Clarion Gaming Confirms New Dates for ICE and iGB Affiliate London Events

13 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Clarion Gaming, the organisers of ICE and iGB Affiliate symposiums that are expected to happen in London, made it known to the public that the events will take place on new dates. The updated fixtures are April 12−14th, 2022 for ICE, and April 13−14th for iGB Affiliate.

New dates for ICE and iGB Affiliate London events

ICE London, which is a large-scale gambling and networking summit for those who plan to meet new professionals and present their innovative business solutions, was initially going to happen in early February. Meanwhile, iGB Affiliate London, the main purpose of which is connecting affiliates from the British capital and beyond, was supposed to follow right after.

The dates were confirmed to be delayed until April because of the spread of Omicron, the new coronavirus alternative, and the unreliable situation surrounding this outbreak.

Dates and Reasoning

The conference week is expected to occur at the ExCeL events venue in the capital. The event will kickstart a day earlier, with the leading gaming company ICE VOX presenting their programme. After that, there will be an official launch of both events, with a special award show taking place at The Troxy.

The representatives of the business establishment say that they have consulted their clients internationally, which led to the tough decision of cancelling the initial conference and postponing it until spring. According to them, the customers were deeply bothered about the Omicron situation, and, therefore, had a fair share of worries about the safety of the venue filled with visitors.

The organisers express hopes that the event will be safe to host by the new dates. Stuart Hunter from Clarion Gaming reflects on the circumstances that led to organising such an enormous and prestigious summit. He says that this week will be crucial for many customers and businesses, as over 700 companies will exhibit the results of their work.

The executive also paid appreciation to the leadership team of the event venue, which has made it possible to host such a big conference due to their tireless work over the holiday season.

Clash Issues

Hunter also adds that the company put a lot of effort into evading possible clashes with another big gambling conference, organised by the Indian Gaming company, taking place annually on the West Coast. The other congress was also planned for April this year.

Clarion Gaming’s representative explains that the enterprise has been in touch with the other summit’s supervisors, who expressed their sympathies towards their uneasy situation with the Omicron danger. He expresses his gratitude towards them for being supportive and reassuring in these times.

In addition, he believes that the business will be able to get through the challenging times with the help of their customers and partners and successfully organise the big event.


Naomi Barton, who is a high-profile executive of iGB Affiliate, stresses the special significance of hosting the face-to-face meetings again after the uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The executive provides their previous event in the capital of the Netherlands as an example.

She adds that she is thrilled to have new official dates for their big conference and hold such a vital industry event again, only a little over half a year after the preceding one.

In conclusion, Barton points out that the current main goal of her employees is to capture the atmosphere of the Amsterdam congress, which was groundbreaking for the business. They are hoping to carry the energy over to London’s biggest iGaming conference in April.

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