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BetGames CEO: European Adoption of the T-Kick Is Around the Corner

21 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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BetGames has been on everyone’s lips lately with its grandiose release of live sport vertical, Twain Sport. It made a huge furore among the audience. T-Kick, a new product from the provider, is going to complement other solutions with top-notch features.

BetGames' Andreas Koeberl about T-Kick

General Information

BetGames' spokesman Andreas Koeberl is sure that T-Kick is a revolutionary product that has a tight-knit connection with tier-one sports. By adding it, operators obtain more exposure and dividends right away. He deems that it is a hands-on solution for businesses. Now, Twain Sport offers coverage of diverse sports matches with over 10,000 T-Basket and T-Kick outings per month.

Bettors can have a close look at different tournaments that change rapidly every hour. Now, users can:

  • immerse themselves in the game and its buzzing atmosphere;
  • try 30 different matches every hour with up-to-date settlements.

The developer strives to provide gamblers with a second-to-none experience at all stages of the entertainment process.

Short-Form Live Action

Mr Koeberl thinks that the fixed idea of attracting Gen Z to the platforms crossed the minds of a lot of operators. Yet, there is no clear-cut solution for the time being. From his perspective, the industry has tons of different methods and hands-on solutions that need to be tested and premeditated to succeed. It is a long-drawn process that requires a lot of craft and out-of-the-box thinking, and one project cannot make any difference at all.

Speaking about Twain Sport, it has a bedrock audience with an average age of 25 years. Considering that short-form live projects are only going upward with continuous development, it will make an impression on clients of different age ranges.

T-Kick in Betting Shops: Online and Retail Formats

Mr Koeberl believes that the issue of converting the field in the ground format might have its grounds. For now, the company is solely focused on the digital world with 40 renowned brands. However, there are some major plans with adding a retail option shortly.

T-Kick offers ongoing football outings with an 1-hour frequency, so this product can be really popular soon. The long-established plans of integrating it into retail shops have been brewing for some time. Well-known operators already have their sights on collaborating with T-Kick. Mr Koeberl states that the company has linked up with some major European companies.

Boosting Brand Awareness and Making Dividends with T-Kick

The CEO said that his team is working hard on making T-Kick's presence felt across the globe. They have a peck of different partners, and the fresh product is live on 1,500 worldwide websites, which shows wide exposure.

The expert added that the following rock-solid companies have decided to collaborate with Twain Sport:

  • TopSport;
  • Betsson;
  • Hollywoodbets;
  • Betway, etc.

These brands are at the tip of everyone’s tongue and gaining momentum. Mr Koeberl deems that his business is streets ahead of other competitors in terms of innovative solutions. The retail world would bear fruits from their potential collaboration. The latest cooperation with Sportradar indicates that Twain Sport has only started its full-fledged conquering of the European market.

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