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BGC Backs Government’s Levelling Up Job Creation Agenda

10 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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BGC has announced that in the near future, it will financially support the program Levelling Up, which will foresee the intensive training of employees across the United Kingdom so that they can potentially land good jobs. The council is ready to donate 20 million GBP to this cause.

BGC backs government’s Levelling Up job creation agenda

Everything About the Program

Along with the intention to invest in this plan, the association will also focus on giving apprenticeship opportunities to the most talented youngsters. This is set to be completed in the period of the next 3 years, with an emphasis on people outside the capital city.

In the past, BGC has attempted to reach out to the government in terms of supporting youth and developing programs for future employees. Once, it ended with Mr Sunak, a chancellor, proposing a project in favour of job search for inexperienced people, with the main focus being on the hospitality and retail sector.

The open support of the new program by BGC means that the group will greenlight the creation of new opportunities by tracking the progress made by employees. The organisation also aims to focus on diversity by providing equal chances to all people, regardless of their age, race, cultural background, gender and sexual orientation.

Official Comments

In the words of Michael Dugher, who represents BGC, the program will be beneficial both for future workers and their employers. As he stated, the apprenticeship opportunities will challenge the current difficult situation in the United Kingdom related to the high level of unemployment.

He spoke highly of BGC officials, saying that they are incredibly invested in supporting technological workplaces throughout various companies. In light of the situation made even more complicated by COVID-19 pandemic difficulties, BGC is ready to provide aid to people whose lives have been affected by the current state of events.

The gambling sector's financial revenue is a tremendous contribution to the economy of the United Kingdom. So, BGC is about to work together with the industry's giants to assist the country in its comeback from the challenging times. In particular, the council notes the complex predicament in the non-capital cities and towns regarding employment.

Lord Walney, who is one of the officials in charge of the Levelling Up program, expressed his views on the future. He is feeling optimistic about the whole initiative, as, in his opinion, it is the best way to train plenty of young specialists and get them ready for becoming a part of the UK's most influential companies.


In BGC's recent statistical summary, the group made it known that two-thirds of the gambling industry job opportunities exist outside London. Out of everyone who is employed within the field, a little over a half are direct employees of the firms, while less than a half are supplying goods.

A notable development of the wagering industry in Northern England occurred when Sky Bet initiated opening an innovative technological centre in Leeds, giving jobs to 1,700 employees and bringing in a lot of revenue.

Aside from that, bet365 has 4,500 workers in its headquarters, located in Stoke-on-Trent.

Overall, the initiative came from the Allwyn organisation, which has expressed its support for training young people multiple times. This cooperation inspired BGC to become one of the program's biggest supporters.

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