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Compliance Policy in Gaming: Proper Interaction with Customers

Updated 28 december 2022
Online casino, Licensing, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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The gambling sphere is often exposed to many risks, such as money laundering, scam, personal data theft, and others. To make this field safer for both operators and consumers, government regulators are introducing some strict regulations. Following these rules guarantees the legal and financially beneficial provision of services on the territory of a particular state.

Compliance policy in gambling: general info

Experienced entrepreneurs are well-versed in these requirements. At the same time, beginners may have some difficulties due to the need to learn and follow many rules. The Casino Market team will acquaint you with some important compliance nuances that you should know.

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New Legislative Changes in the UK

State regulators in developed jurisdictions have long realised that a gambling ban will not stop people from wanting to try their luck and play games of chance. Therefore, they decided to create optimal conditions for the protection of the players.

The main task of the European and American regulators is the prevention of gambling addiction. They spend a lot of resources on educating citizens about the potential harms of uncontrolled gaming.

In September 2022, the UK government adopted new amendments to gambling legislation.

The essence of the innovation lies in:

  • the detection of potentially risky categories of consumers;
  • the identification of the first addiction signs and taking effective measures to combat it;
  • the development of specialised software for detecting risky behaviour;
  • the control over the advertising policy of gambling projects;
  • the monitoring of gambling addiction prevention by operators.

The government of the UK and other European states pays special attention to the marketing of gaming projects. The requirements for advertising online casinos and betting sites are quite strict. Operators are prohibited from positioning their establishments as a potential source of income for players.

Control of the Gambling Industry in the USA

The most popular type of wagering in the United States is sports betting. This industry brings huge revenues to operators. It is worth noting that online gaming is legal only in some states. There is no single legislative framework for regulating the bookmaker business. Each state sets its rules.

In general, the regulation norms relate to the following nuances:

  • anti-money laundering;
  • in-depth verification of customer identity;
  • the check of financial data;
  • the monitoring of behavioural reactions.

Although the number of states that allow gambling is constantly growing, illegal online projects continue to be in demand among local users. As a result, the US is losing millions of dollars of potential tax revenue. Therefore, the government is interested in legalising gaming projects along with the establishment of regulatory standards to protect customers and provide operators with optimal working conditions.

How to Make the iGaming Sphere Safer?

iGaming business safety: innovations

The main issues that operators will have to solve soon are money laundering and the establishment of effective interaction with consumers.

To achieve an effective result in these matters, it is necessary to use the appropriate software. Automated analysis of large data volumes will significantly speed up business processes and minimise the costs of entrepreneurs.

When creating new AML and KYC tools, developers pay special attention to new regulatory standards. They keep up to date with innovations to constantly update their program products and provide operators with only up-to-date software that can quickly identify any inconsistencies.

In the coming years, the gaming industry will face the following innovations:

Enhanced compliance control

Regulations are getting tougher. At the same time, the amount of fines is growing.

To keep licences, operators will be forced to check their customers more carefully. Innovative security tools will help them accurately determine players' age, geolocation, and financial data

Employee training

To make the staff of establishments perform their work following the established rules, it is necessary to conduct educational activities regularly.

It is important to acquaint employees with new changes in legislation promptly to avoid illegal actions on their part

Independent checks of internet portals

The involvement of third-party organisations to audit the activities of a gambling site is a fairly effective practice.

Experts can assess the situation in a company objectively and highlight problematic points

Business process automation

Many inconsistencies arise due to the human factor. In this regard, entrepreneurs will strive for maximum automation of key processes.

It is critical to understand that artificial intelligence cannot completely replace human intervention. However, it will simplify the work of operators greatly

Current Responsible Gambling Rules

The key compliance principles in the gaming field are related to the following things:

  1. The policy of a company. The rules of responsible gambling must be the basis for the formation of the working principles of any project. The policy of a firm should be available to customers and described in detail.
  2. Marketing activities. Operators are prohibited from attracting underage customers. Additionally, it is important to observe time limits, for example, not to advertise online casinos at night. The entrepreneur is obliged to provide truthful information about bonuses and requirements necessary to receive rewards.
  3. The introduction of limits. To prevent gambling addiction, an operator needs to set restrictions on the duration of gaming sessions. It is also necessary to establish the minimum and maximum bet sizes.
  4. Support for high-risk clients. In the case of revealing signs of gambling addiction development, online casino employees are obliged to provide a client with information materials and contacts of organisations that help overcome ludomania.
  5. Cooperation with reliable suppliers. To avoid dishonest results or the spread of inappropriate content, the owner of a gambling site needs to collaborate only with certified providers who have built a good business image in the global industry.

The Main Things about Compliance in the Gambling Business

Compliance in gambling: key notions

To provide players with a safe gaming environment and give operators optimal conditions for legal work, government regulators are constantly updating legislation.

These innovations help:

  • combat money laundering;
  • prevent gambling addiction;
  • establish effective interaction with consumers, etc.

Software plays a special role in compliance with legal norms. Automation of business processes will allow owners of entertainment resources to simplify and speed up work with clients.

You can order high-quality program products at the Casino Market company. We offer a wide assortment of top software from reliable manufacturers. Also, our team provides a broad range of services for iGaming projects of any scale.

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