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Bitcoin SV: the Best Blockchain System

31 march 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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More and more operators are interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies and payment systems that operate based on blockchain technology. It is worth noting that the modern digital technology market offers a wide selection of various blockchain solutions (for example, Ethereum, Hyperledger, BSV, and BTC). According to nChain, Bitcoin SV is the best system for the gaming industry. Let us consider its advantages and compare Bitcoin SV with other available options.

Benefits of Bitcoin SV

Benefits of Bitcoin SV

The research conducted by nChain implied the study of 14 blockchain systems and their analysis according to 23 different parameters. It is noteworthy that BSV is the leader in almost all categories, ahead of such well-known systems as Hyperledger and Ethereum.

What are the main advantages of Bitcoin SV? The key feature of this payment system is the unlimited scaling of the chain. This means that the system is capable of processing about 1000-6400 transactions per second (tps) today. Although, according to experts, this number will grow to 4 million transactions in the near future.

Such fantastic results allow the system to work incredibly stable. Despite a large number of processed transactions, it is not overloaded. The speed of payment is very high, and commission fees are minimal.

In addition to quick payments, Bitcoin SV is appreciated by many casino operators due to the storage of transaction data. Thus, the system can be used not only as a payment method but also as a huge storage of financial information.

Characteristics of Other Systems

When comparing popular blockchain systems Ethereum and Bitcoin SV, it becomes obvious that Ethereum is less effective. The 18kb block of this system can process 15 transactions per second. Such an indicator points to the incredible overloading of Ethereum. As for Hyperledger, it is worth noting that it cannot be used to make payments. In addition, this blockchain tool can reach a maximum 3500 tps speed. It means that Hyperledger can be applied as a rather useful database, but it will be absolutely ineffective for the gambling business.

The profitability of Bitcoin Casinos

Based on the above facts, it can be concluded that the blockchain technology and the Bitcoin SV system are gaining high popularity in many areas of business now. The gaming industry is no exception here. A turnkey Bitcoin casino from Casino Market can attract a broad potential audience thanks to incredibly fast and secure transactions.

Casino Market is engaged in Bitcoin casino games development. Many successful gambling projects use products created by our team. The crypto gaming market is open to new entrepreneurs. Hurry up to take your rightful place in this industry. If you want to buy Bitcoin casino games or find out more about other profitable offers, contact our manager.

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