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How to Attract Players Using Mobile Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated 13 december 2022
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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The number of active smartphone owners is constantly growing and so does the mobile marketing niche. The gambling industry is the sector where the benefits of this promotion method are best seen: the availability of the audience, maximum personalisation, optimisation of costs, and instant action.

Mobile marketing for casinos: general info

The Casino Market studio will tell you about the features of advertising aimed at the owners of portable gadgets and the nuances of launching an effective popularisation campaign.

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What Is Mobile Promotion?

The term means part of a multi-channel digital strategy used to advertise iGaming projects.

The goal of key actions is to attract those people who own smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Among the tools, there are SMS, MMS, e-mail, interactive banners, etc.

The first advertising campaigns of this kind were introduced in 2003. Nike, a global sportswear and accessories brand, and Pontiac, the automotive industry leader, launched targeted SMS-mailing that notified gamblers about the latest releases.

The term “mobile marketing” was introduced by the MMA in 2009. And the exact description was offered by John Derr, an investment partner of the venture capital company, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The specialist defined mobile promotion as SoLoMo — an abbreviation of 3 words:

  1. Social. Such marketing is an effective method of communication with players. Thanks to the social orientation, punters can find out about the news, profitable bonuses, and seasonal promotions, as well as communicate with like-minded people, share the results of the game on social networks, and much more.
  2. Local. One of the advertising options is a popularisation based on geolocation. The solution is suitable for land-based gambling halls and betting shops but geosearch can also be set up for online casinos.
  3. Mobility. Users get instant access to communication tools and services from anywhere in the world.

Why Mobile Marketing Is So In-Demand

The main secret of popularity is the increase in the number of gadget users. Since 2015, their number has been steadily growing, and with them the need for fast and effective communication methods.

According to the eMarketer online publication, in 3 years (from 2019 to 2022), the audience of mobile users grew by 19%. What is more, almost 79% of gamblers keep their devices with them for at least 2 hours a day (excluding playtime).

Analysts of WorldoMeters U.N. note that today, there are more portable devices in the world (8.7 billion) than their users (7.8 billion). 66.5% of people have at least 1 smartphone, and 24.6% of the audience owns 2 gadgets.

In the context of active digitalisation, mobile marketing is becoming a very effective promotion method. You can advertise everything — from daily consumption goods to iGaming platforms.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing for Online Casinos

Mobile promotion for casinos: advantages

Let us consider the key benefits of the solution:

Excellent reach

A huge number of gamblers check their smartphones in the morning. They read e-mails, scroll through social networks, view the latest events, and take other actions.

Communication with users through gadgets gives the best results in the tasks of their attraction and retention because players always stay in touch

Maximum personalisation

When contacting an iGaming brand through a smartphone, it is often compared to the situation when a user communicates with his family or friends.

This is how you can build a personal dialogue with gamblers, learn about their preferences, and, based on them, offer personalised solutions. These are bonuses, favourite entertainment, cashback, and much more

Instant action

Mobile marketing contributes to the increase in conversion.

Players do not just look through leaflets but also perform the desired action: registration with an online casino, deposition of funds, the launch of slots, or participation in various tournaments

High viral potential

Advertising materials (banners, articles, promotional codes, videos) can be shared with friends and acquaintances. This gives better audience coverage without additional costs

Low competition

Only a few operators use the potential of mobile marketing to 100%. For example, only 7% of entrepreneurs send SMS messages; 35% of businessmen place only interactive banners.

This advertising niche is not yet highly competitive, which provides a good increase in the KPI of an iGaming project in the short term

Cost optimisation

Mobile marketing is one of the most inexpensive popularisation options. It wins over SEO, SMM channels, native advertising, and other types of promotion.

The cost per click on Viber, for example, costs only €0.03 if the message is opened at 97%

Creation of a Mobile-Friendly Casino

To receive the maximum benefits from the promotion process, an iGaming project must be adapted to mobile advertising.

Refinement of an online casino is also part of its SEO. Since 2019, mobile-friendly has been one of the important criteria for Google to correctly evaluate a gaming site and bring it to the top of search results.

Characteristics of a mobile-friendly gambling platform:

  • an adaptive screen of the site (all text and graphic materials are placed on it);
  • legible fonts;
  • high page loading speed (up to 3 seconds, anything longer is poorly perceived and indexed by search engines);
  • availability of voice search;
  • use of modern programming technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML);
  • AMP integration aimed at increasing the speed of loading of internet pages.

Entrepreneurs can adapt an already existing online casino or develop an iGaming project from scratch:

  1. Mobile version of the site. It is loaded when people use smartphones or Apple technology, is lightweight, and can be instantly adapted to the parameters of each gadget (size of the screen, RAM).
  2. Mobile casino. Such a project is created from scratch for smartphone owners. The solution is presented as a universal application, taking into account the peculiarities of working on portable devices. The download link is posted on the site or in specialised online stores (App Store for IOS gadgets, Play Market for Samsung solutions, etc.).
  3. PWA project. The product takes into account the advantages of mobile applications and desktop sites. A ready-made iGaming platform usually has maximum flexibility in settings. Operators can add new options, change the design, and create additional pages in a few clicks without writing arrays of program code.

