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Arjan van’t Veer: “2022 Will Be a Great Year if the Fight Against Illegal Gambling is Successful"

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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The European Lotteries, often shortened to EL, is an organisation that includes multiple European lottery games and betting sites. It is one of the biggest organisations that represent the issues of the gambling and lottery sector, with over 70 members from different countries being actively involved.

Arjan van’t Veer about online gambling in 2022

Arjan van’t Veer, who is the Secretary-General of the organisation, gave an interview, in which he spoke about the recent changes and developments that the institution has undergone in the recent year, as well as the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also talked about the latest technological advances, obligatory certification in level-headed gambling, and what measures should be taken against unauthorised activities in this field.

Assessment of the Industry

The high-ranking official noted that the recent years clearly were not easy on everyone, as no one had expected the pandemic to hit so hard. To add to that, every European country had different lockdown rules, and the severity of cases also varied.

The sudden surge in coronavirus prompted a few members of EL to completely stop operating offline and go into quarantine mode, which they were not used to. Even companies that did not face such severe restrictions had to get accustomed to a new way of functioning.

As a result, adaptation to the pandemic mostly took place by working out new solutions, such as operating through online channels. Additionally, the operators had to step up and help others in such an uncertain time. They were seen distributing protective gear, helping their staff adjust to their brand new responsibilities, lending vehicles to the teams of medical professionals, and aiding local charities. In Veer’s opinion, EL has done an excellent job in adapting to the conditions of the pandemic and getting their work completed.

Working in the Middle of Quarantine

When the situation became more or less stable and the lockdown measurements were lifted, the members of EL managed to stabilise their sales. It is also worth noting that the majority of the player base remained loyal to the businesses and continued gambling with their operators.

By 2021, the situation with the virus seemed to be less severe, which meant that a lot of companies were going to return to their normal methods of functioning. However, by the end of the year, another surge in the pandemic has happened, which proves that the situation is unpredictable, and it is too early to make conclusions.

However, Veer believes that the EL has done everything in its power to offer support to its members in this hard time. He noted a variety of online events and increased attention to the organisation’s internet resources, such as an e-learning platform and a brand new site.

New Focus of the Company

In 2022, EL’s major plan is to establish a better connection with the members and gather people in person again after a few years of online communication. Veer hopes that company events, such as EL Industry Days in Germany, will bring the participants of the organisation together again and increase their productivity.

An additional plan is to get all the members of EL certified under the Responsible Gaming Framework, which was unanimously decided by the recent vote. Another big focus will be the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the participants who can have a hand in developing further goals for the organisation. A few other important matters, such as regulation of taxes and advertisements, will also be taken into account, and the company will assist its members in the local discussions.


In Veer’s words, EL stands for the subsidiary way of operating. The company’s policy on regulations is that gaming should be controlled locally, including all the specifics of every nation. To make a further point, they are important because there is a rise in illegal gambling businesses, the operators of which are failing to pay taxes or do not pay them as much as they are supposed to.

Veer states that 2022 will be a good and successful year if EL does everything in its power to combat illegal forms of gaming. The organisation frequently tends to oversee various sports events in order to spot financial abuse and fraudulent actions.

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