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KYC Tools in Gambling: Effective Software for Operators

Updated 04 january 2023
Online casino, Security
Author: James Burton
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The modern entertainment business is associated with large volumes of customer data. This information allows operators to identify the real needs of consumers and define problematic areas in the interaction of a business with its clients. To process this data efficiently and quickly find the right solutions in dealing with players, it is necessary to use decent KYC tools.

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User Identity Verification: Situation in the Modern Market

User identity verification in gambling

One of the most important tasks of KYC tools is the check of user accounts. Advanced software quickly and easily determines the real age of a consumer, as well as geolocation, and financial data.

What does player verification mean? Let us look at a few key points:

Age check

Minors are prohibited from using gaming services in all countries of the world.

The admission of underage visitors to an entertainment site is a huge violation on the part of an operator. Therefore, entrepreneurs try to check this parameter very carefully

Provision of documents

Deep manual and automated verification will distinguish real papers from fake ones.

Built-in algorithms quickly and easily detect the most common ways of falsification

Biometric verification

This innovative method has already been appreciated by thousands of operators.

Modern technologies let businessmen accurately determine the identity of a person by scanning the face using the camera of a mobile phone or tablet

Enhanced user verification measures ensure a secure environment for gamers. At the same time, the need to provide a large amount of personal information provoked the emergence of data theft risk. In this regard, operators must order effective and reliable security software.

Actual Problems of the Entertainment Sector

The modern gambling business faces the following threats:

  1. Money laundering. The legalisation of illicitly obtained funds through an online casino can bring big problems to an operator. The government may suspect an internet resource of collaborating with unscrupulous clients. This is fraught with the loss of a licence and heavy fines. The installation of KYC tools is a must for all entrepreneurs working in gambling.
  2. The forgery of documents. Modern photo editing software lets fraudsters create false certificates and other papers with incredible accuracy. That is why many entrepreneurs have abandoned this identity verification method and switched to modern biometric techniques.
  3. Bonus abuse. This type of fraud lies in repeatedly receiving monetary rewards from different accounts created by one person or a group of people. Advanced KYC software allows casino owners to identify suspicious users and block their accounts.

Biometric Identity Verification

Biometric ID verification in casinos

Improved skills of scammers in the field of document forgery forced KYC software developers to think about searching for more efficient methods to check the identity of customers.

Biometric verification is the best solution here. It is quite easy to carry out such an analysis with a smartphone or tablet camera. This approach will minimise the likelihood of transferring an account from one user to another.

Modern KYC software solves the following issues:

  1. The use of AI-based technologies implies the detection of fake documents in 99% of cases.
  2. Biometric scanning allows operators to achieve maximum accuracy in verifying identity.

The use of biometric tools is convenient for both operators and players. This method lets them significantly save time. A punter should not resend the scanned documents when withdrawing funds. At the same time, an entrepreneur does not need to check the papers manually. The advanced software will automatically scan the user's face with the mobile device's camera.

Biometric verification considers the following parameters:

  • IP address;
  • phone model;
  • lighting level;
  • camera characteristics;
  • anthropometric features, and others.

The connection of biometric verification is not only the prevention of fraudulent activities but also the provision of players with the most convenient conditions for using online resources.

The innovative verification format implies the fastest possible verification. A user just needs to turn on the camera, and in a few seconds, the player will be able to access the desired site.

It is important to note that biometric tools have recently started to be utilised in the gambling field. This means that the technology is not perfect and it needs to be improved. Therefore, operators cannot rely solely on this method of protecting their online casinos.

The use of biometric instruments along with anti-money laundering software, manual document verification, and other techniques will bring positive results.

The Main Things about Efficient KYC Tools in Gambling

KYC tools in gambling

The proper approach to the processing of user data will let an operator protect the online establishment from potential threats and establish effective interaction with customers.

Innovative KYC tools allow entrepreneurs to cope with such problems:

  • money laundering;
  • the forgery of documents;
  • bonus abuse, and others.

Advanced biometric technologies demonstrate particular effectiveness. This method helps casino owners instantly verify the identity of users with maximum accuracy.

To order the latest KYC software for your iGaming business, please contact Casino Market managers. Our catalogue includes hundreds of advanced solutions from top manufacturers.

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