Main Promotional Strategies for Gambling Resources

Mobile marketing is characterised by maximum fragmentation: there are many channels and methods, and entrepreneurs can choose what suits them best.

In-app advertising

Creatives are made specifically for the use and distribution within mobile casino programs.

In-app tools (banners, messages, interactive signs) allow business owners to reach a rapidly growing audience of entertainment sites and achieve good results in terms of attendance and increase in conversion rate

Promotion in the gambling field

The use of gamification options makes advertising original, recognisable, and memorable.

You can apply different elements: from colouring a banner to searching for promo codes in a maze. The purpose of all activities is the same — to attract solvent traffic and maximally personalise the content


The publication of advertising materials (articles, messages, and links) based on geodata has a good response from the audience. Gamblers get the information that is relevant to them at a particular moment

Mobile search messages

Entrepreneurs often use contextual marketing with additional extensions. For example, opening an online wallet for depositing through an interactive banner, adding a QR code and links, and other useful options

Push notifications

Messages appear on the screen regardless of whether players are connected to the Internet or not. Notifications will be sent to users even when they have logged out of the mobile casino.

Sending push notifications is an effective way to re-engage the audience that, for whatever reason, has lost interest in placing bets

Social networks

This tool is aimed at communicating with users of social messengers. These are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and other platforms

Planning and Implementation of Mobile Promotion

Mobile advertising for casinos: planning

Let us consider the main stages of launching an advertising campaign.

Definition of the Target Audience

In gambling, these are men and women aged 30–45 years old with above-average and stable profits. They think of casino entertainment as a way to have fun.

According to statistics, it is men who are most affected by advertising, especially bachelors and people with children over 10 years old. Women treat gambling locations with great scepticism and distrust. They are more willing to spend money on marketplaces, buying clothes, shoes, and cosmetics.

Mobile promotion allows operators to segment the audience according to various parameters:

  • demographics (gender, age, marital status);
  • geography (emphasis on countries where online gambling is considered legal);
  • gaming preferences (slots, minimum/maximum bets, frequency of casino visits);
  • tangent interests (for example, love for themed or holiday content, trust in non-deposit bonuses, etc.).

Audience segmentation helps entrepreneurs customise promotional offers for each selected group of clients. This improves the response of the audience and its reaction to marketing activities.

Setting Key Performance Indicators

The main KPI criteria include:

  • the number of target installations of the mobile program;
  • profit from gamblers (with the division by client groups);
  • returns to the application and re-registration;
  • required online casino rating, and much more.

Among the useful KPIs for promoting iGaming projects, we can name:

  1. CPC. It means a price of one click and reflects the cost of switching to a mobile-friendly site or application from a message (banner, link, SMS).
  2. CPL. To find out the cost of attracting a lead, it is necessary to divide the total advertising budget (or divided by directions and tools used) by the number of new players (leads).
  3. CR. Conversion shows the share of targeted actions in the total number of visits to the gaming site or mobile application. The lion's share of marketing campaigns is launched to increase the conversion rate, which directly affects the profitability of the casino business.
  4. ROI. It shows the return on investment in the mobile promotion niche. The higher this indicator, the more profitable the advertising campaign.

Choice of Marketing Tools

Entrepreneurs are offered the following options:

  • SMS and MMS messages;
  • push notifications;
  • QR codes;
  • IVR portals;
  • stories;
  • messages in an online chat.

Experts recommend using as many tools as possible to achieve the best results and attract/retain as many customers as possible.

SMS and MMS messages are a classic way of communication with gamblers, which brings good results with repeated registrations in the casino. In the message, business owners can send a unique promotional code, offer a profitable bonus, or inform about the appearance of slots from a well-known developer in the brand’s catalogue.

IVR portals are presented as an interactive voice menu. Their connection will improve communication with regular customers and minimise the load on the technical support service.

The placement of QR codes contributes to an increase in the number of quick bets. Users scan a 2D image, make a deposit, and start spinning the reels in their favourite slot.

Collection and Analysis of Information

To track advertising metrics, it is advisable to use Google Firebase, Yahoo Flurry, MyTracker, and other programs. The advantage of these services is that they are free and give a complete picture of the dynamics and results of a casino promotion.

The Google Firebase solution is similar to Google Analytics but here, the emphasis is placed on mobile marketing. The program is distinguished by an extensive set of analytical tools and compatibility with the CRM system of an entertainment site.

The Main Things about Mobile Promotion of iGaming Projects

The method is considered extremely effective and is used by many owners of gambling businesses.

  • The advantages of the solution include good reach and response from the target audience, maximum personalisation, instant action, high viral potential, low competition in the niche, and optimisation of costs of entrepreneurs.
  • Among the main strategies, we can name in-app advertising, in-game promotion, geomarketing, search messages, push notifications, and social networks.
  • To achieve the best effect, a gambling site must be optimised so that it can be launched on smartphones. It is also possible to create a casino as a downloadable mobile or PWA app.
  • The main stages of launching an advertising campaign are the definition of the target audience, the selection of KPI metrics, the choice of promo tools, as well as collection and analysis of information.

The Casino Market studio provides its clients with comprehensive services for the popularisation of iGaming projects. We use all available tools (SEO, SMM, e-mail, targeting, etc.) to achieve the best results in such fields as attraction and retention of players.

From us, you can also order the following legal gambling solutions:

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