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Adjust Your Online Casino Marketing Strategy with Proficient Support from Casino Market

Updated 03 june 2021
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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The popularity of a project defines its profitability. The more clients a business has, the more money an operator will eventually earn. In order to make a gaming website widespread among people, a wise manager resorts to various promotional means. Those are popular digital marketing strategies as well as unique advertising mechanics that only the gambling sphere can offer.

Casino Market has a great marketing department that has promoted dozens of online gaming projects. The main peculiarity of our experts is the possibility to work in different regions since what is good in Asia might be inappropriate in Latin America. We treat every client with an individual approach and discuss all details of the advertising campaign until we meet a common agreement.

Popular and unique digital marketing strategies

Order the finest promotional services at Casino Market and ensure increased profitability of your online casino.

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Key Digital Marketing Means

An efficient advertising campaign can be built with the help of maximum available tools. That is why a smart online casino operator will focus his efforts on several methods simultaneously.

These are the most used digital marketing tools for internet casinos:

Social Media Marketing

A standard strategy to make a project popular is to focus on your potential players by means of individual communication through web-based media. We suggest you create representatives in each known network. You ought to keep in touch with your audience and do all that you can to draw in potential punters. It will add to the brand awareness incredibly well.

Here, you can share about all that occurs on the platform or simply post significant gambling articles. The objective is to create a convenient climate for players with similar interests to talk about. Usually, these are specific gambling themes, game techniques, virtual slot machine discussions, and so on. In case SMM promoting is done effectively the online casino profitability will increase several times.

Search Engine Optimisation

How to popularise an internet gaming establishment with a search engine? A smart operator must ensure that the platform is in the top ten resulted queries. This way you will raise platform traffic monetisation and boost the number of guests.

The core SEO ideas infer:

  • working on interface advancement (optimising text, utilising key phrases, making site navigation comfortable, configuring inner relink, and so on);
  • adjustment of the casino for web searches (creating numerous outside references as could reasonably be expected — pages of different sites follow to your platform);
  • never-ending upgrade at keeping up and improving the received results.

Utilising SEO advancement as a special instrument, an operator can boost gambling platform traffic monetisation, going through insignificant expenses. Website design enhancement can flaunt effective participation development and open doors for satisfactory assessment of the casino performance.

CRM Optimisation

It is a staggered system that is examining client needs. This instrument can help an operator effectively recognise new advancement ways and rearrange the control process enormously.

An effective CRM system makes it possible to:

  • automate the process of communication with the customers;
  • get the important data on the client base;
  • manage players queries faster to expand their devotion levels;
  • maintain a steady control over workers’ operation.

The nowadays’ digital marketing plan is impossible without an effectively elaborated CRM. The framework makes it possible to automatise most cycles. The gathered and investigated information allows for generating new improvement paths for a gaming website.

Affiliate Marketing

Online gambling promotion would be inadequate without affiliate programs. This marketing approach allows managers to purchase traffic from particular portals. The fees are usually credited for every brought player.

The process of cooperating with an affiliate implies:

  1. A casino owner looks for the portals that can target the desired audience for the operator.
  2. The sides agree on the type of cooperation (CPA, CPC, hybrid, etc.).
  3. Affiliates post dedicated articles or banners on their website to generate leads for casinos.
  4. The gambling platform owner provides the remuneration to a portal owner as per agreed paying scheme.

There is a wide range of affiliate programs today. A casino manager simply needs to apply for the desired one, select the most appropriate variation of cooperation (regarding value/quality proportion) and begin working.

While picking an affiliate, you ought to consider a large number of properties, with the core ones being quality and participation. The purchased gambling traffic will accelerate the advancement of your online gambling establishment significantly.


You need to keep up newsfeed effectively, declaring all occasions with respect to different types of players. You can utilise a different menu of your website and your groups in social networks to share information about your gambling platform.

The amount of material to make content with is enormous, so you can discover something new to work with every day, making potential players interested in accessing the gaming process directly.

Specialised Promotional Strategies for Casinos

Specialised promotional strategies for casinos

Apart from the tools that a lot of online businesses utilise, online gambling has a few extra ones that work primarily in this industry. New strategies are invented every year, and they adjust according to the audience’s demands and preferences.

By the beginning of 2021, the most viable online casino marketing promotional possibilities are:

  • bonuses to new website accounts for registration;
  • rewards to the first-ever deposited amount;
  • free spins on sponsored or dedicated virtual slot machines;
  • special levels of promotion for long-standing players;
  • leaderboards of top players by maximum win, spent, time played, etc. with tiered prizes;
  • tournaments with distinct participation requirements according to players’ levels;
  • loyalty programs for devoted clients who actively participate in the casino’s life.

Types of Online Casino Players

The usage of as many marketing approaches as possible is beneficial for boosting platform profitability. However, a smart operator always makes a particular focus on a few means, depending on what gamblers visit his gaming website. It is essential to understand their levers of influence and, consequently, approach the most beneficial group while not forgetting about others.

Operators around the world have a few common statistical classifications. The most popular among them features the following groups:



Casino promotion

Marketing approach

Small betting players

This type of online casino visitors usually has a lot of time to spend in the gaming establishment. They perceive this activity as an enjoyable pastime but still desire to win more than wager

The best way to focus on these players will be to offer them regular free spins and a chance to win bonus cash

Such people regularly visit gambling forums to find out any hints, so affiliate marketing might be an ideal promotional core

High betting players

People of this kind are rich enough to not care much about losing a few hundred dollars. Gambling for them is more like a hobby

They love to show off their status and appreciate the special treatment. VIP access and participation in top leaderboards will help to attract more of these players

These experienced people rely only on proven platforms. Trustworthy news sources, as well as their emails, will work ideally in attracting more high bettors

Pro players

This group gamble to make for a living. They risk only when it is worth it. Their favourite games are those with the highest RTP (blackjack, i.e.)

These people usually take part in tournaments with big prizes since they are usually extremely self-confident. Loyalty programs also work very well in retaining professional gamblers

Pro players also study forum boards and share their thoughts on particular online casinos, so affiliate marketing and SEO help acquire a new audience of this kind

Casino Market offers its clients extensive help in configuring an efficient advertising campaign. Depending on the type of audience and operator’s aim, our marketing experts will suggest the most beneficial promotional instruments and will teach you to utilise them at the highest level possible. Order professional advertising assistance from Casino Market and start providing services to the most profitable audience.

The Main Things about Online Casino Marketing

Online casino marketing: where to order

The efficiency of an internet gambling establishment is defined with its popularity. The more players access an online casino, the more money it will bring to an operator. The lack of marketing experience prevents new entrepreneurs from achieving the best result in acquiring new punters even if their gaming websites comply with the latest casino requirements.

Casino Market offers you proficient advertising assistance with an in-depth explanatory guide to clarify:

  • the importance and diversity of the key digital marketing means (SMM, SEO, CRM optimisation, work with affiliates, newsfeed configuration) in the promotional campaign of an online casino;
  • the variety of existing specialised online casino promotional tools that operators utilise for boosting player acquisition and retention (bonuses, free spins, VIP statuses, tournaments, loyalties, leaderboards, etc.);
  • differences in types of players (small and high bettors, professionals) that access online casinos, their most effective influence levers, as well as the best marketing approaches to use on them.

The importance of online casino marketing is crucial in the platform’s profitability. Therefore, Casino Markets strives to make our clients stand out from the crowd and offers individual approaches to all projects. Order professional advertising support from our company and ensure high acquisition and retention levels for the online casino.

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