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Big Data for Online Casinos: Assigned Tasks and Solved Problems

Updated 06 april 2021
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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Marketing support is essential for the online casino industry. The popularity of a gambling establishment directly influences the operator’s profit. So, casino managers resort to as many advertising means as possible to ensure their player acquisition rates are on adequate levels.

The foundation of all promotional methods is Big Data. This analytical approach embraces a large chunk of information that operators of online casinos break down to receive benefit from their targeting opportunities.

Big Data for online casinos

Casino Market wants to stress the importance of Big Data analysis and its subsequent processing for all managers. Order our top-class assistance to ensure your promotional capabilities utilise all available resources.

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Defining the Big Data Notion

The meaning of the term derives from its title. It is the examination and processing of colossal information chunks. This data is so massive that it can not be handled with traditional analytical techniques.

The explicit statistical illustration shows the valuable nature of Big Data for different companies globally:

  • The international market of Big Data is expected to reach $112 billion by 2024.
  • The lack of proper analytical capabilities costs the US economy more than $2.9 trillion annually.
  • In 2021, every internet user is expected to generate 2.1 megabytes every second.
  • Each day, web consumers create up to 2.4 quintillion bytes of information.
  • 96% of entrepreneurs perceive the necessity to work with structured data as a key to their business success.
  • 96.8% of the world’s top organisations invest in Big Data and artificial intelligence networks.
  • Netflix learned to cut $1 billion of expenses annually on client retention with the help of Big Data analysis.

What Assignments Big Data Addresses

The utilisation of such analysis may cover all market sectors with an immense measure of various data. Additionally, it can support constantly-adding material from various sources.

Big Data opens for the online gambling business numerous significant undertakings:

  1. Gathering valuable data about gamers, market rivals, licensing shifts, administrative prerequisites, fresh content, innovative technologies, and so on.
  2. Stocking and transformation of obtained information with the aim of further examination and conversion.
  3. Organising divergent information into structured blocks with easy access in case of necessity.
  4. Investigation of immense data volumes with the help of integrated conversion calculations.
  5. Creating data reports on the integral online casino aspects (profitability, acquisition, expenses, and so on).

The reason for utilising Big Data for gaming websites is to accomplish top effectiveness in converting information into beneficial input. This makes it possible to control the status of business operation to introduce demanded products as effectively as could be expected. As a result, it adds to a brand expansion and improves the gambling venture.

How to Apply Big Data for the Benefit of an Online Casino

Big Data for casinos: benefits

Big Data is the primary instrument for the fruitful promotion and estimated development of any project. Investigation of information has been effectively applied to figure out the attributes and inclinations of the interest group. It is also implemented to foresee customer movement and offer them matching services. Big Data has turned into the most precise advertising instrument for forming a positive working environment for the casino.

The internet gaming business is working towards settling down the market unification. The impact of rivals and the pressing factor of licensing authorities are also having more influence. For a successful operational process, gaming projects need to present new services. Operators try to find fresh possibilities to figure out the demand for interest groups.

Big Data is applied in online gambling for answering these major questions:

Addressing promotion assignments of the site

An operator has to ensure the casino’s design, interface, a navigation system, bonus and jackpot offers, game library match the target audience

Distinguishing activity and demographic properties

Big Data allows baiting rivals’ clients to your casino project and hold established punters much more effectively

Finalising the rate of payoffs and generate better forecasts

Satisfied players enjoy a stable win-loss ratio and stay on the gambling website longer if they do not lose everything quickly

Granting security for players and operator

By dissecting social components, it is possible to distinguish customers with cheating or criminal inclinations

Adhering to responsible gaming principles

Big Data analysis can help identify gambling obsession among the website visitors at a beginning phase

What Information on Clients Big Data Collects

The primary advertising aims of any gaming website are to acquire new clients and hold established ones. It is important to categorise every player into distinct classes to figure out the best interaction and impact techniques on them.

Big Data analysis is capable of powerful examination of visitors and their characterisation per different properties.

A standard list of essential data distribution for online gambling establishments looks like this:

  • social attributes: sex, age, occupation, studying background, and so on;
  • site-exploration statistics: how long users stay on certain pages;
  • money-transferring data of gamblers;
  • player longevity for each game;
  • statistics on inclinations: type of entertainment, payment gateways, preferred device, and so on;
  • players’ response to different advancements, huge prize pools, rewards;
  • the usage of communication tools for interaction with managers or players;
  • information about successful and losing bets.

The Main Things about Big Data in Online Gambling

Big Data in online gambling: main notions

The critical nature of relevant information for a business project is valued by smart entrepreneurs. Considering that data collection starts from wide resources, Big Data analysis is an integral method for every casino operator.

Casino Market wants to remind the crucial aspects of the method:

  • The examination and processing of Big Data blocks are the essential nature of such analysis.
  • The main assignments addressed by the method are gathering valuable data, stocking and transforming of obtained information, organising into structured blocks, investigating immense volumes, and creating reports.
  • Big Data is applied in online gambling to address promotion, distinguishing demographic activity, finalising the rate of payoffs, granting security for players, and adhering to gambling responsibility.

Casino Market offers its services for a professional utilisation of such analysis for your marketing strategy.

Order Big Data application services from our company and ensure stable sources of new clients as well as firm retention of established players.

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