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Regulation of the iGaming Market: How to Open Legal Web Casinos

07 september 2022
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The iGaming sector has become one of the few areas of commerce that not only survived the economic crisis of 2020 but also gained momentum. Lots of countries have recognised the potential of the sphere, so modern casino establishments appear on the worldwide gaming map with enviable regularity.

Online casino: legality nuances

The Casino Market team offers to study the issue of legal business control in more detail. We will tell you where it is more profitable to buy an online casino and all the possible ways to promote it within the law.

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World Experience in the Industry Regulation

According to Fortune Business Insights analysts, by the end of 2020, the overall volume of the gambling market amounted to $400 billion. Of these, more than 66.72 billion were in the online sector, and the growth trend remains relevant. The expected annual rise of the industry is 11.4% until 2026.

Many states are interested in the development of the field and consider turnkey online casinos, bookmakers and lotteries to be one of the most promising sources of replenishment of the treasury.

For example, in 2020, Ukraine became a new legal market, and since the beginning of 2021, a law on making activities legitimate in Kyrgyzstan has been actively developed. The framework in the United States is also being updated.

Web gambling accessibility statistics globally

Control of local operators and an open market for foreign providers

32 regions prohibit local entrepreneurs from entering the sphere without an appropriate state licence, while foreign projects are not controlled. Suppliers from overseas may operate under any or no licence and offer assistance to the local community.

Among the states that control only the domestic market are Greece, the Dominican Republic, Sweden, Norway, Seychelles, Armenia, etc.

Mandatory legalisation in the local authority

32 states oblige gambling operators to obtain an internal licence. Moreover, turnkey casino businesses with local permissions can accept both residents of the regulatory land and foreign consumers.

Certification of any related project is required in Denmark, Austria, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.

Hard blocking of the home market while maintaining access to suppliers from overseas

28 regions are actively fighting the rise of the domestic gaming sector and prohibit not only the organisation of casinos but also the participation of the local population in the games. At the same time, the activities of foreign projects are not controlled in any way.

The local market is closed in Japan, Mexico, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand, among others

No regulatory program

93 states choose not to control the market in any way. It is impossible to get a licence in offshores, but the population has access to both local and foreign offers.

The iGaming industry operates without state oversight in Argentina, Kenya, Tunisia, Bolivia, and so on

iGaming Licence in 2022

iGaming licence: peculiarities

An entrepreneur can buy online casino software solutions legally in many countries. It is enough to adapt the project to the norms of the regulator, collect the necessary package of papers and fill out an application to launch an officially recognised enterprise.

A licence is the core document that controls the legality of the manager's work and supports the business with legitimate guarantees.

Why Do You Need a Licence?

Having a permit gives an operator several advantages, including:

  • legal status and the possibility of official work in the local/international market;
  • lawful safety in case of disputes with clients, partners, financial institutions and some other business participants;
  • tax incentives and other money-related relief;
  • the possibility of collaboration with respected sphere representatives (software developers, outsourcing companies, processing centres, international banks, etc.);
  • enhancing the brand’s reputability in the eyes of end consumers;
  • the possibility of promoting the project within the framework of the law (legal advertising channels, sponsorship, etc.);
  • a simplified form of obtaining a residence permit in the regulatory country.

How to Choose an Offshore

In order for casino elaboration to bring the maximum return to the investor, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a regulator.

Before paying for a licence, consider some of the factors:

  • the economic and political situation in the country;
  • the relevance of the legal field and whether it complies with standards accepted internationally;
  • the tax burden on local and foreign projects;
  • market geography and potential audience volume;
  • the cost of purchasing and securing a licence;
  • the scope of conditions for those who want to apply;
  • the time of consideration of the request and the period of validity of the permit.

List of the Best Gambling Jurisdictions in 2022 according to Casino Market

Legislation in the field of iGaming rules is constantly changing, and almost all the leading jurisdictions worldwide are pursuing a policy of tightening control over the industry.

The applicant can go two ways:

  • collect a package of documents and submit an application on their own;
  • order the formation of turnkey casinos from a qualified intermediary.

The latter option significantly saves preparation time and reduces the risk of licence denial.

