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Gambling Commission Shuts Down Illegal Facebook Lotteries

10 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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Recently, the official commission that operates gambling affairs has noticed a surge in Facebook lottery activities, which have been functioning illegally without a permit. With time, the regulators managed to put a stop to this by shutting down these businesses.

Gambling Commission shuts down illegal Facebook lotteries

What Happened?

The committee identified 2 people who were running illegal gaming operations on social networks, particularly Facebook. As a result, they were removed from the groups where they conducted fraudulent activities.

According to the statement from the commission representatives, users who ran these accounts were in charge of lotteries that promised plenty of prizes, such as clothes, toys, and monetary rewards.

Comments from Commissioners

As stated by Helen Venn, the official who spoke on behalf of the committee, a lot of people were participating in illegal bingo games. This means it was quite difficult to figure out the users who were behind all of it.

However, the group has involved Facebook representatives and police authorities in their investigation. As a result, the perpetrators of the whole ordeal were identified and held accountable for their actions. The committee also managed to close the lotteries in order to prevent more people from being affected by them.

Venn confirmed that in the near future, illegal lottery activities will be one of the main focuses of their work. They are planning to work closely with Facebook and other social media platforms to identify fraudulent activities and people standing behind them. For the commission, breaking the current gambling regulations is a criminal offence.

She added that such lotteries never end up giving their funds to charitable causes. Aside from that, none of the users who participate in them is legally protected in case of something going wrong, as opposed to taking part in legal gambling affairs.

Insight from GAIN

David Gill, the executive from the GAIN organisation that is responsible for monitoring suspicious activities, stated that very often, those people who run the illegal prize games are the actual ones who win in such schemes. He also noted the fraudsters' persistence in conducting illegitimate operations, and, in his words, the process will continue doing unless the officials end up intervening.

He said that they will work alongside the commissioners in precluding those schemes from reaching regular people, and, in turn, preventing users from being hurt by them. In his opinion, these operations require full attention from both groups.

Another GAIN executive, Kevin Benson, mentioned that acknowledging the negative impact of illegal gaming activities is crucial for recognising and eliminating the issues. In his words, those operations can take advantage of people who belong to the high-risk group, such as those who struggle with gambling addiction.

He promised that his company will continue using its full force to prevent any illegal practices that attempt to pass as operations that comply with all the laws and regulations.

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