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White Label Gaming Sites: Nuances of the Effective Organisation in 2023

Updated 06 july 2021
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Author: James Burton
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Given the global growth of the industry and its popularity among many financial and IT corporations, it will be a great idea to launch an online casino. Even despite the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the gambling sector has managed not only to maintain profit but also to increase its revenue by 7% in the first months of 2021.

White Label casino: where to order

Casino Market offers businessmen a unique solution that will allow them not only to enter the market in record time but to minimise the amount of initial investment as well. From us, it is also possible to order a White Label project.

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Further in this article, you will find information on how this program works and what benefits it brings to casino owners.

About the Concept

This is a collaboration model where one firm produces goods or services and another one sells them under its brand.

The very concept came from the American music industry. Record companies released vinyl discs without names or logos so that sellers could put their names on them.

The scheme quickly became popular and almost all sectors of commerce, including banking, IT, and iGaming industries have decided to use it.

How the Program Works

By purchasing a White Label solution, operators get at their disposal a ready-made platform with a wide variety of content and tools for running their business. To launch it, entrepreneurs need just to create a unique brand and logo.

Responsibility of the provider of such a service:

  1. Software platform. The seller company provides the investor with a ready-made set of software with built-in payment modules, security systems, analytical tools, and other components that are necessary for business management.
  2. Website. The supplier is responsible for the development of the portal and its unique design, structure, and content.
  3. Legal infrastructure. Operators work under the sublicence of the provider, automatically gaining access to big markets.
  4. Financial support. The seller takes the responsibility for controlling the financial infrastructure of a project and processes payments through his accounts.
  5. Administration of the user base. The parent company regularly monitors the behavioural reactions of casino visitors, ensures the operation of web hosting, and controls the activity of gamblers, instantly preventing any precarious actions.
  6. Technical support. This is the seller’s area of responsibility, and it includes emergency backups, monitoring of the operation of mirror sites, etc.

A buyer performs the following tasks:

  1. Daily management. The operator performs typical daily tasks and monitors the platform's performance.
  2. Customer acquisition. The organisation of the user base and development of an effective strategy of the audience capture are core responsibilities of the buyer.
  3. Retention of users. Businessmen are in charge of all advertising campaigns and traffic retention programs, including bonuses, personalised mailing, organisation of tournaments, debugging the cashback program, etc.
  4. Customer support. Investors are obliged to provide users with prompt feedback on all issues related to the game, finance charges, and company policy.

Cooperation under the described program comes down to a primary formula: a beginning operator attracts users, and a seller provides them with his services.

Advantages of the Solution

White Label program: advantages

To start a casino, it is enough to find a qualified supplier with a good reputation and carefully study the agreement.

Compared to any other way of implementing the gambling project, the White Label model has several advantages:

Speed of the Launch

The process takes a few days. Operators get access to the casino after signing the contract. To get started, you just need to link your domain to the website, create a platform in the corporate style, and set up administration filters.

Now, we would like to compare costs. Buying a licence in a foreign offshore zone can take several months. And in the case of White Label, all software and certification documents are provided as one set.

Initial Capital

It is possible to launch a project under the White Label scheme even without attracting credit means. In some cases, operators are offered special conditions with the ability to enter the market without any investments at all ― they just need to pay costs to the seller from the future income.

If initial investments are required, their size will be 10 times less than when you start from scratch.

The Best Administrative Software and Content

Most famous brands do not like to cooperate with beginning entrepreneurs or small companies. It is very difficult for an inexperienced casino owner to independently buy ratings-boosting slots and other games.

The White Label model allows you to solve this problem. The seller company can offer the following types of cooperation:

  • independent formation of a list of products from current offers;
  • the use of the already formed catalogue presented in the basic version of the casino platform.

Moreover, operators can ask the parent brand to expand the product range. It is paid separately but it allows them to quickly respond to market trends and changes in the preferences of users.

Minimisation of Financial Risks

In the long term, casino owners always win. But at the first stages of work, there is a high probability of exceeding capabilities related to the size of the profit.

The White Label casino scheme guarantees absolute protection against financial losses. In the contract, there is a mandatory clause that states that payments of jackpots and other big winnings are considered the seller's area of ​​responsibility.