The Casino Market team has prepared a list of the most respected and well-known offshores in 2022:

  1. Curacao. The regulator issues one global licence that would fit all diversity of activities. Besides, the businessman automatically receives worldwide status and can legally distribute services in the E-zone. Operators pay the only fixed tax — 2% on annual profits.
  2. Malta. One of the longest-going control establishments that give out licences for all forms of industry activity. Four types of permits can be ordered from offshore: for the creation of online casinos and lottery sites, for the organisation of a bookmaker’s office, options, and a separate document for developers and suppliers of turnkey casino software.
  3. Austria. A young, promising market that allows you to work in any gaming segment. The state is taking all necessary measures to develop the industry: it provides operators with good tax incentives and issues permits for 15 years.
  4. Belize. The regulator certifies all game variants, and the work of owners is not subject to income tax. The only mandatory payment is the franchise fee. The domestic market is open to both local and foreign entrepreneurs.
  5. Costa Rica. The governing body prohibits the distribution of gambling services on the territory of the country and works only with enterprises aimed at foreigners. The offshore licence is quoted in all EU countries and the USA. Also, the regulator does not charge income tax on international traffic.

Legislative Amendments

Gambling laws: changes in top countries

For the start of an internet casino to take place completely within the framework of the law, an operator needs to purchase a special licence and be aware of the latest legal market innovations.

Here are the recent changes in the sphere’s legitimate work standards in various countries:


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish government has limited web casino marketing programs: gambling ads can only be broadcast at night from 1:00 to 5:00. The restriction applies to all information channels — from radio and television translations to the promotion on the Web.

E-mails and bonus offers that keep active users interested in the game are also banned. The restriction is due to the massive growth of ludomania.


For the period of quarantine in the country, there are restrictions on the deposit size — up to 500 euros per day. Operators can further reduce the specified limit at their discretion.

The United Kingdom

In 2020, a full-scale revision of the current legal framework that has been regulating the iGaming sector since 2005 began. Plus, several measures were taken for the quarantine period.

Among the innovations, there are:

  • a complete ban on paying in gambling establishments with credit funds (only cash is accepted in land-based casinos);
  • absolute blocking of ads related to gaming on radio and television;
  • reduction of daily deposit limits to 50 euros.


The country's legal framework has not changed over the past three years. The market is considered one of the most promising and stable. At the same time, the regulator introduced several restrictions on the quarantine period, for example:

  • from June 2020, reduced daily limits apply;
  • the size of the maximum bets is also lowered;
  • a limitation on the time spent on the gaming site has been introduced.


This is a new market that joined the industry in 2020. The operators were given an adaptation period so that they could study the local realities and choose the optimal work strategy.

The regulator works with both local and foreign organisations and provides licences for all variants of entertainment.

A local regulation feature is the "floating" cost of certification. The price for legalisation is calculated based on the minimum wage established in the country at the beginning of the year.

The Main Things about Opening a Web Casino within the Law in 2022

The gambling industry is one of the most promising investment areas. According to forecasts, the annual increase in market turnover will be at least 11% until 2026.

  • The industry is controlled in most places of the world. 32 states operate only within their territories, and the same number of regions issue certificates that work everywhere with the obligatory registration of a local address. Only foreign enterprises can offer their activities in 28 regions.
  • Licences are the main documents confirming the legitimacy of the enterprise. You can issue a permit on your own, but we recommend ordering a ready-to-run product, the price of which already has a licence in it. This approach will significantly reduce the time to market and minimise the risk of denial of certification.
  • During the pandemic, lots of states have made their niche supervision policies tighter. The restrictions are associated with the growth of gambling addiction rates and mainly relate to the reduction of daily limits and the ban on the advertisement of products.

Casino Market carefully monitors the situation on the global market and is ready to suggest how to open the best turnkey online businesses in the new realities. We take care of all legal, technical and organisational issues, and you will only have to increase your customer base and calculate profits.

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With the studio, you have all the chances to reach the worldwide level in just a year of work. Our beneficial proposition — turnkey casino websites for sale — will become your decisive step to solid profits.

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