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Turnkey Internet Casino: Profitable Investment in 2022

25 may 2022
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Digital wagering is a promising business niche with excellent growth prospects and an opportunity to maximise operator revenue.

Online gambling business

At the Casino Market company, you can buy online casinos with a modern configuration. We offer up-to-date business solutions for a quick start in the industry with minimal investment.

At our studio, entrepreneurs may order Bitcoin, VR, Telegram casinos and other profitable products.

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Key Trends in the Modern iGaming Market

In 2020, the capitalisation of the online gambling industry reached $66.7 billion. By 2027, this number will double with a compound annual growth rate (GGR) of 11.5%.

The digital wagering market is actively developing, which is facilitated by the following factors:

The growing popularity of mobile gadgets

At the end of 2020, 40.8% of the profitability of the iGaming sector was provided by users of casino platforms on smartphones.

By 2027, according to analysts, 58.6% of punters will spin the reels and place bets via mobile phones.

The increased interest in smartphones is due to their availability. In 2021, the line of low-cost cellphones was presented by Samsung, Xiaomi and other corporations

Investment in IT infrastructure

Businessmen put money into the projects created at the intersection of IT and gambling industries.

These are modern cloud data storage, security and crypto-encryption systems, and services for identification based on biometrics.

Special attention should be paid to the option based on artificial intelligence — a turnkey online casino with a built-in chatbot

Legalisation of wagering

Web gambling has been allowed in many promising countries recently, including the United States and Ukraine.

A good incentive for the growth of the iGaming market is the improvement of the legislative framework in many offshore zones. Prestigious jurisdictions such as Malta, Curacao and the Isle of Man offer a simplified business registration procedure and preferential taxation

Responsible gaming advertising

The top bookmakers put much effort into the formation of a positive image of virtual gambling by actively sponsoring the leading sports leagues.

BC William Hill, Betfair, Bwin AG and other companies have acquired a multimillion-dollar fan base thanks to the sponsorship of the Italian Serie A, the English Premier League and other alliances

Internet connection improvement

The growth of the gambling market is associated with global trends of urbanisation and the transition of the business to online.

More and more users receive quality services on the Internet, for example, paying utility bills, undergoing training, or participating in scientific conferences through the Zoom application.

The decision to buy online casino software solutions looks quite logical and natural. iGaming has excellent conditions for a quick start and increasing profits

Choosing the Optimal Business Vertical and Sales Markets

Gambling business: optimal vertical and sales markets

Online wagering is actively growing. The industry contains segments that are catalysts for growth for the entire market, and at the same time, some sectors are slightly inferior to the leading positions.

Segmentation by Gambling Type

At the end of 2020, the profitability of web gaming projects was distributed as follows:

  • sports betting brought in 48% of the total profit in the industry;
  • online wagering (cards, slots, live content) — 24%;
  • lotteries — 10%;
  • internet poker — 8%;
  • other entertainment (bingo, keno, fantasy and eSports) — 10%.

Today, it is better to invest in creating an online casino. Interactive fruit machines attract gamers with their interesting mechanics, vivid 3D graphics and generous bonuses. To increase the customer base, operators can integrate lottery draws, video poker, and fantasy sports into the gambling site.

The bookmaker shops also bring good income in 2022. The offer can be supplemented by the growing popularity of eSports, bingo and keno draws.

Relevant Ways for the Distribution of Casino Games

To gain access to promising markets, operators need to obtain prestigious licensing. The optimal choice is the development of the best turnkey online business under a White Label agreement with the permission of the required jurisdiction.

Traditional leaders whose licences are trusted are offshore zones: Isle of Man, Panama, Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao. Registration of a local permit allows operators to use multiple sales markets while working in the international domain zone .com.

In 2022, it is profitable to invest in markets for specific gambling regions:

  1. Northern Europe. Sweden, Norway and Finland are countries with fairly high customer lifetime value (LTV) of gamers. Respectively, the entrepreneurs spend less money on client retention, while receiving a stable income. In addition, Northern Europe is famous for its loyal attitude towards virtual gaming (the operators can manage a site with a .com domain).
  2. Southeast Asia. The creation of an online turnkey casino business in this region is traditionally associated with live dealer entertainment. The local audience enjoys the play with a trader, especially when paired with the classic board titles Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger. The Philippines Gambling Authority is the leading jurisdiction in the region, with the majority of local live providers licensed.
  3. The USA. North America is primarily of interest to online bookmakers, but casino site owners also see growth prospects in this region. In the US, gambling legalisation issues are resolved at the local level. Since 2018, almost a third of the states have legitimised web casinos. Investors are interested in New Jersey, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. There all types of digital gaming are allowed, including slots, cards, bets, and lotteries.