Operators only should pay:

  • winnings that gamblers get after they place standard bets;
  • bonuses and other offers included in the promotion program.

Professional Support

The parent company monitors all aspects of the subsidiary's operation and provides comprehensive support on the following issues:

  • disputes with players;
  • malfunctions;
  • legal regulation of a start-up;
  • quality and transparency of transactions.

The Cost of Launching a Casino

It depends on the policy of the seller company. Some providers offer a free start-up with subsequent payments for the service from future earnings. Others ask for an admission charge.

As a rule, the size of the first payment varies from 1 to 10 thousand dollars. This scheme allows the parent company to peel apart unreliable entrepreneurs.

The price can also be increased if the operator will order the connection of additional services that are not included in the basic package:

  • assistance in the creation of an individual design and logo;
  • outsourcing of administration processes;
  • connection of the new software;
  • expansion of the list of financial systems, etc.

Return on Investment: How Much Do Operators Get

Typically, casino owners can count on 40–60% of net receipts (income that they get after the payment of bets and other expenses).

The profit level can vary based on several factors, including:

  • reputation and recognition of the selling company;
  • the cost of software;
  • the sum of money for the maintenance of a gambling licence, etc.

From the received income, operators pay the following items of expenditure:

  • provision of a bonus program;
  • deduction of a commission fee to payment services;
  • the organisation of special offers and other events with a cash prize fund;
  • taxes imposed by the regulator.
It is important to remember that casinos can get profit from the promotion program. The more effective the customer acquisition and retention program, the greater is the return on investment.

How to Choose a Provider

White Label scheme: how to choose a provider

When choosing a supplier of gambling projects, it is worth considering the following aspects:

Work Experience

We do not recommend you to cooperate with companies that have been on the market for less than a year. The best option is to work with well-known brands that have gained a good reputation and have experience in both the local market and the international segment.

Terms of Agreement

The contract should clearly state the areas of responsibility of the parties, the list of provided services and options, and their cost.

Any additional services that are not included in the basic package must be additionally negotiated and controlled by a separate clause of the contract.

Moreover, the agreement must contain financial information: the size of royalties, insurance guarantees for the payment of big winnings, etc.

Relevance of Offers

The White Label platform should not only be of the highest quality and functionality but also meet the needs of the audience.

The main gambling trends in 2023

Provision of cryptocurrency payments

The service may include the possibility of working with electronic assets. This solution multiplies sales markets and allows operators to guarantee users the absolute security of transactions

Mobile customer support

More than half of all network traffic is accounted for by mobile users.

The opportunity to work with the mobile segment gives entrepreneurs a whole range of advantages, including access to modern promotional tools and sales of gambling products on the basis of Google Play stores

Game format

Traditional fruit-themed slots have long become less in-demand than interactive solutions with interesting plots and skill games where the victory depends not only on luck but also experience and quick reaction of users.

The most popular types of entertainment in 2023:

  • live games;
  • VR content;
  • instant quests;
  • thematic developments with several plot twists;
  • games with several levels of complexity

The Main Things about Launching a Start-up Under the Profitable Scheme

Order a service

White Label is a unique cooperation model that is used in almost all areas of offline and online commerce.

  • To launch a casino under the described scheme will be much cheaper than to independently enter the market. Many White Label casino providers do not charge operators at all at the initial stage of work. A commission for using software and administration services is charged from the future income.
  • It is possible to start a new casino in just 2 days. The speed of launch depends only on the time of development of the personal logo and brand.
  • Such a project guarantees legal assistance provided by the seller. By concluding an agreement, businessmen receive not only software and content but also a sublicence of the seller. The start-up automatically receives legal status.
To learn more about the features and benefits of the program, please contact the managers of Casino Market, and they will consult you on all business issues and help you to find the best solution for your gambling start-up.

We also offer a large selection of traditional services and the latest market innovations:

  • live casinos;
  • bitcoin solutions;
  • mobile games;
  • content in 3D and VR formats;
  • software for accepting eSports bets;
  • instant games, and much more.

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For all questions, please contact the staff of Casino Market!

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