developing hot content.

The level of customer trust increases, if the brand performance is stable and the design of its platform is attractive and clear enough.

Loyalty Systems to Offer Unique Experience

One of the main aspects of the casino's successful work is loyalty programs. A small percentage of customers with high rates brings the most of the company's proceeds. Losing such a gambler could harm the business' income.

The best way to show the value of these players is to offer them:

  • bonuses;
  • special offers;
  • priority support;
  • early access to entertainment;
  • entry to special events, etc.

To motivate important customers, a loyalty score system can be introduced. Some iGaming distributors draw inspiration from the ground-based industry, which is known for treating its high rollers as superstars, offering them free hotel rooms, limousines, and more.

It is also important not to forget about other customers. Provide a sense of feature by offering bonuses, thus improving their experience with the brand. If players see a business gives as much as possible, they boost confidence in the company.

Trust is the main and decisive criterion for a gamer to choose an operator.

If you are just starting in the gambling industry or trying to expand your business, contact Casino Market. Our experts will help you open a project and run it to the maximum.

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