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Curacao as the Optimal Variant for Legalising iGaming Projects

21 november 2022
Author: James Burton
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To ensure the stable and legal operation of an entertainment resource, an entrepreneur should obtain a permit document. Offshore licensing is the most popular option in the entertainment industry.

Curacao casino licence: general info

One of the most profitable variants is to obtain a permit in Curacao. The Casino Market team offers you to familiarise yourself with the advantages of this jurisdiction.

Wide Audience Outreach

One of the main advantages of offshore licensing is the opportunity to work legally almost anywhere in the world.

In the case of Curacao, the following markets open up for entrepreneurs:

It is also worth considering that having a Curacao licence also implies some restrictions. Operators are prohibited from providing their services in the region that issued the permit, as well as in the following countries:

All other countries, except for the states that prohibit gambling at the legislative level, are open to launching entertainment projects in any format.

Universal Licence

Some gambling commissions issue different types of permits for working in particular niches. This implies a more complex licensing procedure and rather high costs.

A permit issued in Curacao will allow an entrepreneur to work in the following areas:

The presence of a single universal licence will significantly speed up and simplify a project's entry into a new market.

Good Tax Conditions

Curacao gambling licence: taxes

Having received a Curacao permit, an entrepreneur gets rid of paying fees in the territory of this jurisdiction. Instead of regular deductions depending on the company's revenue, the operator pays a fixed amount for licence maintenance.

It should be borne in mind that some states imply taxation of foreign companies. Therefore, you should carefully familiarise yourself with the legislation of a particular region before starting work in it.

Fast and Easy Licensing Procedure

Some jurisdictions, especially European ones, set quite difficult conditions for obtaining permits. Entrepreneurs need to collect an extensive package of documents and pay a lot of fees. In addition, operators' applications are usually considered for quite a long time in such gambling commissions.

Curacao offers completely different conditions. The process of obtaining a licence takes only two days if approached properly.

An operator must provide the following documents:

  • copies of passports certified by a notary;
  • records that confirm non-conviction;
  • business plan and forecast of the company's financial development for the next 2 years;
  • information about the software, including contracts with suppliers;
  • proofs of domain ownership (for online projects);
  • data on the company's policy towards responsible gambling, and others.

Loyal Attitude of the Authorities

The local government perceives entrepreneurs working in the entertainment sector very positively and tries to create a favourable environment for them.

Gaming business licensing is an important field for the economy of Curacao. It brings in a lot of money to the local treasury. Therefore, the authorities are interested in establishing fruitful cooperation with foreign casino operators.

In turn, entrepreneurs try to comply with local legislation and not violate the rules for providing gaming services to save a prestigious licence.

The Main Things about Legalising a Gambling Business in Curacao

Offshore licensing is the optimal option for entrepreneurs working in the entertainment industry.

The jurisdiction of Curacao is characterised by the following advantages:

  • simple licensing terms;
  • no tax deductions;
  • wide coverage of potential audience;
  • loyal attitude of the authorities, and others.

To obtain a licence in this and other prestigious jurisdictions quickly and easily, please contact the Casino Market managers. Our experts will help you get acquainted with the legal nuances and prepare the required package of documents.

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