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Casino Player Portraits: Crucial Points for Gaming Operators

07 july 2022
Author: James Burton
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Gambling distributors must know their customers. To offer users what they need, operators should have a clear representation of their players. There is no single persona, as the criteria vary in different countries.

Casino players: crucial points

The experts from Slotegrator aggregator have done extensive research to determine which gaming features are most popular in various nations.

Gender and Age

Men between 18 and 35 make up the majority of bettors and casino players. Nevertheless, there are a lot of enthusiasts in various age groups. Women’s involvement in gambling is also growing rapidly in some regions.

Nearly 70% of Kenyan men and 44% of Kenyan women, according to Geopoll, have ever placed a sports wager. At least 77% of males between the ages of 25 and 34 have played at gambling portals. Around 60% of them do so weekly.

The number of male players in Canada is reaching an incredible 82.4%. Based on research by the University of Lethbridge, players between the ages of 18 and 39 make up 70% of the audience.

In China, men are more prone to gaming than women, as The Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information notes. Half of the region’s players are below the age of 35. Participants from 36 to 50 make up more than 35% of the market. There is a tendency to engage in such entertainment among the older generation.

54% of Australian men enjoy web gaming. The number of females among the enthusiasts is growing every year and already accounts for almost 46% of women in the country.

Education and Income

The level of education and income of players are of great importance for distributors and vary among regions. In Africa, poorer people prefer internet casinos, while in Canada, the average punter income can reach the bar of $ 75,000. Here, gamers more often have high education.

In Australia, those with lower incomes spend more money gambling than those with higher ones. Players with average salaries and higher education prevail in European nations, which are particularly fond of wagering on sporting events.

Global Participation Statistics

Gamblers in different countries: statistics

The extent of societal approval affects how much players participate in gambling. In regions where these amusements are accepted, there is a great demand. Participants utilise offshore platforms if the sphere is forbidden.

The European continent is one of the largest markets in the world due to its extensive gambling segment. A 2019 study from the EGBA states that more than 16 million bets were placed in 2018.

Most gaming in Sweden is done online. The degree of engagement is rising yearly in the UK, according to the UKGC study reports.

Experts recommend not to underestimate the markets of Asia. There are many people involved in gambling here:

  • 51,1% in Macao;
  • 52% in Singapore;
  • 61.5% in Hong Kong.

In Thailand, there is a total ban on these activities. However, 60% of locals enjoy them on offshore platforms.

Sports betting is booming in Africa. Nigerians and Kenyans frequently wager on football, particularly in European competitions. Nearly 60 million Nigerians partake in gambling frequently. The amount of gambling involvement rises yearly.

People from Latin America maintain their passion for sports wagering. The most active markets in the region are Brazil and Peru. More than 59% of Colombian enthusiasts claim to have wagered at least once in their lives.

At least once, gambling has been practised by about half of Australians. Locals spend approximately $ 1,000 annually on entertainment. Singapore comes in the second spot, where players drop more than $ 600 a year.

Players' demands and expectations differ in markets. To build a base of loyal gamers, operators must study all the nuances of their target audience.

Casino Market has been successfully working in the sphere for over 10 years. Our team can give the right business advice and keep you competitive in any region.

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