Best iGaming Projects for Investment

Turnkey casino as a great option for investment

At Casino Market, the operators can choose a turnkey casino with excellent prospects for growth and profit maximisation.

The company offers to consider what wagering solutions will help earn much money in the next few years.

Bitcoin Casinos

The functionality of the gambling site is based on Blockchain technology. It is a decentralised peer-to-peer structure consisting of billions of hash blocks. The chain links store information about business transactions (completed or planned payments, sales, investments, and smart contracts). The data inside the hash blocks cannot be forged, deleted, or illegally transferred to a third party.

The main advantages of a Bitcoin turnkey casino solution:

  • increased level of payment security without the need to connect additional verification systems;
  • fast and reliable transactions with minimal fees;
  • positive feedback from users who note the confidentiality of transfers and access to the iGaming resource from anywhere in the world;
  • support for responsible and transparent gambling thanks to smart contracts in the Blockchain;
  • a catalogue of Bitcoin games based on improved mechanics with the opportunity to install action or multiplayer entertainment.

Telegram Casinos

The modern project was created on the basis of artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms for processing Big Data. The wagering solution is presented as a robotic chat assistant that is built into Telegram.

Benefits of turnkey casino software in Telegram:

  1. Increased number of playgrounds. The users first spin slot reels in a social messenger and then visit a gambling site.
  2. Great internet traffic arbitrage. The Telegram bot helps to attract gamers from countries with an ambiguous attitude towards wagering.
  3. Automated technical support. The chatbot gives advice and helps clients with registration and payment of prizes, bypassing blocking and connecting bonus programs.
  4. Operator budget optimisation. The businessmen can save on marketing and technical support, as well as increase the level of service for gamers.

VR Casinos

A distinctive feature of a VR casino is the availability of entertainment that supports virtual reality.

The players get an outstanding gambling experience — as if they visited a real gaming house on the 80th floor of a skyscraper in Macau. The quality of the VR picture can be compared to the image in an IMAX cinema — such a realistic game format is provided by the technology of augmented reality.

Major features of VR casinos:

  • wagering software from the leading developers of the industry Microgaming, CasExe, NetEnt;
  • a huge range of solutions with an emphasis on board games — roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker;
  • improved mechanics (all hand manipulations are automatically transferred to the virtual space);
  • a variety of financial instruments and management settings;
  • well-thought-out game lobby with options for choosing a currency, language, denomination, and rotation speed.

Internet Traffic Arbitrage: Work with the Target Audience

Before opening an online casino, businessmen need to come up with a strategy for the effective promotion of a digital resource.

It is worth considering the relevant marketing techniques:

  1. Collaboration with affiliates. Private webmasters and partner companies attract a high-quality audience to a gambling site. The affiliates place referral links on independent internet sources — sites or social messengers. All activities are aimed at the target group thanks to a set of personalised settings. Partners receive a fixed fee or a percentage of the profits for their job.
  2. Independent promotion of the casino site. Usually, SEO and SMM marketing is used in the iGaming industry for advertising wagering entertainment in search engines and social networks. The operators may optimise personal expenses on promotion by using free advertising tools. A good example is the Google Analytics system for setting target traffic parameters.

The concept of freemium has gained popularity recently. Its essence is an offer for gamers to play a new slot machine for free, and then provide them with an extended, but already paid version of the product.

The solution attracts the target audience due to:

  • connecting VIP rounds in updated locations;
  • adding new features for the main characters;
  • the activation of generous bonuses.

The Main Things about Profitable Casino Projects in 2022

At our company, customers can choose iGaming solutions with high profitability and excellent prospects for business scaling. We offer products with modern equipment, a prestigious licence and a high level of protection.

At Casino Market, you may find:

Check out the directory of our partner providers. Casino Market supplies live dealer gambling software, traditional slot machines, payment systems, security products and much more

  • By 2027, the capitalisation of the wagering market will reach $127.3 billion. The main factors of active growth are investments in IT developments, the availability of gambling equipment, smartphones in particular, and the legalisation of betting in many states.
  • The most promising wagering projects for investment are Blockchain, VR, and Telegram casinos. A win-win option is to create a mobile project that supports payment in cryptocurrency.

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