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Belize Online Gambling License

Belize is a small country under British rule. People here speak English. Beautiful shores of the inimitable Caribbean waters with all their colors and legends about pirates is what Belize is. Paradise for gambling operators somewhat differs here but looks no less bright.

Gambling license of Belize

Belize allowed network gambling officially. Casino licensing  has been in practice since 1996. Not only can you buy a gambling license, but also register a bookmaker office.

Belize online gambling license can be issued only upon the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Licensee's activities will be controlled by the Control Board of Belize further on.

Gambling company registration is carried out with the direct participation of:

  • accountants;
  • auditor general;
  • representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

With extensive experience in matters of how to obtain casino license, the Casino Market company will assist operators in purchasing Belize online gambling license quickly and with no trouble. The newcoming entrepreneurs can buy turnkey casino with license that provides ready-made software and a game package, and avoid any difficulty whatsoever.

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The Main Types Of Online Casino Licenses In Belize

Those wishing to buy Belize online gambling license can select any of the below options:

  • license for land-based gambling clubs;
  • gaming license for stationary one-armed bandits;
  • online casino licensing.

Operators aspiring to buy turnkey casino with license would need the latter document. Such permission allows working with slot machines, live dealer games, engaging in betting and lottery activities.

Brief Guide On How To Buy A License

Belize online gambling license provides for certain conditions to be fulfilled. An operator should first register a legal person with international status on the territory of Belize. All data on management, staff, companions and key funding sources should also be provided.

Belize online gambling license can only be issued after all of the below demands are complied with:

  1. The founders of a gambling club bearing Belize online gambling license are obliged to acquire Belize citizenship of the country if they had not previously resided in the country.
  2. Everyone who has a financial profit from an establishment must provide own fingerprints.
  3. The document proving no outstanding tax arrears over the past three years should be provided.
  4. Online casino license can be issued to an applicant after filing a document of no criminal record over the last 10 years.

The following violations are taken into account:

  • money fraud;
  • corporate management issues;
  • tax evasion;
  • drugs;
  • problems with law enforcement agencies.

Belize Online Gambling License: The Rules

If you do not want the license to be confiscated by the Supervisory Committee, certain rules must be observed. We mean finance here, in particular.

There are recommendations and prescriptions that each Internet gaming club agrees to perform:

  • Casino licensing in Belize involves making a deposit for security in Central Bank of Russia. This prevents possible debts that occur while a casino is running. The required size of the statutory capital varies depending on the license selected;
  • if an account is out of money, an operator has to promptly report this to the jurisdiction;
  • Belize online gambling license obliges an establishment to pay all the money that players won quickly and without undue buts;
  • a casino registered in Belize has no right to accept bets from the residents of this country.

Why Belize Online Gambling License is Worth the Purchase?

Belize online gambling license has been on the list of the most favorable over the last 10 years. And there is a reason for that. An operator having the gambling permission of this state has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • online casino license is issued very fast. If all requirements and regulations are met, an application is approved one day after the submission of the document package;
  • considering the influence and authority of the online casino license its cost is relatively low;
  • all confidential information is safe;
  • only one tax is imposed on all games.

The jurisdiction of Belize in the iGaming sector is regarded as one of the most significant. If you are a conscientious operator interested in having the players fully trust your club, then you should definitely buy Belize casino license.

Casino Market knows how to get a gambling license for casino and will gladly assist you in its acquiring. The company's specialists have many years of experience and are able to quickly collect the required documents for submission. Here you can also get free advice on how to get a casino license.

Casino Market can assist you in getting through all the stages from start till the end. Casino licensing is important since it defines the success of your business. Therefore, we recommend making the best of efforts and use qualified assistance.

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